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Found 2 results

  1. Thank you Zac for the amazing banner <3 ECHO SMACKDOWN Echo Smackdown is a server-wide pvp tournament that is open to everyone - looking forward to seeing some new and some returning faces! You may register for the event any time between now and Friday the 27th at 23:00DST. Tldr;; 1v1 pvp tournament this Saturday the 28th, registration closes Friday the 27th DISCORD https://discord.gg/kM5FTZT Participants must join the discord server to submit screenshots of matches REFEREES Referee: Animuffin - Discord: Amber#5839 Referee: Bootiful - Discord: Bootiful#5388 Referee: Sram - Discord: Paul#4468 Referee: Morcha - Discord: morcha#2845 Referee: Somniatis - Discord: Maple#0929 Referee: Jox - Discord: JoX ツ#6969 Referee: Alchy - Discord: Marz Barz#6351 STREAMERS Twitch: Diyos - rubydaeli Twitch: Morcha - Morchaa Twitch: Somniatis - Mapleminou Twitch: Rag-doll - Mmovan Youtube Gaming: Killer-Spirituel - KillerSpiritual SCHEDULE NOW: Registration is open! FRIDAY Apr 27 23:00 DST: Registration is closed FRIDAY Apr 27 23:59 DST: First and second round matchups posted SATURDAY Apr 28 16:00 DST: Map ban deadline for round one/two SATURDAY Apr 28 19:00 DST: Round one SATURDAY Apr 28 20:00 DST: Round two SATURDAY Apr 28 23:59 DST: Third and fourth round matchups posted, ranks updated SUNDAY Apr 29 16:00 DST: Map ban deadline for round three/four SUNDAY Apr 29 19:00 DST: Round three SUNDAY Apr 29 20:00 DST: Round four SUNDAY Apr 29 23:59 DST: Fifth and sixth round matchups posted, ranks updated SATURDAY May 5 16:00 DST: Map ban deadline for round five/six SATURDAY May 5 19:00 DST: Round five SATURDAY May 5 20:00 DST: Round six SATURDAY MAY 5 23:59 DST: Seventh and eighth round matchups posted, ranks updated SUNDAY May 6 16:00 DST: Map ban deadline for round seven/eight SUNDAY May 6 19:00 DST: Round seven SUNDAY May 6 20:00 DST: Round eight SUNDAY MAY 6 23:59 DST: Ninth and tenth round matchups posted, ranks updated SATURDAY May 12 16:00 DST: Map ban deadline for round nine/ten SATURDAY May 12 19:00 DST: Round nine SATURDAY May 12 20:00 DST: Round ten SATURDAY MAY 12 23:59 DST: Final matchups posted, ranks updated SUNDAY May 13 16:00 DST: Map ban deadline for final round (ban 3 maps, we'll choose 3) SUNDAY May 13 19:00 DST: Finals BO3 (top 2 participants) *Matches may be delayed if a fight takes longer than 1 hour. Participants will be given ten minutes to prepare for the next fight. REGISTRATION -Officially registered players will be listed at the bottom of this post. There is no fee to register. -Register your character by posting on the thread here, or DM Amber#5839 on discord using the following format: (Nickname (/whois)), Character name, class, level RULES -1v1 format -Lvl 170+ -No person may register on more than one character -No subs -No class changes are permitted following the start of the tournament -No incarnations, candies/boosts of any kind -Both players must check in with their assigned referee and wait to be cleared before beginning the fight -Map bans for both of the day's rounds must be submitted by DM to assigned referees on discord three hours before the first fight of the day, or you'll lose the opportunity to ban for that round -All players must post screenshots of all fight results in the #screenshots channel on our discord -Failure to follow the rules of this tournament results in disqualification -Min: 8 players for this tournament, Max: 20 players -This tournament will proceed with 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, or 20 players. Should we exceed 16 players or should we reach an odd number of players registered, the most recently registered player will be put on a waitlist in the event of a withdrawal or a no-show. TOURNAMENT SYSTEM -Players will be randomly matched in the first round using a random generator -There will be no draws -Players who are more than 10 minutes late will be considered forfeited -You can access the Goult maps by walking through the orange zaap at [-6, -12]. Go right - this is where players will meet before each round to check in with their assigned referee -Players must DM their assigned referees at least 3 hours before the first fight of the day with a list of three maps they would like "banned" for each fight that day. The maps do not have to be the same for both fights. -Players may be transported to the various maps by talking to the NPCs. Each player bans three maps, and the referee will randomly choose the fight map from the remaining maps using a random number generator. -The final round will be played by the top 2 ranked players following fight ten and will be a best of three on up to three different maps -If there's a tie for third place, those teams will do an additional match vs each other for 3rd -Opponents will be decided each round by using a random generator. If two players are matched who fought against one another in the most previous round, the fights will be rerolled. -We will be using the following point system to determine rankings for this tournament: Win: 1 point Lose/Forfeit: 0 points REWARDS 1st place: 25mk, 3 mimisymbics, and the "Event Winners" title on ImpsVillage unless you're banned (: 2nd place: 15mk and 3 mimisymbics 3rd place (according to rankings): 10mk and 3 mimisymbics DONATIONS *In addition to 11mk in donations from our previous event… Thank you to an anonymous donor for a donation of mimisymbics! <3 Thank you to Pikkofighter-x for a donation of 10mk! <3 Thank you to Mahon for a donation of 50mk! <3 10mk towards this tournament, 40mk towards next If you’re interested in donating towards the prize pool or streaming, please contact Animuffin in game or Amber#5839 on discord (: REGISTERED PLAYERS 1. KillerSpritualYT, Killer-Spirituel, Sacrier, 200 2. johngreen, Assault, Rogue, 200 3. Exilatien, Peace, Rogue, 200 4. royal-blush, Rawfulz, Sram, 200 5. Toasterstoastoast, Barley-Maid, 200 6. Dubbed, Snips, Xelor, 200 7. -Idea-, Ich-Idea, Sac, 200 8. zipze, Profanity, Elio, 200 9. fuerfoa, Doom, Iop, 200 10. Marsstomper, Kikn, Enu, 200 11. Aaab44877, Tortura, Sacrier, 200 12. zachatt, Definitelynotzach, Fog, 200 13. iooplettics, Reapersaurus, Sadi, 200 14. Hallocity, Trize, Iop, 200 15. yougot-ownedby, Tezar, Hupper, 200 16. socoolsocool, Carebear103, Iop, 200 17. ajdgikdfabhfnk, Stonefox, Sac, 200 18. Invisiblah, Chems, Iop, 200 RESULTS Congratulations to the winners of Echo Smackdown! In first place: Killer-Spirituel In second place: Tortura In third place: Assault In fourth place: Carebear103 Missed the finale? Watch the full twitch broadcast here!
  2. With update 2.41, we wanted to add a one-on-one mode (1v1) for the Interserver Kolossium (ISK). Here are the details. Up until now, we've been reluctant about promoting 1v1 PvP, primarily for the following reasons: The difficulty in finding a satisfactory way of balancing this game mode. The risk of dividing players between too large a number of PvP modes and reducing the number of visits to the Kolossium (increased waiting times). We now have some potential answers to these problems and that's why we wanted to introduce a 1v1 Kolossium mode. We know that 1v1 PvP is a very important and passionate aspect of the game to some players. It offers quick-fire confrontations that bring out a single winner. This is also, theoretically, a more accessible activity because it doesn't require knowledge of the synergies between classes. How It Works The 1v1 Kolossium will work on the same basis as the other Kolossium modes. The player will be able to register for 1v1 mode and the matchmaking system will search for a suitable opponent and suggest that both players engage in combat. If they agree, they will then be teleported directly onto the fight map. 1v1 mode will have a specific ranking (like the two 3v3 solo and 3v3 team modes, which each have their own ranking) because characters vary greatly in efficiency in these game modes. Balancing Class balancing in 1v1 has always been problematic because of themarkedly different roles, abilities, and game mechanics between classes. It is our opinion that 1v1 PvP is currently the least balanced PvP experience. The abilities and game mechanics are so different that classes suffer a big "Nemesis”-type mechanic (class A may find it almost impossible to defeat class B, who has very powerful abilities to counter class A). To get around this issue, we're going to dynamically register the results of each class against the other game classes (by level groupings and in 1v1 only) so we can calculate class A's average chances of beating class B. This information will then be used by the matchmaking system to offer more balanced fights. For example, if characters from the Sadida class have a better chance of beating characters from the Iop class in 1v1, the matchmaking system will take this statistic into account and will look for a “less effective" Sadida character to go head to head against a “more effective" Iop character to compensate for this imbalance between the two classes and offer a fight in which, theoretically, both characters should have a 50% chance of winning. Waiting Time Since the introduction of the ISK, the number of people visiting the Kolossium has increased considerably and we think we will be able to introduce this 1v1 PvP mode without significantly reducing the number of people in 3v3 mode. It's difficult to predict how players who currently use 3v3 mode will to react to the arrival of 1v1 mode, but we know that some of our 1v1 mode fans don't play in the current 3v3 Kolossium mode. Their arrival will, therefore, increase the global Kolossium audience rather than reduce the number of players in 3v3 mode. We also plan to look into the feasibility of simultaneous registration for several game modes (1v1 and 3v3 solo) to allow players to "populate" several Kolossium waiting lines at the same time (as soon as a fight becomes available in either game mode, it will be offered to the player). This sort of feature isn't planned for the release of 1v1 mode; it's just a possibility we're looking into. Rewards 1v1 mode will offer the same type of reward as the classic Kolossium (experience, Kolossokens, and kamas). We would like players to be able to progress through the game and generate enough wealth to craft or buy equipment. However, the end-of-fight rewards won't be as good as those for 3v3 mode, because 1v1 fights generally don't last as long and because we want to encourage players to play in a team. Currently, we're planning to divide the rewards from 3v3 mode by two to get the 1v1 mode rewards, but we might increase these rewards depending on the average duration of the fights and the waiting time imposed. Maps Initially, 1v1 mode will use a specific Kolossium map, but over time, we plan to create a dedicated group of maps. Q & A When will 1v1 Kolossium be available? The 1v1 ISK should be available in beta form at the same time as the 2.41 beta version. However, this system is still at an experimental stage, and we can't guarantee that the 1v1 ISK will be available in the 2.41 final version. If results are satisfactory during the beta phase of version 2.41, we will integrate it into the 2.41 final version. Will a 1v1 ranking (leaderboard) be available on the official website? In the long run, we plan on adding a 1v1 ranking on the official website (as for the 3v3 modes), but we can't yet guarantee that it will be available in time for the 2.41 final version release. Are you planning to do any specific class balancing for 1v1? We think that the class victory ratio system is a better-suited solution to the 1v1 balancing concerns than implementing specific balancing. Is the ISK 1v1 going to replace the alignment attack system? We're not planning to prevent attacks on characters of other alignments, but we do eventually want to remove the honor points system, which is too full of errors to work correctly (it's too easy to circumnavigate and exploit). We think that a 1v1 Kolossium system will provide a much better 1v1 PvP experience, with a very large number of fights available, material rewards and experience to progress, much more balanced fights, and a much greater number of different opponents (thanks to the ISK). For us, it's also the opportunity to better pool our efforts for arena PvP. Will the class victory ratio system also be applied to 3v3 mode? Initially, this system will only be used and tested on the 1v1 Kolossium. If this system works well, we will look into the possibility of also allowing the 3v3 modes to benefit from it, but in a different way. We may consider using the victory rate of class pairs compared to other class pairs, so we can estimate the strength of the different class synergies. This is a very ambitious project from a technical point of view and it is not currently planned. But we are aware that it's a solution that is likely to improve the quality of Kolossium fights.
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