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  1. That wasn't it but got me in the right path. The mousehole in Kerub's attic is the entrance to Kickroach's Dungeon, which is not what I was looking for... but in the end I got the Miniature Adventure quest and now I can enter the Hideout at will.
  2. How do I enter Vilinsekt's Hideout? I have the required weapon equipped but the barrel is not clickable.
  3. Is the weapon damage displayed in Dofus Planner the total per turn damage or just one use damage?
  4. Thanks for the set. That belt and shoes look expensive, but I guess so is most recent lvl 200 items.
  5. Class: CraBuild: Full IntKamas/time available: 6-15mk (lots of stuff on sale) / ~30 hours week maxCurrent team: Just my CraLvl range: 200 (I'm 198 ~50% atm)Extra comments: I'm looking for a budget/honest set that will keep my char relevant/useful for both group and solo fights.PvP or PvM oriented: PvM At the moment I have 11 AP / 4 MP (5 when my mount is 100) using Jackalope, Shaker, Nomad and a Professor Xa Cape (also have a Nekochief but I don't use it) and 4 range. Rest of my set is Otomai Sword, Otomai Boots, Somnambulist Nightcap, Biibl Belt, Sleet Amulet, Fuji Ring (don't ask) and Notwithstand Ring (what's left of an old set). Looks like it isn't too hard to get some decent stats on 2 elements and I'm willing to go that path as long as it isn't too expensive.
  6. What happened to the team search interface?
  7. I used the Name Change Potion to try to change it back but it says the name is already in use. I opened a ticket few mins ago, should I just stay with the tagged name til they solve it? edit I opened the ticket after trying to change the name (both before I posted on imps about it). I'm still in the name change screen.
  8. My character name was modified to Braz-[Ros] after the maintenance and now I can't get the old name back :(
  9. Yes, you'll find mobs around on the coast of the island. If you can get other people to join you the Grassy Plains is can also be a good source of XP (KILL THE KILIBRISS)
  10. The world has changed a lot since I was in that level range, but this is what I did (no particular order): - Piglets* - Blops (now at Cania Lake) - Coral beach mobs - Gobbal dungeon (to feed a gobtubby and get exp at the boss fight) - Sidimote moors mobs - Drunken pandas If you have friends or guildies you can count on: - Brakmar Rat Dungeon** - Kanigers* - Koalaks * I don't know where they live now. ** I've lost the count of how many times I've been here, so much fun for low level int and agi characters. I did it multiple times a week with people from the best guild I've ever been in (Pulp Friction). edit I think you can probably do well on the rat dungeons, kanigers and koalaks if you get an Astrub Knight (500 achiev points). Chafers, Vampires and Jellies are also good for leveling and they drop resources you can quickly sell for zaap/potion/bread money.
  11. Braz

    Ask a Mage

    Hey Bets Yuna! Thanks for the help. I maged some items and offered free magings* for a few hours. Maging high level items seems way harder now with the amount of stats to keep track of (I've no idea what on earth critical resistance is XD). * no items have been harmed... except for a Belteen that lost it's AP but fortunately AP runes are 1/10 of what they used to cost and I fixed the item somehow.
  12. Braz

    Ask a Mage

    I'm playing again and found out I don't remember anything about maging (I'm jewellmagus and shoemagus). Can you guys give me some tips or advice on how to practice this trade? (I'm already lvl 200 magus) For the moment I'm not really interested in doing exos, I just don't want to ruin people's items.
  13. Some in this list are not lvl 200 but they are awesome human beings/players/chars i've met or admire: Milo-The-Slimedog, Sunny, Klayton, Baeumchen, Nohart, EssenceOfSuperiority, Jseu, Firebelle, OnlyHope, MorganObree (sorry if i mispelled), Shelor, PixieCorpse, blackandwhite-knight, Cicada, Naso, Bets, Vor, Shura, Peridot, Alundra Tikibear and most of the people that have been in the Pulp Fiction guild.
  14. Kitsou hairs, Drakoalak skins and Plissken skins, Pa Sa Runes sold.
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