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  1. do you still play? im back and im lonely lol

  2. I was wondering why, I haven't seen you on in months <3

  3. Well guys and girls Im back. I had my computer melt down on me around 8 months ago and then had a bunch of real life things happen that prevented me from geting back on, but I will be making a comeback altho I do not plan on playing 8+hours a day like I used to since I have 2 full times jobs and have been hitting the gym a lot. I will be resubbing all my chars and will be seen more on imps now that im back ps i like the new skin here (its been a while so its new to me). Hope to see all my friends in game. peace emo
  4. Have not found any 4 sans to solo yet. or even a 3 san group to solo again.
  5. Not amazing but I really like doing the mobs with 4 san/doras makes it actually fun to do ghosts.
  6. ^ this. I find my enus chects drop my dofus(es)? more then my other chars do. :D
  7. not as cool as the last pic I had but I was suprised they spawned together. A guildie found them but couldnt kill it with his group so he asked in guild if we wanted it need less to say who would turn it down if they could do it, so the wife and I logged our army and decided to see waht we could do.
  8. Nice you lasted longer then I would have.
  9. With the help of my sexy aztech sword and the fact that I made sure to keep something between me and the chans cause 12 chans are a pain in the ass to kill espically when the soryo is taking 1-2 mp a turn. Also I actually tryed to use dissolution a few times even unlvled sacrifice to lvl it to 6, but I couldnt out heal the damages and cause enought damage to the sans that the 12 chans and soryo couldnt heal back up.
  10. I just used my hax emo skills and cut some wrists.
  11. Nope I dont have either of those spells lvled atm due to being a str sac and to cheap to buy diamond scrolls. All I can say is im bring back emo to rep str sacs again so watch out. :(
  12. Took me a few trys but I finally did it.
  13. My sacs final setup other then a few new weapons finally got my last egg today so had fun with my new belt and overmaged the vit a bit to go with the rest of my stuff any comments on if I should change anything. I do plan on getting hail staff when I go back to pvping but working on getting a few more eggs for my other chars and for my gf's chars.
  14. If your willing to work on rosal I have a big commision for you just hit me up on here and we cna discuss what id like to see/do and then I can give you a number im sure you would like.
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