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Found 8 results

  1. MP bearbaric wedding ring: Looking for strictly good stats as follows: 240+ vit 57+ agi 58+ cha 35+ wis 1 range 12 water damage 12 air damage 350+initiative 5 lock 7 neut res 7 earth res 7 fire res 1% air resist 1MP Well, looking at 150mk payment for a ring with these stats, so anyone that has some free time and doesnt know what to use it up on, feel free to try it. Thanks.
  2. Decided to start leeching people through queen again, Queen + first = 30mk Queen by itself= 20mk for more info hit me up ig /w Tenderly or my teammate /w The-desticle or inbox me on imps, tend
  3. Extreal

    Wow such merch

    Extreal 0,0 Prices negotiable
  4. Hey, few days ago I finished all existing professions on my alts and I would like to open a service for people from Rushu (yeah, wanna make some profit after I fked so much $ on it). I have the list on my Google drive but I'll copy it here as well with prices for each crafts (which can be updated). If you need something feel free to pm me (Vikin) or Lubo. IMPORTANT NOTE: I usually log all alts with professions each day in the evening between 7-10 PM DUT, but you have to PM me for alert otherwise I probably won't notice you unless I check black chat on my chars. Gathering Alchemist - feca Farmer - zobal Lumberjack - iop Miner - iop Fisherman - sram (low lvl for gut) Hunter - feca, cra, enu Crafting Baker - zobal Butcher - enu (Tralala) Fishmonger - eni, iop (Zpycihnev), enu (Tralala), sram, zobal Handyman - iop Jeweller - cra Shoemaker - cra Tailor - enu Carvers Bow - panda Staff - panda Wand - eni Smiths Axe - panda Dagger - sac Hammer - sac Shovel - feca Sword - sac Shield - enu Alts nicknames: Iop - Vikin (contact me on this char anytime you need a prof) Sac - Diana Panda - Karin Eni - Francek Sram - Spiritless Zobal - Gigolo Cra - Irenka Prices Jeweller, Shoemaker, Tailor - 50kk 8 slot, 40kk 7 slot, 30kk 6 slot Smiths. Carvers - 80kk 8 slot, 40kk 7 slot, 30kk 6 slot Handyman - 30kk for all services
  5. Casino-Royal

    Buying Rose of the Sands xAlot

    Hello. I'm buying 160,000 Rose of the Sands. Aiming to buy in batches that are multiples of 1,000. I'm willing to pay 400,000 K per 1000 Roses (so 400 K each). PM me on Imps or in-game at /w Casino-Royal or /w Gamble-Attaker in Rosal. Thank you in advance.
  6. Tenderly

    The Dofus Movie

    So just snooping around when I found this : http://forum.dofus.com/fr/1081-actualite/1975874-dofus-film-date-officielle DOFUS le film : la date officielle !Ça y est, c’est officiel : nous avons LA date de sortie du long-métrage animé DOFUS dans les salles de cinéma françaises ! Roulements de tambours, lâcher de pwaks, explosion de confettis, jongleurs et troubadours : découvrez-la dès maintenant en plus d’une image exclusive du film ! DOFUS – Livre I : Julith sortira en salle le 3 février 2016 ! Oui, c’est vrai, on avait dit 2015… mais, on se rattrape amplement sur la qualité du projet : ça, on peut vous l’assurer ! Pour preuve, une image exclusive extraite du film : Le projet prend un peu plus de temps que prévu, mais nous veillons à vous offrir quelque chose d’inédit, de plus grand et de plus incroyable encore que tous les projets d’animation que nous avons pu créer jusqu’à aujourd’hui. Ça vous paraît trop loin ? Nous comprenons. Mais ça va envoyer du lourd ! La phase de préproduction est terminée. La production est lancée ! Dès que nous le pourrons, nous vous informerons sur le sujet et vous livrerons quelques secrets et autres avant-premières… En attendant, on espère vous voir nombreux dans les salles obscures à partir du 3 février 2016 ! In short, they are going to be releasing "Dofus Book I : Julith" on the 3rd of February 2016 :D The screenshot looks awesome, can't wait :D Tend.
  7. Vikin

    King Nidas leech

    Hello, since many people have been pming me lately I decided to make an official thread about Nidas leech. I already leeched two people (Karalee, Persona) through because they asked me but now I'm gonna make this official. I usually do this dung with 7 chars (panda, enu, eni, feca, cra, zobal, xelor) + one leeched char or 7 chars in case you have one of the chars I mentioned in (). The price will depend on what char you need to leech, 15mk if your char is a good class which can help alot in the fight or 20mk if your char is totally useless most of the time during the fight (fogger/sac for example). Anyways w/e char you need to leech I need you to do some dmg before we kill Nidas, because I'm blitzing him in turn 3 with masquerade so I won't accept any equipless people. Also one thing - I require you to pay before we take the fight. The fight itself takes about 1h and 30-40min just FYI. Modifiers are not a big problem, most of them are good but there are as well ones for which we have to close the portal and hope for a better one. Portal hunt - might take me some time, especially if the portal is bugged (which is not rarity) so you need some patience.
  8. No idea how to kill this shit, need it for quest/achievs/equipment and shit. Not gonna create any new chars to do stupid dungs. Paying 40mk for each char. So total iop+enu 80mk. My only condition for this run is that you do queen first achiev. Pm me for more info. Thanks.