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  1. We do really go back in the past, que times xD 2005 vibes all over the place
  2. Did they release the launcher yet?
  3. I am looking for a group to run Bethel with to complete the Ebony quest. If possible with achievements! Could pay if you want me to.
  4. Fix classes + Variants pls. Nice esport with broken classes, very legit.
  5. Is it possible to create a private server with dofus 1.0? Then monthly add updates, so we go from 2005 to 2010? Killing moowolfs getting 100kk and mintotors with crimsons :O
  6. I1.29 is ruined since there is no maging cap. Running around with 17/7 is broken af.... 2.x is nerfed to the point where dungeons are just a hassle for a player like me, people like masik enjoy the tactical part of figuring out the mechanics, I don't. When I started in 2005 as a child I obvious enjoyed the game far more due to having no knowledge, no sources of information to look things up. Here's a video of me killing a simple monster like Pandora on the fresh released Dutch Server in 2008. Beating this Pandora gave me so much joy which I can never get in today's dofus Level 143, Terrdala items, pink claw. The moment I finally had all mats to craft pink claw with only 80% success, the feels... Today I have everything in dofus, I have lake palace, lot of items, lots of kamas, lots of everything But I was happier running around in Great Adventure Set trying to drop gobball parts to beat Royal Gobball and pray for a royal gobbal hat/cape for dat sickening 70str increase... Train of feels, I am out
  7. When trying to get a 4% water overmage I ended up with a yolo try and got an MP one. I am hoping to trade this one for the same amulet with the following stats; (indeed no extra payment for the other user, clean trade) 390/400vit 78/80 int 75/80 agi 38/40 wis 1AP 14/15 fire dmg 14 air dmg 0/15 PP 7% Earth Res 11% Water Res 20 Crit Resist Since the rules state that I have to put a selling price, I have to start listing it at 35m, this may change since I haven't been playing for ages. I don't know the market whatsover, but got to follow to rules :). IGN = Professor, but I prefer a PM or just a message here
  8. Nice Tritun, atcham + this set, 12/6 ggwp Even 12/6 with catseye axe and inky. Seems legit
  9. So whats the point of Suffering for sacrier now then? Basicly 10 suffering = increased base dmg for 1 of each skill in every element. Sounds very shit to me. Aside from that, the tanking build gives you 1602 vit and 15% dmg reduction at 10 stacks, it's sickening. Attack sacrier ruined to the ground...
  10. I got them all, couldn't catch you ingame tho
  11. I do hope they decide to change the colour combination. Because in my humble opinion, it's horrible....
  12. A moment of silence for all the lost subscription hours...
  13. Why no solo dungeon tho? A tower with a lot of floors getting harder the futher you progress. All this Multi client content is shit AF. The content they release is the same anyway, use 4 characters (panda/iop/elio/enu) beat everything. Headhunter Mission again please.
  14. Maltese-Killer never gave Rising-Madness his Age-Old hat back. It was Maltese-Killer giving his old friend Youbutsu the Age-Old hat whom gave it back to Rising-Madness. Stealing something from someone who has done nothing but helping him, sound like a trash person to me, no matter how much of a friend you are to him. I know al the old players from 2005, as I was part of that generation also, actions like these shouldn't happen if you play the game for 12 years. That generation should be mature and wiser by now, clearly that is not the case at all. I don't have anything against you Youbutsu, you were one of the very few people I looked up against in 2005 Era. But calling the community toxic when your dear friend obviously choose greed above friendship doesn't sound right to me.
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