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Found 8 results

  1. Background This time last year, we revamped the Sacriers, eliminating the Earth path, reorganizing elemental spells, and modifying Punishments, which were more effective when Sacriers have less than 50% their health points. We rapidly realized that these changes to the Sacriers (notably those involving the Punishments) unfortunately raised a few issues: Sacriers could change Punishments several times per turn, and this allowed them to perform multiple roles easily. The system that required Sacriers to have less than half their health points to take advantage of maximum power Punishments was not very intuitive and generated an overly strong threshold effect. For these reasons, we made considerable changes in how Punishments work last April, disconnecting them from the Sacriers' Vitality and applying a progressive bonus over several turns. This update allowed us to significantly improve the class without having to overhaul all spells in depth. It made the class function in a healthier manner by better separating the various roles that Sacriers can fulfill. However, this has moved the class further away from what had previously been its specialties, notably its "Berserker" side and the ability to manage and use their Vitality wisely. When creating spell variants (and this goes for all classes), we do not want to use mechanics that do not satisfy us as the basis for spells. This is why we wanted to clean up Sacrier spells before dealing with their variants. The Revamp This revamp aims to make the class more coherent with what it is supposed to be (its identity as a Berserker class) while improving how certain mechanics operate. Punishments Punishments have always been a cornerstone in Sacrier spells. Last year, we reduced their number to three: Swift for mobility, Robust for taking hits, and Bloodthirsty for damage. Today, we are leaving these vestiges of the past behind us: The Punishment system has been eliminated. Suffering = Power We are replacing it with a "Suffering" system: The more Suffering that Sacriers accumulate, the less life they have and the more damage they inflict. The less Suffering they have, the more life they have and the less damage they suffer. Sacriers can, depending on the spells they use, increase or reduce their Suffering. Their level of Suffering is determined by the spells they use: Very offensive elemental spells increase Suffering. Defensive elemental spells reduce Suffering. Sacriers can therefore decide whether they want to play a defensive or offensive role, by playing some spells instead of others. There are obviously some limits. Suffering varies from -10 to 10 and cannot go beyond these limits, with the following bonuses: Positive Suffering (1 to 10): Sacriers gain damage but lose Vitality with each increment of Suffering. At 6 and above, they change appearance and gain a better damage bonus. Negative Suffering (-1 to -10): Sacriers gain Vitality with each increment. At -6 and below, they change appearance and gain a damage reduction bonus. This system seems to us to be a good alternative to the Punishment system: Their roles are no longer determined by Punishments that take the place of other potentially more interesting spells. Sacriers' actions are what determine their role over time. Sacriers' damages are inversely proportional to their capacity to withstand damage (the less Vitality they have, the more damage they can cause, and inversely). As you must have noticed, the mobility bonus from the Swift Punishment has not been replaced in the Suffering gauge. While this Punishment played its role well (positioning/movement), it is a role that serves above all to complement both the class's offensive and defensive capacities. For this reason, we did not want to isolate it. Sacriers are therefore free to use mobility spells (including Transposition) at any level of Suffering. Spell Organization The elimination of Punishments therefore freed up 3 new spells, making it possible to bring back Earth! The 4 elemental paths have been reorganized to better integrate the Suffering system. Each path is structured as follows: 1 positioning or movement spell 1 "offensive" spell that increases Suffering 1 "defensive" spell that lowers Suffering The utility spells, for their part, are little affected by this revamp: The spell Transposition no longer needs a specific state to be cast. The spell Convalescence no longer needs a specific state to be cast. The spell Punishment no longer needs a specific state to be cast, and no longer applies the Gravity state. The spell Pain Shared has been replaced by a new spell that increases Suffering by 2 levels. The spell Pain Shared spell is now used as a variant. The spell Evasion now operates in a slightly different manner: It now applies Close Combat Invulnerability and always pushes back one cell in close combat attacks.
  2. The Sacrier was the last class on the list for a revamp in 2016, and is meant to finish off the year in style. Just like we saw in the Eniripsa and Osamodas revamps, the Sacrier has some damage spell weaknesses that are the result of a very limited range of elemental spells: only the Water path fares a little better with 2 spells, while the other 3 paths have only one. What’s more, the Sacrier’s capacity to absorb damage dwindles as the power of monsters increases. When this is combined with almost exclusively short-distance attack spells it makes the class highly vulnerable to high level content. In addition, these spells are starting to be a little too old and inefficient in comparison to the other recently revamped classes. All in all, this makes a convincing argument for revamping the Sacrier class from top to bottom. The Sacrier’s roles have always been clearly identified and will be reinforced: positioning, damage and, above all, the capacity to receive hits in place of their allies. In this revamp, we try to strengthen the roles fulfilled by the Sacrier while making each of them more challenging and compatible with each other (without blocking them like with the Masqueraiders) while also improving the different elemental paths. Punishments The basic function of punishments hasn’t really changed in years, maybe even since the class was established: it consists of receiving hits to be able to inflict even harder hits. There has been one punishment per element and an additional one that never really proved its efficiency: the Vital Punishment. We would like to undo this elemental punishment system and move towards a system that gives each punishment a role from among those three that are traditionally the Sacrier’s, and which will considerably improve the Sacrier’s capacity to fulfil said role, while making them generally less effective in the two others. As such, there are three punishments: Voyager’s Punishment: A punishment that improves the positioning role. It makes it easier to cast spells from a distance but also decreases the caster’s vitality. Scathing Punishment: A punishment that improves the damage inflicting role. It increases the Sacrier’s potential for damage, but also makes them less resistant. Survivor’s Punishment: A punishment that improves the tank role. It increases the Sacrier’s vitality and allows them to add a life steal effect on some spells. In return, they inflict less damage. To these effects we add a new mechanism that reinforces each Punishment: if the Sacrier is low on health at the start of their turn, their appearance is modified and the effects of the punishments are reinforced, making them more dangerous. Obviously, the Sacrier cannot cumulate the effects of several Punishments but they can switch between them every turn, depending on what they want to achieve. Furthermore, the Sacrier can also decide to play without using any punishment if they do not want to suffer the penalties. To do so, they just have to cast the active punishment once again to undo its effects. Scathing Punishment Voyager’s Punishment Elemental Spells Following the same logic as Punishments, each elemental path has 3 spells, and each reinforce a particular role. However, the Earth path has been removed to allow other paths to have more spells without reducing the Sacrier's range of utility spells. There are no restrictions on elemental spells: each can be cast independently from the active Punishment. Air Element Spells for this path are focused on movement and position switching: it is the mobility path. It allows the Sacrier to move around the map more easily while inflicting damage. Assault: The spell has been revamped and now lets you switch places with a target in close range, while also causing Air damage. Light Body: Inflicts damage at close range and gives 1 MP to the caster each time. Light Speed: Teleports caster in a line and causes Air damage in the cells crossed. If the Sacrier’s health is low, they will earn a Dodge bonus. Fire Element The spells for this path are the most powerful in terms of damage, but they also injure the Sacrier. Their effects are not limited to simple damage-dealing and can prove very effective in a group fight. Blood Bath: The caster inflicts Fire damage on themselves while also dealing it to an enemy. Allies in contact with the target are healed. If the Sacrier is near death, then their healing potential is increased. Motivational Pain: Inflicts Fire damage on the caster and to any enemies in the spell's area of effect. Gives the caster a damage bonus for one turn. Blood Loss Ritual: The caster inflicts Fire damage on themselves while also dealing it to an enemy. Reduces the target’s mobility. Water Element The spells for this path allow the Sacrier to spring to the center of a melee and increase their resistance to damage. If the spells for this element are used in combination with Survivor’s Punishment, they will all benefit from a life steal effect. Absorption: Steals life based on Water element. Projection: Takes the Sacrier closer to the target and deals Water damage to the target. Safe Position: Deals Water damage and reduces enemy mobility. If the Sacrier is near death, then they become more resistant Utility Spells The effects of Evasion, Punishment and Life Transfer stay the same: the first allows the Sacrier to dodge a close-combat attack, while the second deals damage based on the Sacrier's health. Lastly, the third one transfers some of the caster’s health to nearby allies. Flying Sword has been changed to adapt to the Sacrier’s active punishment; its characteristics are going to be altered based on the active punishment. Punishment Attraction still attracts a target, obviously. But it also transfers some of the Sacrier’s health to the target in the form of healing if it is an ally, and in the form of damage if it is an enemy. Transposition now functions on allies as well as enemies and has the same special effect as Attraction, based on whether the target is an ally or an enemy. Bodyguard replaces the Sacrifice spell. It allows the Sacrier to receive damage instead of an ally, but the damage suffered during its effect is magnified. Invigorating Sacrifice allows the caster to sacrifice some of their ability to cause damage in order to regenerate health. Self Sacrifice: The caster loses health points in order to cause damage in an area around them. Characteristics Update This is the last class that needed to be updated on this score, so we have taken this revamp as an opportunity to standardize the softcaps on characteristics. The Chance, Strength, Intelligence and Agility characteristics now have the following softcaps: 1 for 1 from 1 to 100 2 for 1 from 101 to 200 3 for 1 from 201 to 300 4 for 1 from 301 upwards Vitality remains at 1 for 1 and Wisdom remains at 3 for . So, the Sacrier will no longer have the possibility to have more vitality than other classes using the repartion of their characteristics points. This will be compensated by the removal of the Erosion penalty on Punishment spells and a gain in vitality when using the Survivor’s Punishment. Furthermore, this gives Sacriers more choice in how they can distribute their characteristics and no longer limits them to investing everything in Vitality. These changes will be available in the 2.39 Beta, so feel free to come try them out and tell us what you think. Please note that some of the spell names used in this Devblog are not final and may change before release.
  3. Drawing is my profession and my way of life. I opened this to share a bit of this over here <3 My server is Rosal and my main characters are Ravynn and Daahlia, two unlikely friends. Here I'll be posting pictures Dofus-related over here and who knows what more. A sketch of my Sacrier Ravynn and Daahlia my eni. I imagine this is how they met. <3 COMMISSION RULES Fill this form and send it to me through PM: Name of character(s) - Class - Screenshot (the items it'll be wearing will be those I'll draw, unless stated otherwise) - Description of what you want / Package - ( background/transparence, fullbody/portrait, scene/pose, emotion/neutral ) Server - {Please note that I like details; and the more I have, the easier it'll be for me to execute the commission.} Estimated values of each package: - Bust - 5 mk - Halfbody - 8 mk - Team - 20 mk base price + might be adjusted depending on the number of elements in the team/overall difficulty. ^ all of the above are colored. EXAMPLES FINISHED : - fresh start
  4. So I was fiddling around with my sacs gear when I noticed something odd about his hp being higher than it should be, ended up working out that somehow his additional vit (i.e. scrolled). Is at 100- despite me never scrolling it. Anyone had similar experience/ know what happend?. Not sure if it's linked but I have 1 additional characteristic point that I can't spend because bit is maxed and all other stats take three points for one.
  5. Hi guys, my friend sacrier and he will buy idol. so he should what buy idol?(Team idol) please help
  6. Hi guys, name's Hakuna. I play on brazilian server, Spiritia and have a few noob questions about my 2 accounts: I currently have an level 71 CHA Enutrof, Akwadala Set, and Golden DT and a damage Atooin, im currently leveling on kanis and blops (medium groups with good stars). In the other acc, i have a STR Sacrier on 69 with a wisdom set and a Golden DT. What i want to know: 1 - I'm currently gettin like 1,7m exp/hr on kanis (without my daily almanax), whats the other places to level? Should i stay here or the exp/hr is good enough? 2 - I don't have much money, when i need it, i do gobbal dung and sell the soul / craft or sell the spoils / crush some equips to get some money, not really a big deal, but i could get all i have with it. There's other ways (except for professions) to earn some money? How can i do it? 3 - I've seem all guys talking about Frigost: "go to frigost", "find some group"... I wanna to know if its good for my chars to go there? I can fight very small mobs (with Astrub Chivalry Help), but they dnt see to be worth the time... 4 - I was thinking on goin for the Cawwot Dofus, can i do it with just this tiny group or should i call other guys to help? Well, i'm get back to the game from a really long break, when i was around, we didn't have this New Dungeon System, Enutrof Coin was 1-6 and i'm kidna lost. I think the real problem to me is that i only play like 1~3 hours a day (when i play). Thnak for your time and sorry for my bad english.
  7. Hello imps, So i have a lvl 156 sacrier (str atm) and i was wondering if is houd stay str or change to a other element.. And my second question (i know loaaaaaads of people aks this xD): how can i make kamas? I have a lvl 60 lumberjack a lvl 78 miner and ofcourse my 156 sac Thanks in advance! -koekenbakker
  8. Hi everybody, my Sacrier it's almost lvl 180 and I don't know wich set is the best for her. For now she's hybrid AGI/CHA and I don't know if it's better change elements or turn her in "thrybrid" AGI/CHA/INT maybe, or stuff like this :D Any suggestiong about good equipment AGI/CHA for a 180+ sac or AGI/CHA/INT possibilities? P.S: She's full scrolled but vit...
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