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  1. when r we doing cute tiktok dances together :^( I want to orange justice wit u

    1. Sunbathe


      lol youre not invited to the hype house loser 

    2. Coopers


      i've purchased a fortress in the ukraine it's my meme fortress u can come i guess check it out on my youtube page 'sick memes for eastern European teens'

  2. Dofus really was ahead of the times.
  3. Granted welcome to Dofus Battle Royale! I wish Rob loved me back
  4. wow rly good meme

    1. Coopers


      thx u 2 friend

  5. Coward where have you been all this time/all my life

  6. plz help me win robs money ty
  7. This is money snek. Upsnek ⬆⬆ in 7.123 7⃣ 1⃣2⃣3⃣ snekonds or you will NEVER get monies again Beware!! You don't have much time!! You may never get monies again!!
  8. pm 'coops' in game, he's got the rest of your mats
  9. I can't believe 5 of you voted cheesy. Bans incoming @Goatee ????????????????????????????????????????
  10. The outcome of this poll is extremely important.
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