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Found 10 results

  1. 2.46 Idols and new Leech gimmick

    So for the past few years since the release of idols there have been insane gain in XP with the 508 score. Due to the fact that it was incredible easy to just use as full cra team with enus or just cra team with the release of lashing arrow and then barricade shot afterwards with the variants. Now it seems like the time is changing and Idols are finally getting rearranged so values will not benefit Cras so much but rather idols that in general makes the fight relatively hard for all classes. What I am wondering if what idol combination is the most effective for xp leech now that can be done with only a small pool of classes/characters.
  2. hi, i sell pets

    Prices highly negotiable (aka give offer please) Minimino 55% Nomoon 75pp + improved pot Bworky 1k pods Peki 123 vit + improved pot peki 110 peki 94 vit x2 little white bow meow 355 init cromig 67 vit quaquack platypus 11dmg bilby 10 dmg ross 10 heals purple piwin 10 dmg mini wa 80 cha gobtubby 165 vit squirrel 50% pingoku 50% leopardo 50% bow wow 20 wis x2 baby crow 40 pp feanor 50% croc 29% willy pen 46% angora 50% mini wa blank x2 koalak 13 wis koalak 5 wis
  3. Ok, so I haven't been logging Dofus and I don't think I will be logging any time soon, so I'll be selling my Vulbis Dofus. This is going to be an auction. Here are the rules: Starting price: 600mk (taken from topic I originally posted in.) Minimum increments of 10mk Bidding stops when I deem there is little activity. I will wait a few days after the most recent offer before closing it. Winning bidder must buy from me on Shika. I am too lazy to go to you. Once I say bidding has stopped, I will NOT accept higher offers. The winner will most likely need to make a server transfer, so I'm not going to be a douche and go to a higher offer after they have made the transfer. For me to consider your bid, you MUST post a picture of yourself with a shoe on your head. You may put a bag over your head or wear a mask if you do not want to show your face. You must be holding a piece of paper that has your imps name written on it. You only need to do this once. Picture obviously has to be in the topic. I do not accept PMs! Here is an example picture of me doing this. It is ok to get jealous, I know I am wonderful:
  4. Hi guys, lately Shika has been ridden with rodents such as Ogivol trying to scam once again, and I'm getting all sorts of screenshots from people but the problem is, none of you can take a valid screenshot that can contribute to getting someone punished. I figured I'd post a quick reminder to all of you of how to make a valid report. A valid screenshot that an Ankama mod/staff member can use must have the following: A picture of the whole screen. A picture of the chat box is not acceptable The screenshot must not be edited. Mods dont need a giant red arrow to whats going on, they can work it out themselves. A /whois command (eg /whois coopers) a /time command The following screenshot is how your screenshot should look. Once you've got your screenshot, you'll need to send to a moderator via Ankabox. Some of the more active ones I'd recommend are [Mod]Adikia, [Mod]Fiora, [Mod]Rhakuna, [Mod]Siransi and [Mod]Aozhou. Hopefully this has helped at least someone.
  5. Hello friends, I'm looking to sell my AP Freezz Ring. This is probably the best AP maged freezz ring that I've seen, so I'm setting an asking price of 95mk. +1 AP +300 Vit +48 Str +46 int +45 cha +3 crits +9 neut dmg +10 earth dmg -7 dodge +10 crit dmg +10 earth resistanace I'm contactable mainly on velda or effy atm (might respond faster if you message me on IV). I will not move this ring interserver, however for prospective buyers from other servers I'd recommend maguls kama/item transfer services. Sold for 89mk + peeled potatoes, thanks.
  6. Ok so the question is which would you prefer: A partner who can cook, but doesn't have sex or a partner who has lots of sex, but can't cook? Given the following conditions: 1. You are married. 2. You work full time and your partner doesn't. 3. You didn't sign a Prenup. If there is a divorce, it is divided 50/50. I added an age question. No need to vote on that one if you don't want to (not like I can make you anyway). I just thought it might be a bit interesting.
  7. Hi, I'm looking to buy the Krosmaster petsmounts, Boarhog and Razorbuck. Stats do not matter, I will pay 50mk per petsmount. If you are from another server and have one for sale please do not hesitate to pm me as I will move to any international server in order to buy one. I am contactable on Shika as /w coopers (best time to catch me is 0500+ dofus time), or preferably via IV inbox. Thanks in advance, Coopers. Edit: Chances are I won't be able to find one but I'll also add that I'll pay 20mk for a feanor if anyone has one. Bought Feanor for 23mk thanks. Bought Boarhog
  8. Heyo, looking for either MP Freezz Ring or MP Xa Cape. Looking for something with similar stats stated below. Paying roughly 60-65m for either item, always up for negotiation depending on stats. 280~300 Vitality 45~50 Strength 45~50 Intelligence 30~50 Chance 3 Critical hits 8~10 Neutral Damage 8~10 Earth Damage 0~10 Heals -7~8 Dodge 8~10 Critical damage 10 Earth resistance 180~200 Vitality 27~30 Strength 27~30 Intelligence 20~30 Chance 25~30 Wisdom 3 Critical hits 1 AP 8~10 Neutral Damage 8~10 Earth Damage 8~10 Fire Damage 0~10 Water Damage 0~20 Prospecting 4% Neutral resistance 4% Earth resistance 4% Fire resistance 4% Water resistance Thanks.
  9. It has been awhile since I have bought any crims and fkr pleb doesn't giwe them back when I want dofuses, so Iam need more menz. I'm definitely buying 1, but I am missing 4 good ones, so maybe I'll buy more than 1 if there are multiple selling. I'm not too sure about prices I am willing to pay yet. I'll need to talk with some people about what these higher rolls have been selling at recently. I saw that the feca menz sold his 49% for 55mk, so I'll keep that in mind. Still need to talk to other feca menz though. I actually bought one of my 48s for 35mk ~6-9 months ago, but I already know that that is undervalued... Well Iam go sleep. If you have a 48-50% that you might think about selling, post here or contact me please. BYE MENZ! Also, I'm buying vulb for 255mk. FKR U DAVID MENZ HHHHHH My offers: 48%: 47mk 49%: 55mk 50%: Negotiable
  10. Ah herro, NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA As of today, for the first time since Storm Troopers was resurrected on Shika, we are opening our doors to recruitment. Storm Troopers is currently Level 126 with 158 members, all of which are very nice people (Prosaa excluded). We are looking to recruit to further expand our guild to accommodate nice new people through a small application system that is as follows: NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA You must be a minimum of level 175. Your Name Your Age Current/Previous Characters Recent Guilds (if you were in one, why did you leave?) What makes you think you'd fit in well in ST Can you do a barrel roll (Y/N answer) NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA For now your best bet is to send your application to me via IV, do not post it in this thread. NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA Upon joining, you are given perc rights for our 15 500pp percs. We are not a guild that will take shit seriously, the general tone of things is pretty chilled, quiet at times. To clarify, if you're looking for a guild to run dungeons/find a levelling group with, we're really not the guild. For the most part everyone will mind their own business, but if you need a favour (eg running otomai dungs for reset/checking banks/logging alt for profs) that would probably happen. NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA Thanks, NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA Fearless Dictator Coopers. / (All must praise)