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  1. Happy Birthday hun ^.^ <3

  2. this is becoming a bigger problem.
  3. i miss you bro, no homo

  4. fisshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  6. i think the server is just under maintenance a bit over the normal time.
  7. Thanks 666 and Veldin for helping me out! I finally fixed the problem. I had to delete everything on my computer related to dofus including adobe air and reinstall dofus from the archived installer instead of the normal one. Turns out it was a bug with the UpLauncher during the updating process in which it did not finish completely but allowed you to play the game.
  8. when i try to run dofusmod.exe the first window just flashes. And yea, i did it through the admin account
  9. I turned of the UAC but the problem still remains. Also, I can't work on any professions as the menu does not pop up when I click on the "prepare" or "create" buttons in the workshops. I really don't know what to do here.
  10. When I load up the UpLauncher, it lets me open up only one dofus window. But after that it does absolutely nothing when i click the play button. Sometimes the single dofus window flashes but that is all. I've tried running DofusMod.exe and Dofus.exe and nothing happens. I've cleared my cache (manually as well), reinstalled dofus, and even ran a registry cleaner. Nothing seems to work. Can someone please help me out?
  11. Happy Birthday.. *Helps you blow out the candles on your cake* May all your wishes come true! *Hands you a bunch of colorful, (red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and pink) balloons*

  12. I know ducky :( I am sorry


    We haven't talked in a while :O

  14. lol you are really my little ducky Koopa <3

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