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Gato-Gato last won the day on December 26 2014

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    Respect the Boobz or you won't grow any
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    impressionism, Dali, G. Moreau, travelling, urbanism...

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    gato-gato, exu, xu-xu, blaze-it, nichon, xuan-mai, hot-tuc, eretyr, elohim, elfacet

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  1. Gato-Gato


    scrub also nice selfie xD
  2. I upgrade you to little bitch -,-"
  3. Happy bday Junn I wont tell how old because it's rude :ph34r: :rolleyes:
  4. I suggest you go back in time because since Merkator mobs can now be teleported throu portals, iop/elio is going to be quite horrible D:
  5. Why do u no tofu.fr?? D:
  6. Still waiting on 3mk ankama scammd from me in the ogrine market when they rolld back. Any news about that????
  7. I had a kama offer up at the time of the rollback, the kama offer is gone and the money too. Ankama gimme my money back thx!
  8. so lvl 80, order of the bleeding heart, cant take quest for rank 4 in order, Kaffra keeper only offers leave order or gtfo -,-"
  9. Class: Sadida Build: PvP kololololol Kamas: irrelevant, will get what's needed Lvl 200 Asking for a friend who just got back to the game, can't help him since I'm clueless about sadidas. No gear limitation. Show me the dream build!
  10. Gato-Gato

    King Nidas

    u can nidas hat mimi your whole team then xD
  11. Gato-Gato

    King Nidas

    guys.... do you even dofus??? lol Nidas is rekt, no more gold daddy.
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