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Found 7 results

  1. Hola, decided to go ahead and sell some items. Prices listed will be slightly negotiable, got time and not in a hurry. Thread will get updated regularly with fresh mages. Amulets: Jammy 36m Spookkoth 17m Treadfast 15m Unspeakable 14m Pawl Ouatnos 11m Axe: Mantaxe 26m Belts: Menobelt 28m Boots: Tritun 22m Unnamable 14m Tal Kasha 19m Cloaks: Indescribable 34m Teuse 37m Tal Kasha 26m Daggers: Daguanos 23m Hats: Moum-Ra 28m Allister 13m Rings: Jammy 38m Wedding 38m Deep Sea 36m Band 35m Nidas 26m Loads of items have been maged by myself, if you ever are interested feel free to have a look at my thread in which I offer my maging services. Items are in a merchant right now, so either imps message me or hit me up in-game on Thefook (Mostly sitting at -1 or at bonta magus place). In merch at [-1,0].
  2. Hi guys, seeing as the limit of uses per portal before the location changes and time of them being around, i thought i'd make a thread that would help out those looking for the portal. so if you are aware of any portal pos, feel free to post uses left/time left/location and dofus time of the portal in the state of which you found it (for example; [58,-23] 13 uses left, 21 hours found at 8:00 dofus time) hope this helps and saves you time! edit: spread the word! EDIT: as thread gets updated (must be in brackets ;; for example [-1,21] ;; a site will be updated automatically to save people from checking the thread ( posts here are still vital for the site to work!) http://dofusportal.net/ site cred; happida
  3. Omg guess who is back with new cheap resources :^) Come and check ,,Japper" merchant at [0,0] aka Kanojedo!
  4. philiphson son

    B > QoT set

    BUYING FULL QoT SET. 25mk per part if possible. thx
  5. As the title says i'm looking Rassler Boots. They can be maged or not. Looking to pay roughly 35mk for the boots. Also buying Protoz'orror Nucleus x17, 600kk each. (Price and be negotiated) Message on imps or in game at "Lucaz"
  6. Hi. Buying a Queen of Thieves set - Looking to pay around 100-110mk. Pm Zatoishwan, Zatowishwan or Zoh. ~Thanks. :)
  7. Handz

    B > Queen Embroderies

    Buying 19 of em'. Willing to pay 900kk ea. Price is negociable. /w Hendzorz or Rick-Roll

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