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  1. He's a man. A manly man. A manly man of manliness.

  2. (1:22:29 PM) Kevvles: Hey Alice, welcome back (1:23:17 PM) ***Marion hugs Awwice (1:23:25 PM) Serryl: :o (1:25:35 PM) Missile: fine, fine (1:25:37 PM) ***Missile hugs Serryl (1:25:40 PM) Panarchy: wb alice (1:25:43 PM) Panarchy: lol
  3. (2:39:53 PM) Inoku: Step 1. Apply ass to man's crotch (2:39:59 PM) Serryl: xD (2:40:02 PM) Inoku: Step 2. Rhythmically gyrate
  4. They've done comics, and the Wakfu show... so yeah, they seem to be pretty decent at telling stories. Why the hell not implement it into the game? I'd certainly come back for that, if it was good enough. Make it an epic story, going through dungeons, giving a REASON for going through the dungeons beyond "I need these souls" or "Beat this dude". Maybe even throw in some cut scenes.
  5. 1-199 is 3,703,616,000, and 1-200 is 7,407,232,000
  6. < Fyorl > it's only rigged for rugger < rugger > I wanna sleep with Fyorl :( < rugger > Robb, I'll sleep with you as well! < Alice > well, I already came for nothing < Marion > alright then I'm gonna rape it < Marion > time for pain < Serryl-Work > you gotta come here first :3 < Marion > oh it stretches it too much and starts losing its shape < Serryl > otherwise I'd never have made it past 5 penises < Kevin > Into her vagina < Kevin > To feel them squirming around. < ebob > mine usually hurts from being penetrated too much < Sinner > he can't handle it all. < Garne > mmm penis < Sinner > smeg is the shit though < Sinner > Imp is a feisty lover. < Serryl-Work > kevin that's way too much < Serryl-Work > I wish I had 16 inches to put somewhere :( < Serryl > I will put this to good use < Alice > i'll be in an out for some more, no need to wb me all the time < Serryl-Work > "I need practice for oral" < Alice > I go down every night < Robb_Phone > I came < rugger > lots and lots of semen < rugger > and now I want some :< < rugger > I'll spread my legs for that < Roll > i like the cumming bit < Liss > eat me eat me < Kevin > After done with child < Kevin > I'll only slightly dirty it < Kevin > I love pain and suffering, tastes salty < Marion > is Wall of Flesh uberhard have you tried it yet I am so nervous < Marion > it's done, and now I feel like a cheap whore We go crazy in IRC. Editnote: This story is made up of quotes taken out of context by Elusial, a bot programmed by Fyorl.
  7. Then choose a month and one-up me. I probably should have greyed the skin a bit to make it look 'dead', but the time investment would have been too large when I have to take care of a baby.
  8. We now have June... with Halloween getting close, surely some more people are gonna be zombies? We need 3 more!
  9. Someone said I should dress as a cheerleader and post in PyP. Luckily, I already had a cheerleader picture handy. Lost about 20 pounds since this was taken.
  10. http://s956.photobucket.com/albums/ae43/Doofusdude/Zombie%20pinup/ Here be mine. Gonna choose just one later on, but for now, browse away.
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