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Found 1 result

  1. Friendly reminder that this Guide is outdated due to me not having enough time for Dofus and/or similiar stuff. Hello everyone, and welcome. First of all, what exactly is the number 1 reason we die? You might say it is French player base trying to obtain every single bone from your character or is it glitches/bugs/OP guilds/my internetz sucks. But it is not. The real #1 is Greed. Basically, if you are greedy, you shouldn’t even try your luck on this server. The more greedy you are, the more mistakes you make, the more you die. Simple as that. Now that we cleared things up we can continue. 1) EVERYONE dies. This is really important rule, YOU will DIE on your character, and when you do, do not be sad/mad/discouraged. Do not get angry on your friends for not helping you. Learn from every mistake, take a day off, watch some good movies, laugh a little. 2) Common sense This is self explaining, you have to realize that there are really tricky French players, do not accept group requests, PvP missions or any similiar stuff, becouse mostly in this unforgiving world, you will realize that you are the one being hunted. 3) Hook up with English speaking community I found this one really hard, if you want to trust somebody, it has to be your real life friend, or well known co-member of your guild/alliance. Find an English speaking guild, mostly they will adopt you as their personal niblet. 4) Solo ? NOPE ! It might be tempting to try some luck in PvP with all this easily obtainable gear and experience everywhere, or to leave Neutral Zone to kick these little Dinks, however doing that is alone is HUGE RISK, even with a group you are still risking, but strength is in numbers. 5) The Great Emporium - NOW IT GIVES SENSE You might think, I am totally out of my mind, but the truth is, that this shop offers awesome stuff, for mostly 700 ogrines/set. What is so special about it you might ask ? Well it is linked to account for 3 months, thus it cannot be looted/lost if you die (it will automatically transfer to your bank) These are some basic tips, but now, how exactly can I compete in this unforgiving world ? a) Play during night hours/Become a night owl -> Frenchies are ZZZzzZzzZ Population on server during peak hours is really high, areas are crowded everywhere, and you are risking alot without checking the maps with ... b) Watcher/Mule Basically, it is p2ped low level character (on different account) whose only real objective is to die. Why waste kamas/money on this little piece of ... you might ask, well its real purpose is to guard you while you are fighting at dangerous locations (everywhere), and this guy can also check if the path ahead of you is safe enough for your main character(s) to pass. c) The golden rule It is not called The golden rule to be honest, but I like it anyway. Basically, keep your professions and PvP activities separated from your main character. So in case you die (and you will), you won’t lose everything. Some other tips: 1) The drop/xp rate is tripled on this server, if you character dies, you are having 6x xp until you reach the level you died on. 2) Every death is FINAL, you will lose all your equipment and experience(10% is for neutrals, 25% if fight is between aligned people) to the winning side (does not matter if they are monster mob or players) 3) If you die to group of monsters, 50% of all items are destroyed, rest is equally divided between all monsters in the area. 4) Always stay on guard, if you are neutral, that does not matter you cannot be killed, there are no disgrace points on this server. 5) There are lot of false and petty people . Who only want your death benefit to their cause. 6) It sometimes happens that an unknown character joins the fight. To avoid unnecessary risks kick this person out, it might be Mule and he might just kill you, so the people can collect your stuff. 7) Never go to Bonta/Brakmar markets with your main character. Use special dedicated character for this kind of stuff. 8) The largest concentration of Player Killers is at Amakna and Cania Plains. The dungeon areas are safe, as long as you keep the Watcher at Entrance so you can safely get out. (Dungeons like Moowolf with dedicated entrance map are exception, you cannot be agroed there) 9) Always have recalls <- SELF EXPLAINING 10) Run around with items unequipped, since Player Killers might think you are just another Mule/Watcher and thus you are worth nothing for them. Aggression chance is a little lower. 11) You can go to rogue temple safe way from astrub rogue statue to obtain bunch of keys and class spell without risk of being agressed. (thanks Marwen forgot this one), Try to do this before level 30 so you have to fight only level 30 dopples. 12) Try to get at least level 30 on your first playthrough, than if you finish all incarnam dungeon achievements(repeatable if you die), you will get enough experience to get to 28-30, so the time spent in incarnam is only few minutes. 13) Sell Blop polens, diamond and ruby stones to Frenchies at astrub bank at start. 14) Try to stuff your bank with large variety of equipment (adventurer, gobball sets and so on) so if you die (AND YOU WILL) you can grab it from there, same goes to resource gained in combat and kamas. 15) If you die, reliable source of xp enough for level 30 are Incarnam Dungeon Achievements. Just do them all. 16) Ores/Wood are highly priced in markets currently. Good luck on your journeys. Reason for edit: Typos I will keep this updated as much as possible. Sorry for any grammar mistakes/similar stuff, I am not really from English speaking country. Sources for images: http://survivalguideebook.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/survival-guide.png http://wiki-dofus.eu/_images/f/fe/OtoMustam.png

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