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Found 1 result

  1. So I have comcast. Not because I want them as a provider, but because the two current alternatives are a mobile hotspot paid for per GB, and a 1.5Mb/s connection from AT&T. Having intermittent issues, check the modem logs and something is obviously not right (on their end) I'm getting a signal that is about 6db lower than specifications call for. (for those who don't know 6db lower is basically 1/4th the transmit power, decibels are a logarithmic representation) Call comcast support. Spend over 2 hours back and forth with a frontline tech who is hamstrung by a script, and whose knowledge base seems to be just about everything on that script. Rep. Insists the problem is that I am using a self owned modem rather than renting one from them. While my modem is outdated, it is still DOCSIS 3.0 compatible with enough channel support to cover over triple the speeds I pay comcast for. Finally get them to escalate to a supervisor (they won't escalate to T2 support). The supervisor then continues insisting that the problem is on my end. I finally get fed up and ask them to just send a tech out under their normal policy (if the problem was my end I would be responsible for paying for the visit, otherwise I don't) I get told she can't do that until they have gone through all the over the phone troubleshooting. I play along, sometime during the modem resets initiated on their end, my modem gets a remote request for log deletion (and the modem complies under DOCSIS rules) I really don't care so much, the logs are scraped and backed up on another machine they can't remotely access but I thought it was interesting that that was part of "troubleshooting" I could have said something there, but right then, my main concern was getting someone out here to fix the issue. This afternoon, tech comes out asks if the modem is self owned, I say yes, he asks if I can pull up the signal specs for him, I do, he goes out to go inspect the line. 1.5 hours later I have a stable connection again. Culprit: squirrel chewed through a line farther down the street to the point where copper was exposed to the elements and corroding. If anyone else has comcast, do not let their frontline techs bully you into paying for something you shouldn't have to. If you don't know if you need something or not, try to get a second opinion from someone knowledgeable on the subject if possible. Their buisiness practices are disgusting and I await the day there is real choice.
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