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Found 13 results

  1. Selling some exos Crustic 24m Deep Sea 24m Bow 15m shylock 16m Rhineetle 52m ilyzaelle 26m Provided a screenie of the stats etc https://prnt.sc/lguvzo
  2. Henlo, qutting merch Siegula at -1,-1 Lot of Eggs,exos,pets and more.. too lazy to post stuff here but take a look x) Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm selling these two exos. I'm looking for 17m for the broucey ring, and looking for 19,5m for the jammy jack ring. Willing to negotiate. Contact me here or in game! I'm online at quite random times, but generally evenings (GMT +1), up to quite late. IGN: Lyrac. Update: Broucey ring sold.
  4. 100mk a piece, negotiable. Pm Animuffin in game or Amber#5839 on discord (:
  5. Merched at [0,1] Kaerth the green eni or in market as specified. All prices negotiable. Will trade stuff +/- kamas or just stuff for cloudy dofus/ochre/crim/mp 1% bearbaric band. Stuff I haven't posted but have in markets that you might like: 100 om vit flinty daggers (no range) 10m 3% earth flinty daggers (no range) 10m 2% earth flinty daggers (with range) 10m jammy jack ring 11m water maged nidas shovel with 50 om vit 10m perfect bearbaric sword (499 ini/+10 all res/498 vit) 10m 3% earth dark court boots 20m 3% earth broucey boots 6m
  6. Hi,merch around village. Currently at [0,1]
  7. Hi as the title suggest I'm buying Bear band AP Exo, Bear wedding MP Exo & Neutral Bear sword Range Exo. :3 I'm looking for good stats in the 57-59 stat range and at least 11 damages on the rings. Of course perfect resist is a requirement. I also like to see 5 lock on the rings and 14-15 on the bear sword. Here's my posted prices. AP Bear Band: 55-65mk Bought MP Bear Wedding: 55-65 or 65-75 if it has 1 MP and 5 Crit res. Bought Range Neu Bear Sword: 55-60mk I plan to leave for rushu in 3 weeks. So time is of the essence. (If I don't support rosal with my money its going to rushu :P)
  8. SELLING: Queen of Thieves Stats (70M) : SOLD 1/0 AP 378/400 Vit 75/80 Str 75/80 Agi 38/50 Wisdom 1/1 Summons 13/15 Neut Damage 13/15 Str Damage 13/15 Air Damage 14/15 Prospecting 20/25 Critical Resistance 10/10 %Earth Resistance Bearbaric Band Stats (62M): SOLD 1/0 AP 240/250 Vit 53/60 Str 56/60 Int 32/40 Wis 4/4 Crits 10/12 Neut Damage 10/12 Earth Damage 10/12 Fire Damage 2/5 Lock 7/7 %Water Resistance 7/7 %Air Resistance 12 CH Turq Dofus (27M) SOLD (Noh Cape Mimied) Inky Veil Overmaged Vit (15M) SOLD 392/350 Vit 67/70 Strength 67/70 Int 32/40 Wis 3/3 Critica
  9. I'm looking to buy an ap maged fuji snowfoux ring. Not looking for incredible stats as i don't want to spend too much on it. if youve got one gimme a shout and we can talk about prices :) pm combat-sixty-five in game! Thanks in advance everyone! *Bought*
  10. Hi, i've started a maging service for exos, tell me what you need and i'll give you my price, i can mage anything but weapons, i won't do any baby orders that cost any less than 20mk though, just tell me what you need and it'll be done within a day or two :)
  11. Pm me via imps, or IG at Reapersaurus / Reaper-Surm Exomaging services: http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/141626-jewlermagus-exos-only/ Souls: http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/141754-b-dp-so-tor-croc-souls/ Sold: Stilted Shovel 14mk Treadfast Boots 16mk Missiz Freezz's Helmet 15mk Adding Ap Bearbwedding Ring 80m: Adding AP Kringlove 55mk: Adding AP Kringlove 45mk: AP Bearbaric Ring 70mk: Cloak Of a Thousand Excuses 20mk: Treadfast Amulet 20mk: Tread Belt (Unmaged - Pm for stats) 13mk: Count Ring 14mk:
  12. All sold, close
  13. The harsh reality of studies and work has stricken this once glorious Jibbletmonger without time for women, beer, or dofus; thus I am quitting for the foreseeable future. I may be back or I may wallow in the vestiges of my "IRL" existence. REGARDLESS!?!! I had much fun and good times with you all in the dofus community. Please support this Jibbletmonger in his new quest to conquer the world of reality. Merc in village 0, -1 Selling eggs, exos, hax maged equips, souls, keys, trophies, livit hats/caps, pets, keys - now all at reduced prices to make even the most frugal and tight-fisted kam
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