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  1. SzCzuPack

    The Inter-Server Kolossium Alpha Test

    Well i just dont undestand why cant they do it like it is/was done on wow. Wings go up in pvp areas and thats the life there. Loads of people just go and kill low levels going along somewhere even though thats not giving them anything and thats life. Funny bit is that u cant understand other aligment in there, which tbh saves a lot of drama. And in dofus its easy fix - dont like pvp dont align, BUT DONT GET ANY BONUSES. Simple as that. Problem solved. No nonsense koths and all that drama behind it. Most people dont want to pvp but they want to reap the rewards that pvp provide (at least on shika). I mean wtf? Either or for me. Back on topic: im glad they'll bring this feature as itll mean i just might experience some kolo. Haha. Not sure how is it 190+ but 150ish its dead. Once ive clicked it not noticing that i have and 4hrs later i realised i was queued. No match throughout that time. Lol.
  2. SzCzuPack

    General ingame help.

    If youre asking for aggro on alignment mobs then as long as you dont have wings up there is none.
  3. SzCzuPack

    General ingame help.

    At this point in game u have to be part of an alliance that owns village to enter it. Good news is that resources are not restricted anymore to said villages. There should be enough of them outside of village. not sure how much of dark bamboo but there is plenty of normal bamboo
  4. SzCzuPack

    General ingame help.

    I'd recommend you do daily dopples. Go to temples and fight all the dopples. It will give you moderate exp, some kamas, doploons that u can exchange for scrolls or pebbles (more kamas here) and should help u little with learning back how to play your class. As for money i'd drop maging (although its nicely explained in 'ask a mage' thread on this forum - its sticky just look up. Ure gonna have to go through lot of old stuff but when u get to circa 2010 theres lot of info there) and use ur lumberjack. Wood or planks are always needed. Especially dark bamboo for breeding items etc.
  5. SzCzuPack

    Starting over, where to level?

    Thought about scaras? I mean im not sure how easy/hard will they be for you but then again there always seems to be nice 10* walking around there.
  6. SzCzuPack

    Set/ Item - Resource Tracker

    Well that sort of option would be nice for sure. Im hearing theyre suppose to do modules some time this year (probably like every year) and someone could do one like that...
  7. SzCzuPack

    Temple Dopple exp is wayyyy too low!

    Well i for one dont agree. Its like people said before. Dopples are not here to level you up, they're here to give you chance to enhance your character and get you pebbles. i believe exp is good as it is. Maybe even too good.
  8. SzCzuPack

    Apewicube bug ?

    Been looking on wiki and it does say chance of getting cube. So its not like its granted...
  9. SzCzuPack


    hmm, are u sure about that? The way wiki is worded additional erosion is capped at 50%. Adding base 10% that would give 60%. but thats just how i understand wiki description (which dont have to be right).
  10. SzCzuPack

    Apewicube bug ?

    or maybe they've just added chance to not get anything out of it. Its not like translations on updates are so accurate and include everything...
  11. SzCzuPack

    Apewicube bug ?

    From what i understand they respawn time is 24hrs or so. Probably someone beat u to it.