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Found 9 results

  1. Someone can help me osa kolo gear?

    Hi, i have 150 lvl osamodas. can someone help me kolo gear(150-160)? im vit-int. Thanks
  2. So I have been asking people on the server and I put a request up in the gear suggestion thread, but I am haven't really been given a answer to what would be the best build for a sram at 199 with no restrictions on kamas. So as far as I know, lvl 200 srams are str/intel/agil for kolo, but to get similar builds at 199 the gear isn't as good. So what would be the best build for solo player doing kolo as a 199 sram.
  3. Pandawa build?

    Hello everyone, I don't know which build to make my panda, currently I'm running a team with str Iop, cha enu, int eni. Panda is still 6x. Agility looks attractive because it's the only element I'm missing, but most I've read is about cha or str panda. Which build would you recommend for a panda in this team (or any team)?
  4. Enu

    Guys last time I asked u about Iop , I made him str/int as u said. Now my second question is my enutrof. So i've got 200 iop int/str and I need to equip my enutrof , I want these 2x characters mainly on PvM (f3 etc) What would u suggest to equip and what should i max on character points? Thanks a lot :)
  5. Iop

    Hello everyone ! I need to know what kind of iop build is the best? Please give me some advices , I need him for doing f3 dungeons easy as possible so focus on PvM guys :)
  6. Best 2-Man PVM team.

    I've recently returned from a bit of break and I'm potentially looking to take advantage of the class change service. Currently I have a 18+ cha/wis Enu as my main, which I'm considering changing for something that would synergize better with my 15+ Sram. I'm leaning towards a Rogue but I'm open to suggestions. Primarily I only PVM so I'm wondering what would be the best class/build to go along with my Sram. Also a suggestion for a good Str/Agi set for my Sram wouldn't go a miss. Thanks
  7. So my panda is reaching the point were I am buying his real set and there is a few things I have ran into: Pure builds: More damage Suffer less from To many spells not enough points (but still needs like 30 scrolls at least) Suffers more from resistances Possibly more vit then a hybrid build Hybrid builds: Less overall damage output but isn't effected as badly by resistances Can take advantage of end game hybrid weapons (eternal wand, etc) Lots of end game two elemental sets Take advantage of powerful spells that wouldn't really be useful before This mostly came up as I was looking at making my panda intel/agil as the set differences isn't to much but it doesn't seem popular and I have heard form several people that it isn't really a good idea on pandas. Though only reason I don't see it as a good idea is just the spell scrolls needed to make it work. I HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A 6 YEAR OLD AND AM FAR TOO POMPOUS TO READ THAT, BUT FEEL FULLY QUALIFIED TO COMMENT ANYWAY EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL THIS IS REALLY ABOUT. HERE'S MY RESPONSE THAT WON'T CONTRIBUTE TO THE THREAD.: Is pure elemental build better then hybrid?
  8. EDIT: If you are from a server other than ZATO and would like to get involved in this programme or something similar, please list yourself on the thread here as a Mentor. http://forum.dofus.com/en/1047-welcome-incarnam-inn/281512-mentors-all-servers ________________________________________________ Hi guys. I have put together a mentorship initiative and before I implement it, I would like some feedback. I have put a similar thread on the OF for Zato people but I would like the opinions of the Imps community as a whole as well. I do have some concerns regarding implementation on smaller servers but the aim is to build the community from the bottom up by not just dishing out nub equips to babies in incarnum, but by equipping people with significant knowledge required to actually play their chars and encouraging people to be self-sufficient with a little guidance and reward involved. Do you feel that a mentorship programme where mentors are paired up with mentees in a more structured manner could work on your server? If there is a general guideline for the Mentor on what to include during the mentorship, do you think this would be more helpful than just helping someone by giving them stuff and leeching them? Do you think lower levels and those new to the game would be interested in this initiative rather than just spamming for leeching all day long? Do you feel that you personally would like to participate in an initiative like this and take on a mentee or two to look after for the first crucial levels? What things do you feel that should be included in the programme? What do people who are new to the game, need to know to get them well into mid-game comfortably without LEECHING. Any ideas on possible player-run rewards for the Mentee upon "graduation"? Do you think that a separate guild should be made for the Mentees, to get to know other people around his level who are participating in the programme as well and then upon graduation, move onto a guild recommended by the Mentor? Or do you think they should find their own guild from the start, or join the Mentor's guild off the bat (guild level requirements may come into play here and be problematic)? Any other ideas would be welcomed :) Thanks Nix
  9. I'm wondering which kind of sram would fit better in my game play. I would like to see high dmg and I'll use a eni to play together, so I can play offensive. Also, I would like to farm DP when I reach high level (what level I can do it with a sram/eni?) I've find a lot about hybrid str/agi, but I'm not sure about the dmg and at low level I think that is not a good idea (lack of itens etc..). So I'm looking for an buid advise, go full str, full agi or hybrid? which one is better for pvp/pvm and why? even in epic level? (Current in lvl 50's and I'll scroll them) Thanks for help! and sorry for my bad english