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Register for the 4v4 'Echominator' PvP tournament! Registration closes on Friday, June 1st. [Click Here] for more information!

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Found 53 results

  1. Im a huppermage lvl 92 (By the time im writing this) and im looking for someone to leech me, preferably a team. Im willing to pay 20kk per level. I have 600wis and x2. Goal - level 166
  2. B> Cloudy dofus 60mk

    Hello, I'd like to buy a cloudy dofus for 60mk. PM me on impsvillage or IG: Miss-Ceremonial; Hehe-Ceremoniale Have a good day!
  3. Price is 35m, contact me over here or in-game on Remarkable-Swords.
  4. The Rushu section of the forum seem to be a quit the handful. They need someone just to mod that corner of the forum and keep them from getting out of hand. I am willing to under take the challenge. I will pass judgment on all of the memes they post. Decide when a a post has gone too far ext. Most of the mods at the moment don't play so it would be helpful to have an active player Mod that section. I will be able to connect with the players in that deep dark abysses well call the Rushu threads. Azaelya told me that i should be more useful for the forums so what is a better way to do that then moderate one of the most toxic places on the forums. I understand it will be a challenge but i volunteer as tribute. P.s. I am not trolling or trying to cause drama this is 100% serious
  5. Good morning, folks! Some might remember me, some might not. People know me as Sakura-Kun on Rushu and I used to play a little over 9 months ago before I joined the Lithuanian Army as a volunteer. My 9 month training is done and I am back to civilian life with the hopes of playing some Dofus here and there again. I am looking for a guild which would make me feel at home, where people make relationships, not just the regular grind grind grind. I promise to contribute as much as possible! Some information about my character: Name: Sakura-Kun Level: 200 Alignment: Brakmar Build: Strength Pure, decided whether I should or shouldn't go Agi/Str. Just the little bits here. If you wanna chat some more, hit me up on Dofus /w Sakura-Kun or simply drop me a message here on Imps. I prefer the later for the next week or two, since my girlfriend and I are moving from her 1 room apartment to a more spacious 2 room the coming weeks. Thank you for reading! Peace out.
  6. Hi, My friend got problems to play Dofus in China, he got very high ping, so he is unable to play. What he should do, I want to play with him again.
  7. Kralove opening TOMORROW

    Hey guys, Our guild (Hermes) from the 'Integrity' ally is going to reunite a maximum of people to open Kralove, tomorrow night (friday), 8PM Dofus time. Pm Sir-fergie if your interested, Thanks !
  8. Who still plays?! (Rushu)

    Hey guys, Just curious as to how many of you are still around back from the 2007-2010 times?! -SilentStalker- Edit: Oops sorry meant to post this in town square!
  9. Am offering a cheap, affordable leeching service. I charge 25mk from 1 to 199 on x1 XP, depending how many multiplies you have we can come to a suitable agreement on the price. I level in Xelorium Dimension with 517 idols( 4 int cras ), so you do not need any frigost dungeons hopefuly.( unless the portal is somewhere there XD ). Every 100m XP = 700kk. You can pay upfront or pay every 100m xp. Requirements: Being pure wisdom is recommended, but if you have more than 400 Wisdom (1-150), 600+ Wis(150+) it's fine by me.For more information, please contact me by my in-game name, Soft. People who could vouch for me regarding paying upfront: ( will be updated ) Bae-material Vegeta, Bluetooth Quiver-head Unavailable Gros-hip
  10. Hello! I'm selling Escudo Epico in 170 mk. :) Item sold, [CLOSE]
  11. x7 Ochre Dofus - 28m each x6 Crimson Dofus - 7m each x3 Dokoko - 2.5m each x3 Emerald Dofus - 1.9m each x1 Cawwot Dofus - 1m Price is not negotiable, contact me over here or in-game.
  12. As the title says, Im selling them at Rey-Diablo merch, located at [-1,1], if you're interested in one, contact me over here or in-game. MP Age-Old Amulet 1/0 MP 294/300 Vitality 78/80 Intelligence 25/25 Agility 33/40 Wisdom 1/1 AP 11/12 Fire Damage 11/12 Air Damage 13/20 Prospecting 15/15 Critical Damage 8%/8% Neutral Resistance 8%/8% Fire Resistance Range Bubotron Amulet 335/350 Vitality 97/100 Agility 4/4 Critical Hits 1/1 AP 0/-1 Range 1/1 Summon 14/15 Air Damage 0/15 Prospecting 9/10 Lock 9/10 Critical Damage 20/20 Water Resistance 20/20 Air Resistance AP Shylocks Ring 1/0 AP 350/350 Vitality 72/75 Intelligence 40/40 Wisdom 1/1 Range 13/15 Fire Damage 13/15 Lock 6/8 MP Reduction AP Kringlove 1/0 AP 170/200 Vitality 46/50 Intelligence 40/50 Agility 41/50 Wisdom 3/3 Critical Hits 1/1 Range 6/6 Damage 0/10 Heals 0/10 Prospecting 10%/10% Neutral Resistance 7/10 Neutral Resistance AP Bearbaric Wedding Ring 1/0 AP 239/250 Vitality 57/60 Chance 58/60 Agility 33/40 Wisdom 1/1 Range 9/12 Water Damage 11/12 Air Damage 3/10 Prospecting 344/400 Ini 3/5 Loc 7%/7% Neutral Resistance 7%/7% Earth Resistance 7%/7% Fire Resistance AP Bearbaric Band 1/0 AP 247/250 Vitality 55/60 Strength 58/60 Intelligence 31/40 Wisdom 4/4 Critical Hits 11/12 Neutral Damage 11/12 Air Damage 11/12 Fire Damage 6/8 Heals 2/10 Prospection 4/5 Lock 7%/7% Water Resistance 7%/7% Air Resistance
  13. Hey everyone, I'am Clever-killer from Rushu, if you know me +/- you know that I almost stopped game 1 year ago for profesionnal reasons. I'am looking for a new leader for Rise, this guild means a lot for me, it's a lot of memories that's why I kept it until now, but I need an old player who would revive it again ( I'll let my chars in the guild if possible, I still sometimes logg). Send me your message by pm I'll check it when I can. There is no price just search for someone serious :) Byebye guys. (184lv nowadays, only my chars in)
  14. Hey everybody, the last few days I've been doing alot of Trios, well not alot but the 2 hardest ones, imo)), but they're more than do-able For an example today I succed in Vortex Trio Panda Iop Rogue (Visit my Youtube channel for the video) SO, the reason I announce this is because in approxmiatly 1-2 weeks I will start leeching following trios, in accept for kamas. Queen of Thieves trio/tight, price depends on class/therefore pm me in game, price begins from 40-80mk Vortex trio/impert, price also depends on class, therefore pm me in game, price begins from 50-80mk Nidas, trio/statue, price also depends on class, therefore pm me in game, price begins from 20-40mk' Oh and Catseye, Trio, Perhaps other challenges, may aswell be a posibility, I am working on finishing my team for that, prices and etc will be updated later on, follow topic for updates, Thank you. Other dungeons with 300 idols is also a posibility, begins from 5mk-20mk though, keep it between 151-190 + Frig 3 dungeons AND Merk. Contact infos, Bulgari creator of Platinum. For inspiration to proceed these achieves yourself, visit my youtube channel, link in Bio or look it up yourself; Platinum TV Dofus < as your search criteria, and of course be welcome to subscribe etc. (The Trio video: )
  15. Best places to perceptor hunt!?

    As the title says name what you consider to be the most profitable place to hunt perceptors in.
  16. Ancient Spirits

    Hello Rushu, Ancient Spirits is now recruiting levels 100+! We are a guild that has restarted not too long ago, but it will grow to be great. The guild was made in November 2013 initially as "Error" but was changed inspired by the Ancient Spirits on Shika. Our guild is active and eager for members to become part of our community! The following is what we are looking for in our members: Active Fun Polite /w Uthman In-game to join!Thank you for reading this and have a great day. :lol:
  17. R>Top Tier PvPers

    Hello Rushu, I am looking for the greatest players in terms of group PvP to take care of some "business". Leave your IGN below or /w Uthman in-game to receive your instructions. See you in-game and have a good day.
  18. RUSH'U

    RUSH'U Hello Rushians and Inter-Communauty players ! I'm glad to announce you the first big PvP tournament of Rushu, this is an event that will determine the best players and compositions. What what a tournament ?!! But I'm not ready ! Don't worry RUSH'U is in March you have time to prepare sets, search for a team and test your compositions by practicing with your friends or going in the Fight Club (du to my exam period, fight club is momentaly closed but will open again in february). The information below are not completely detailed, a specific website is coming in the futur. Important information : Organiser : Steam-alb + referees Streaming : GondawaTV (other streamers are welcome) The entire tournament will be held on the server Rushu. But the migrant players are welcome. The official language is English on Rushu, therefore the streaming will be in English, the informations in general canal are in English. But you can MP me or the referees in a language that you understand, a list of the referees and their specific language is coming. The goultarminator maps will be used and you can access them in [-6;-12] red zaap, easily joinable from the craqler mountain zaap [-5;-8] 2M kamas per team (500kk/player) fees. This is a garantee and the first step of your participation. Cash Price for every win, special shield reward for the winner team and gift for viewers. A website will be released for the tournament that include sections. The following rules must be respected, you can still ask me in game if you're not sure about a rule. However, I'll consider you're aware of the rules when it comes to make a decision. Rules : Lvl 190 minimum A delay of 15 minutes is allowed (no penalty), if exceeded the responsible team will have a penalty of 5 points every 5 minutes until 30 min from the original time. After 30 min the team is declared forfeit. An incomplete team will not be allowed to fight, and the match will be marked as a forfeit for their team. The maps will be randomly drawn in advance but for the final and semi-final map a survey will be done during the registration phase. You must follow the General Terms of Use of dofus (respect the players, the referee, no insults, etc,...). Penalty in the points will be given if it isn't respected ( and it can lead to a ban if you continue). Team composition : 5 pillars : Sacri Xel Osa Eni and Feca. You cannot have more than 1 pillar per team but you can choose to not use any pillar if you judge that your team doesn't need one. No duplicate class. Each team must have at least 2 players (multi acc is allowed and the same person can play up to 3 chars). The multi account is allowed to fill your team only! You cannot be registered in different teams with different chars. You can have one back up per class, do not forget the price is given to the whole team and it's up to you to know how to share them. Some player might have an access to the Huppermage, if they manage to reach the required lvl for the tournament then there is no reason we would refuse their participation. Selection phase : The round 1 pairing is drawn entirely at random. Starting with round 2, teams will be paired depending on their accumulated points. The pairings of the teams with the most points are done first. Minimum 3 rounds will be hold during the selection phase but a 4th round can be added depending on the number of the registered teams. As much as possible, we avoid pairing two teams that already faced one another. Qualification criteria : Qualification to the finale phases depend upon team ranking. The top 8 teams are selected for the final phases. In the start final phase the most ranked teams in the classment (1st 2nd 3rd 4th) of the selection phase will fight the least teams (5th6th7th8th) and any loss is definitive. Fight Rules : Shields are not allowed. Incarnations are not allowed. Sidekicks are not allowed. No ties. The match will continue until someone wins. You cannot change your initiative order once you enter the fight.* You must keep the same start position you gave me before the fight.* Wait the referee's signal before starting the fight.* *If the tournament mode is activated, do not take those rules into consideration. Fights Results and scoring : Swiss points The teams accumulate "Swiss points" after every battle, according to the following rules: Victory: 3 points Defeat: 0 point Advanced points: Several other values are added to help decide between teams in the event of a tie. They are as such: The Opponent Victory Percentage (OVP): It is the average victory % of the various opponents met by the team (not including automatic victories). NB: If TeamPts/3 < 0.33 then this value is replaced with 0.33. This particularity is meant to reduce the impact of forfeits on the teams' OVP. Goultarminator Points (GP): These are points that teams win no matter what, even if they lose. Those points will depend on the battle's outcome. Goultarminator points can be used to break ties between teams during the selection phase. Landslide Victory: A victory accomplished in fewer than eight (8) rounds (before the turn counter switches to 9) will be marked as a landslide victory. Teams who win via landslide victory will be awarded 20 extra points. Cash Price : Registration fees will be returned to the teams if they don't cause any trouble (participation, do not leave the fight, respec), otherwise it's added on the cash price. The amount of price depends on donations. There is a system that allows every team to gain something as long as they win fight but the main cash will go to the finalist and winners. Since this is an important part of a succesfull tournament I'll myself put 100MK as a start Cash Price. I hope it will reach a big value and you don't need to be one of the participant for donation, anyone is welcome to give something he can. The donations should be given to me (every trade is screened), I've been thinking of an other way but this is the easiest one. We could ask a moderator but it represent a big work for him taking all fees+donations and giving each gains to every players, note everything and then notify us who didn't pay who didn't log to receive the price etc etc, this need a major devotion to the tournament when I'm sure they have a lot of other works to do. I know you cannot ask the trust, you have to win it. I've been playing for 9 years and I've never stolen even 1 kamas. In terms of money value, this tournament would represent only a little part of what I've been trusted until now. I had infinite occasions to make myself rich by stealing/scamming (more than you can imagine) but it never interested me. In conclusion poeple who know me can tell that I'm trustfull. A list with every donor will be made. The good donors will receive an invitation in the streaming (interview/questions or just for fun), they can also choose to be anonyme. Schedule : Registration Wednesday 16 March last day for registration Qualification phaseRound 1: Sat 19 March Round 2: Wed 23 March Round 3: Wed 30 March Round 4: Sat 2 April Final phase1/4 Final: Wed 6 April 1/2 Final: Sat 9 April Final: Wed 13 April When you register your team in the website you'll have a functionality that allow you to choose your preference for the time (+optional comment), not for each fight but for the tournament in general. Your composition will be private until the end of the registration. To be fair, organisers are forced to register the first day. Firstly you have to create an account on the home page of dofuspvp.com. Second step is going to " Rush'u " section and then you have the option " register a team " that appears. -Try to not make a mistake on the account name, to make your team official ( and possibly win the shield reward by ankama) we need it correct. It's not the Login but the name you see in the friend list. -You can write something in the presentation page but you're not forced and the "droits" page is for admins rights, you have no option there. -Be sure to have all information done in all pages before you submit. Also I heard huppermages might have an update in 2.34. I don't have more information I don't even know when is the 2.34 out but I invit huppermage teams to take care about this. If someone has more information or at least the dates of the updates it would be great. Good luck everyone.
  19. Hey guys it's Platypus, your once cra now eca friend. You might have seen me running around the past few days but I've just started playing again after 2 years off. I can't promise I won't quit again but Rushu seems to be a lot better off so I might not. I'm currently in the guild Revolution, but I am very open to meeting new friends and doing shit together. I love the game, might not be the best at it yet (freaking ecas man), but I am always down to try something new. Hit me up with a PM in game if I'm online or on here. Either works. Love you all. Can't wait to meet some of you. Bye :)
  20. Hello Rushu!

    After 9 great years on Rosal i decided to move Rushu. Since the name Skyla is already taken on Rushu ill be livin my Rushu live as Kongoku. This message is for evreyone who cares. :> xoxo
  21. As title says thinking of selling this ring price starting on 90m: will be in merch around -2.0 zaap, or pm me here on in game /w Erisen SOLD for 90 m in merch
  22. Openning Kralove

    Would like people help to open Kralove we got already some people but more are needed ! , Please pm me In- Game.
  23. Hey, For the people who don't know me, I'd like to introduce myself - My name is Alex, I'm Scottish and Black (lolololol, how does dis even heppen) and i've been involved with dofus for a good 8-9 years of my life. And i've become a seasoned player or i'd like to think so. I think this is the time for me to say my good-bye's. I've lost interest in dofus, It's become an intense grind to do anything, and that isn't fun, there are ofcourse certain aspects i loved and will continue to love about dofus, but for now i think, I'm done. Reason for quitting(So i don't need to keep explaining) : I've invested too much time in this game, time that could be invested somewhere more useful for example - Uni/work/Volunteering etc etc.. As said earlier, dofus is becoming far too much of a grind to do anything, for example.. breads... ofcourse games are meant to be hard.. just not tedious. Now there's something i've always wanted to do and i will do that. I have always wanted to give away money to the people i thought needed it the most, and when i say need it the most, i don't mean the people that constantly beg for shit, i'm talking about the hard workers that log on everyday and do their shit to get certain shit. So i have sold all my gear on every single character, I've come up with a good 600Mish ( It's meh.. I gave a lot already ) --- I'm going to be giving away 100M on rushu. And just for closing sakes -- I just want to say any last goodbyes to people whom might not know me, but can empathise with me. P.S - I wanted to delete my accounts, but I've decided a close friend of mine, one whom i trust will be using it from now On. - Black man out. Ok, i'm done now. waw. i feel like a priest writing this bible lolol.
  24. Ogrine question.

    So I started over on Rushu, sold everything on Rosal. I was wondering if I'm able to buy Ogrines on Rosal and then spend them on color changes on a character on Rushu. Otherwise its all p2p moneyz i guess. Thanks for any info.
  25. [23:28] 3300865 (Wypee) is in unknown area. Only screenshot I took because exchange window closed so fast Pretty much this guy is back (seen his alias' on other posts) Tried to offer me 13mk + item, Sent long pm at last second, And switched to 1.3mk. Just be careful guys :)