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Gato-Gato last won the day on December 26 2014

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    Respect the Boobz or you won't grow any
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    impressionism, Dali, G. Moreau, travelling, urbanism...

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  1. Gato-Gato


    scrub also nice selfie xD
  2. Gato-Gato

    Yeah whatever

    I upgrade you to little bitch -,-"
  3. Gato-Gato

    Post your goals and achievements

    Broot best humper Goult 2017 :D
  4. Gato-Gato

    Happy Birthday Junnnnn!

    Happy bday Junn I wont tell how old because it's rude :ph34r: :rolleyes:
  5. Gato-Gato

    Post your goals and achievements

    I suggest you go back in time because since Merkator mobs can now be teleported throu portals, iop/elio is going to be quite horrible D:
  6. Gato-Gato

    Yeah whatever

    bitch -,-"
  7. Gato-Gato

    BETA 2.33

    Why do u no tofu.fr?? D:
  8. Gato-Gato


    Still waiting on 3mk ankama scammd from me in the ogrine market when they rolld back. Any news about that????
  9. Gato-Gato


    I had a kama offer up at the time of the rollback, the kama offer is gone and the money too. Ankama gimme my money back thx!
  10. Gato-Gato

    Alignment quest help thread

    so lvl 80, order of the bleeding heart, cant take quest for rank 4 in order, Kaffra keeper only offers leave order or gtfo -,-"
  11. Gato-Gato

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Sadida Build: PvP kololololol Kamas: irrelevant, will get what's needed Lvl 200 Asking for a friend who just got back to the game, can't help him since I'm clueless about sadidas. No gear limitation. Show me the dream build!
  12. Gato-Gato

    Alignment quest help thread

    now fix it -,-"
  13. Gato-Gato

    King Nidas

    u can nidas hat mimi your whole team then xD
  14. Gato-Gato

    King Nidas

    guys.... do you even dofus??? lol Nidas is rekt, no more gold daddy.
  15. Gato-Gato

    Show us your bag!

    beach partyyyy