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Found 1 result

  1. The moment when you start being way too cold for comfort is also usually the moment when you start thinking that Winter is coming, and with it, the end of the year. We don't know about you, but here in Roubaix, the puffa jackets, mittens, and assorted flannelette plaids are already out of the closets and put to good use... And thus, it is time to take stock of what's coming! Let's not beat about the bush any longer and dive right into the heart of the topic: as was mentioned by Tot on the forums, we have decided to push back the release of the Ouginak class. Our first idea was to offer you these characters simultaneously, and have the production teams work on them at the same time.However, month after month, the contents, the feedback you gave us, and the goals of the teams have evolved. So we've reworked our planning, our production priorities, and we have opted to push back this new class. And rest assured: we are talking about a push-back, not a cancellation.We have decided to prioritize the development of a new area: Ohwymi Island, which you can discover right now in Beta, and is only the first chapter in a much tougher adventure. Speaking of, if you go all the way to the end of the content we are currently offering you, you'll see... (warning - clue spotted): For several months now, we have also been working on level 200+. As you may have guessed, this is a very heated topic within our teams. So, in order to drive this thing forward and onward, we are inviting you to take part in it!Here are, in a few lines, the objectives we are aiming for: Be very careful not to make level 180-200 content obsolete. Find mechanics that do not break the balance in PvP to favour PvM, and vice-versa. Give new goals, new challenges to our current VHL (Very High Level) players. Offer more versatility so you can adapt your playstyle to various situations After a lot of back-and-forth, we have decided to go the following way: spells will have variations that will unlock after level 200. These variations will not, strictly speaking, make the spells more powerful, but they will give you more tactical options. Eventually, you will be able to change your spell variations at will and choose the one that is best adapted to the situation in hand before each fight.Example, involving the Iop spell - Destructive Sword (please be aware that this might change before December!) Level 9: Fire damage + critical hit penalty. Area of effect: perpendicular line of 1 cell Level 200+, 1st unlocked variation: Air damage. Area of effect: size 3 ring, 1 cell wide. We are going to work in steps: As soon as December, you will have access to some variations of your spells beyond level 200 Before the first trimester of 2017 ends, the variations for all spells beyond level 200 will be unlocked Before the first semester of 2017 ends, the entirety of this new system will be available Thus, in December, all classes will have access to several spell variations. The other ones will be added one after the other, with the following updates. What we still need to decide, as of today, is the following: the way we are going to handle the added experience already accumulated after a characters has hit level 200. Our game designers have pondered the issue from every angle, and we are still torn between the following two solutions: You reach a level beyond level 200 as soon as the Update hits: part of the XP you have gathered since you have hit level 200 will be converted to the new system All players are level 200 at the time the Update hits: everyone starts fresh, on the same footing, and only the XP gathered after the Update will be counted towards the new system And you? What do you prefer? Please let us know by taking part in this survey, and please don't hesitate to explain your point of view in the comments section of this thread!Parallel to all this, your talks with Tot have shone some light on other topics. Here is a quick recap of what has been mentioned: Sacrier revamp A few details were given to you in the latest Letters to the Community and, as you may have noticed, we are aiming at an in-depth revamp. In regards to the amount of work it means, this could be compared with the creation of a brand-new class, considering the modifications we want to bring to the Sacrier class, be they from a game design standpoint or a graphical standpoint. We already know where we want to bring the Sacriers and we will give you more information about that in 2017. Server merging We currently have 52 worldwide servers for DOFUS. Some are more populated than others and you often point out the issues that can arise from this state of fact, and how that can hinder your gaming experience. We are well aware of the situation, but huge problems presented themselves: how can we contemplate a server merger and deal with the loss of uniqueness in some content like houses, paddocks, or even character, guild, and alliance names? At the moment, and we might as well be honest with you, we do not have the ideal solution. We are thinking about it, we are debating it between ourselves, but we have nothing solid to announce. Bots We are waging an everlasting war against bots. For some time now, we have been able to identify them and we regularly and massively banish them. But these things are akin to cockroaches: if you see a single one, it means there are a thousand lurking around you. And that's a battle we cannot fight alone. This is why it is extremely important that you, the players, be especially careful in your behaviour. For instance, purchasing Kamas on third-party websites is to be avoided at all costs, since it contributes to the deployment of more bots; as long as there is a demand, there will be a supply, and by extension there will be bots, as they are the suppliers for this particular demand. E-sport A lot of you want to see DOFUS develop its competitive aspect. Although we organize PvP competitions such as the Goultarminator, they seem to us to be far too elitist and not accessible enough to new players. Between those of you who keep repeating that DOFUS isn't meant for e-sport and those who demand new PvP features from us each and every chance they get, we feel we aren't pleasing anyone with the current format. We are heavily pondering the issue and as soon as we can figure out some food for our thoughts, we'll share it with you. And the future? What is the future? Our main goal is still the same: to please you while pleasing ourselves. So while you may not get what the calendar originally indicated, the end of the year will be great, we're sure of it!