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Found 3 results

  1. Join us here on New Years Day for the live-stream, hosted by Giant-Bluemonster and anjulica: http://www.twitch.tv/hektik_fuzion 1. The final Jackpot was 140 mk ...and the winner is - Zolo! Lottery Ticket Chart - Check to see your ticket numbers here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ra-qrKJaj9V24NtSxAcmqvUXY5dSy3ydpzMccit85mo/pubhtml# Hi Everyone! I've added some prize packs that can be won during additional draws. Prize Packs Added for Additional Draws 2. Trophy Pack - 70+ Trophies in one prize! ...and the winner is - Docgerbil! 3. Smithmagus Pack - 25 mk worth of runes! ...and the winner is - Briella! 4. Idol Pack - 30+ Idols in one prize! ...and the winner is - Zolo! 5. Key Pack - 8 keys for each of the 60+ dungeons listed below ...and the winner is - Lokes! We are aiming to give 8 Keys from each Dofus dungeon as one prize. So far the keys in this prize pack are 8 keys from 60+ dungeons, plus the keys we're working on in the additional list below. 8 Whale Keys 8 Nidas Keys 8 Queen of Thieves Keys 8 Vortex Keys 8 Count Harebourg Keys 8 Kilme Keys 8 Sylargh Keys 8 Missiz Freezz Keys 8 Nileza Keys 8 Shadow's Pyramid Keys 8 Father Kwismas Keys 8 Celestial Bearbarian Key 8 Kolosso Keys 8 Snowfoux Keys 8 Korriander Keys 8 Obsidemon Keys 8 Buck Keys (Wreck of the Hesperus) 8 Cross Strich Aviary Key 8 Toxoliath Keys 8 Kanigrula Keys 8 Bworker Keys 8 Firefoux Keys 8 Dreggon Dungeon Keys 8 Le Chouque Keys 8 Drhossil Keys 8 XLII Keys 8 Pingwin Keys 8 Royal Mastogob Keys 8 Kimbo Keys 8 Tynril Keys 8 Otomai's Ark Keys 8 Bherb Keys 8 Grotto Hesque Keys 8 Sphincter Cell (Amakna Castle Rat) Keys 8 Brumen Tinctoria's Lab Keys 8 Captain Scarlight Keys 8 Pandikaze Keys 8 Minotoror Keys 8 Rainbow Blop Keys 8 Blop Dungeon Keys 8 DP Keys 8 Skeunk Keys 8 Dreggon Sanctuary Keys 8 Kitsou Dungeon Keys 8 Fractal Megalith Key 8 Wa Wabbit's Warren Key 8 Rac Queen Keys 8 Moon Keys 8 Kwismas Cavern Keys 8 Lord Crow Keys 8 Brutatax Factory Keys 8 Ancestral Keys 8 Royal Tofu House Key 8 Bonta Rat Keys 8 Black Rat Keys 8 Dramak's Theatre Keys 8 Koolich Keys 8 DP Maze Keys 8 Scaraleaf Dungeon Keys 8 Haunted House Keys 8 Crackler Keys 8 Bulb Dungeon Keys 8 Kaniball Village Keys 8 Kwismas Dungeon Keys 8 Skeleton Dungeon Keys 8 Gobball Dungeon Keys 8 Tofu Dungeon Keys 8 Sand Dungeon Keys 8 Field Dungeon Keys 8 Kardorim's Crypt Keys 8 Sakai Mine Keys 8 Canidae Keys 8 Daggero's Lair Keys 8 Merkator Keys 8 Fungi Keys 8 Minotot Keys 8 Kwakwa's Nest Key 8 Wabbit Castle Keys 8 Bwork Dungeon Keys 8 Kickroach's Lair Keys 8 Multijellies for Jellieth Dimension 6. Archmonster Soul Pack - 140+ of your very own monsters-in-a-jar! ...and the winner is - Briella! 7. Turquoise Dofus Pack #1 - for all you Blue-lovers! ...and the winner is - Briella! 8. Turquoise Dofus Pack #2 - for those of you who love Blue even more! ...and the winner is - Arianne! 9. Turquoise Dofus Pack #3 - for those of you who love Blue the most! ...and the winner is - Zolo! 10. Bird-watchers Pack - 5 Petsmounts in one prize! ...and the winner is - Felinus! 11. Treasure Hunters Pack - includes 40 Tourmalines and 10,000 Rose of Sands! ...and the winner is - Zolo! 12. Kingly Kostume! One Danathor hat, one belt, and Allister boots ...and the winner is - Ex-Ray! 13. Int, agi, chance gear - for the omni in you! ...and the winner is - Zolo! 14. Tree-Hugger! Full Soft Oak set & more! ...and the winner is - Docgerbil! 15. Don't Cry Wolf! Moowolf gear ...and the winner is - Docgerbil! 16. Royal Mastogob/Mastic gear ...and the winner is - Briella! 17. For Adventurers Only! Exo'd Adventurer Set & Exo'd Gelano ...and the winner is - Aetus! 18. Spells & Living Items ...and the winner is - Cannotstopcreating! 19. Powa Drhell Set ...and the winner is - Come-around! 20. Drhossil Set ...and the winner is - Docgerbil! 21. Strength-Agility Gear ...and the winner is - Zolo! 22. Picnic Pack - equivalent of FIFTY strength scrolls! Plus more than 1,000 meat with 500+ hp! ...and the winner is - Roy-Harper! 50 Moowolf Muzzle Vinaigrette (510 hp + 1 strength) 40 Mechaniac Meat Tenderloin (1010 hp) 100 Smoked Bearbarian Breast (960 hp) 90 Cooked Cube of Meat (635 hp) 400 Dragosmeat Steak (610 hp) 90 Baked Crobak Liver Pate (560 hp) 10 Boowolf Muzzle Vinaigrette (510 hp) 480 Pork Roast (510 hp) 450 Countrywoman Pan Fry (110 hp) 23. Summoning, Transformation, & Pet Pack ...and the winner is - Docgerbil! 24. Fun Pack ...and the winner is - Cannotstopcreating! 2 Candy Canes 10 Ice Sugar Snowmen 1 Ice Sugar Wintry Kaniger 1 Ice Sugar Snowball 5 Chocolate Pandas 3 Chocolate Gift Packages 50 Lemon Lollies 20 Plum Lollies 10 Strawberry Lollies 110 Api Lollies 40 Cheweez 8 Multijellies 5 Hallucinogenic Candy Kebabs 4 Mind-Blowing Candy Kebabs 1 5000 Energy Candy 10 Orange Shigekax 18 Pear Shigekax 10 Api Shigekax 2 Melon Shigekax 1 Coko Shigekax 1 Banana Shigekax 1 Chocolate Shigekax 1 Caramel Shigekax 1 Praline Shigekax 20 squares dark chocolate 20 squares white chocolate 20 squares milk chocolate 40 Trool Lollipops 100 Tofu Lollipops 5 Ballontwine Chocolates 1 Almond Shigekax 2 Bitter Shigekax 100 Kwismas Pwesents Assorted Fireworks Also, see below -- we've added an ICE DOFUS and an OCHRE DOFUS as two separate prizes! 25. Ice Dofus ...and the winner is - Santas-olelady! 26. Ochre Dofus ...and the winner is - Calderone! Thank you for all the generous donations, that have helped our INT Alliance Lottery become a success! Items donated and not given as prizes will be used at future INT Events Thanks, and "may the odds be eveh in your favow!" anjulica
  2. Hi Everyone, We have 3 very exciting alliance events coming up! 1. PVP Guild Tournament - organizer = Ultrox Entry deadline is Oct. 24th, tournament will be held on Oct. 25th *please note the day has been changed to Sunday* 2. Hallowe'en Costume Contest - organizer = Ultrox Held after the PVP Guild Tournament Oct. 25th *please note the day has been changed to Sunday* 3. Hallowe'en Lottery - organizer = Jus Tickets will be sold starting on Oct. 25th, and the big draw will be on Oct. 31st! Join us for fun, healthy competition, and lots of prizes! For more info, check out our INT Alliance Forum under the heading "Events": http://integrityforum.altervista.org Looking forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events! anjulica Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any mutilation that may occur at our events. Contestants are in no way liable for accidents occurring when the opposing team carries sharp swords in their pants and trip over their feet. Commencing a fight does not legally bind you to matrimony with the recipient -- contrary to what some opposition may say.
  3. Solar Night Live!

    Hey guys, a group of us are trying to start a server wide events campaign, going by the name of "Solar Night Live!" We have lots of fun activities planned and we would love to have you join us. give us a heads up if your interested in participating or even if you just wanna come watch, Our goal is to help raise Solar's activeness and also to bring the community closer together. We look forward to seeing you in game. Thanks! from: Luxie, Bochi, Penguin-boo,Ophes, Jhonnish