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  1. Im not sure how the new sac works, Damage is good but what combos should i be aiming for. Int/Cha sac btw. Also i don't get hupper mages i like it but it seems complicated, im not even sure where to start build wise. But ill probably go some kind of int build but still.
  2. how do you start treasure hunts, I don't trust the wiki right now.
  3. A need a good place and idol combo to make it easier to get to 110, Im solo but I have access to some sidekicks.
  4. What does leeching do to the game? it only help low level fasttrack to what ever level they are trying to get to, so alot of the low level sets beside wis sets are pretty much worthless What would you say the best way to combat it, if you believe it to be bad? someway to speed up the lower levels, but even then there will people who want to breaze to x level for whatever reason Does it really even hurt the game? Does leeching cause a bad atmosphere, or are those people already that annoying? not the leaching itself but "looking for leech plz" consitently in ava chat gets really fucking an
  5. I've mostly used the knight since thats is what you get for 500 acheivment points, i did some mobs with someone who had a few, personally i like them since you don’t have to heal them there pretty expendable for dealing a lot of damage so you can finish or having them kill off straggalers. i dont multi anymore so its defintaly makes up for going solo.
  6. while this sounds good in theory i can see one big guild monopolizing all the areas on smaller severs still overall better then alignments in my op
  7. it could be an option that can be toggled ankama could do like spiral knights and have 2 equip slots for each peice that can be seen, the actual equip and a costume slot that you can put anything in (SK does not do this for weapons and shields). in the end a market would develop for things that people just like the look of, even the low level equips you get from the emporium would have a use well beyond there equip lvl if that happened then livi item could become actual items that can only be placed in the costume slot though i don't know but has ankama commented on something like this? or
  8. i always wanted to go int/cha as a sac even when i first played, i'm happy i already did, though absorption to me always felt like its ap cost was too much for less damage then disso, even with it being ranged but still single target
  9. just focus on cha and int with dodge and lock gear i don't really see the need to pump agi unless your going to spam assault but absorption has better range for 1 ap more and they both have a target limit of 2, beside i doubt everyone is going to focus all of their attacks on you alone unless you sacrificed but overall this patch has made classes builds that relied on their spells for damage much better, as it should be
  10. the changed my house, i have a tow story in amkna castle both floors are now smaller and I lost my gobbal skin rug it really tied the room togther man on the upside i have a pile of gold in the coner upstairs now a working clock and a golden shitter downstairs and a king sized bed with silk sheets instead of some rickety bunk beds and has anyone else gone from homey to ostentatious
  11. lifesteal seems to be becomoing the sacs forte, i love it and if the bloodless set has the same effects as it does now no los air steal seems pretty good also i love the removeal of the swap with sacrafice, that was the entire reason i waited so long to point points in it all, fucking hated that swap mechanic Edit: kolo derp
  12. i saw this this on tv this morning commercials have never really seemed to be ankamas strong point
  13. i have my doubts on the disso nerf, but making the various spells percent based is something i am very ok with and getting rid of the headhunter system, that cannot come soon enough, i may start playing again some
  14. past tense, though i could have been a bit more clear though are we getting minorly upgraded banner or a complete overhaul of the the banner? now i am reminded how much i miss the imp girls 1.0 design
  15. its not imps unless half the thread is everyones sig now on topic, i was wondering when you were going to upgrade the ipb software
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