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  1. Xak

    The best of Shika

    You are not my friend anymore. I am way more old school. Maybe if you had mentioned Rubie (Ruby? I suck at remembering names) I could have forgiven you. Also, <3 Zyk
  2. Yo Xak what's up man? I got Chrono Trigger for the SNES lovin' it ;-)

  3. Xak

    Shika Goultarminator 2014

    Good luck! Hope you get people to actually show up. Could probably help fill in some equips if needed. Conditional on it being people I know (knew) and trust enough.
  4. Xak

    Building New computer

    You keep mispelling "Corsair" as "crosair"
  5. Xak

    Spells for Agi Iop

    Brokle is maybe the least important on your list. Leveling it only changes the cooldown, and I can count on 1 hand the times where cooldown was the reason I didn't use it... Vitality is an essential pvp spell. In pvm it only really plays a role vs. enemies with significant erosion, which only really appear at end game. You can consider it lower priority if you are pvm only. If you play without healers, I'd raise the priority, as it can help you survive challenging fights. Precipitation is, again, an essential pvp spell. In pvm it is best used to take advantage of the 2nd power turn, enabling you to use more ap for damage while the spell is active. The poor agi caps of iops only further exaggerates the effectiveness of power, and you will want to use precip to exploit that. Intimidation's use is largely based on team composition and strategy. Useful for positioning things in aoes, but it is up to you whether you need it leveled to 6. Good for keeping things away, but keeping things away may not be that useful to you.
  6. Xak

    Post your goals and achievements

    You can't get it the first time through count, so at least part of it wasn't misleading.
  7. Xak

    Int Iops in pvp

    you win the championship belt!
  8. Xak

    Int Iops in pvp

    This isn't really a fair criticism. There have been plenty of times in recent dofus history where "1 spell" was in fact OP, and there wasn't a viable defense against it. I don't think Joim has met the burden of proof needed to demonstrate that precip is "OP" and not merely strong, but a complaint about a spell isn't, in and of itself, demonstrating a lack of maturity or a need to "get better."
  9. Xak

    Int Iops in pvp

    All lies! I'm hybrid, thread is about int iops! But you are exactly right. I use precip only when I believe I can finish off, or my allies will be able to finish off the character before its/healers/fecas turn. If you go back to the iop dev blog when they gave us precip, the spell is working as intended. There are some spell/turn plays available to me as hybrid that are not very good for pure int iops. I also don't think I am the target of this thread. I am a full exod/turq/ochre char through frig 3 facing inferior geared opponents. Right now, frig 3 gear alone makes people seem Op. Screw you Eith! Your wrath sucks!
  10. Xak

    Int Iops in pvp

    I don't understand this... are you planning on passing your next turn? SS has 5 range... Iop is now an 8/3 iop because of your soothe, and you have a UP out... This is also assuming a viable 12/6 int iop set. I mean, are you saying a 12/6 character shouldn't have an advantage vs. 10/5 or whatever you are? I don't mean to suggest Iops are not strong in pvp, but your point is essentially that an Iop does enough damage with only 8ap that you can't possibly win. @Joim: Ochre's exos are the exception? Are you complaining about Iops without ochres/turqs/exos or are you just losing to better geared opponents? What server is so young that you can't make your own exo's or hunt your own ochre? Kwakwa isn't exactly a difficulty prohibitive dungeon. If the int damage of the Iop is so threatening to you and your team, might I suggest oh... an int croum? oh, server too new... how about an int res bwak? I don't like playing against xelors, so I made ap res trophies. I don't like dying to wrath, so I made earth res bwak/croums. Pvp is an adaptive thing. You build against the largest threat. For a long time, Iops damage wasn't that exceptional when everyone could cc everyone else relatively equally. Now they shine in damage but they still dont do much else. Map manipulation is a bit exaggerated here. The burst damage capacity of Iops is as related to Power as it is Precipitation. The value of precipitation is not the most damage the iop does with 4 ap on a precip turn, but the least damage. I assume they wouldn't choose 2 leek pie, for example, over fate when absent the 4 ap. The only time i can think of fate REQUIRING the last 4 ap is in conjuction with friction when the range only becomes available on the last cast. But then its a 2 ap friction +3ap spell, vs. 5ap jump and -15/18% to the remainder of the ap used.
  11. Xak

    What do you want in a guild?

    While a search function would be useful... You can just click the heading above the names and alphabetize the list. All the colums are sortable, in fact.
  12. Xak

    Int Iops in pvp

    Uh... more than a little exaggeration here. Duel hits 30% and 33% of eroded hp. to hit 1.5k with 33% (the low end of your range and the top end of the spell), you'd have to have lost 4,500 off your max hp... so MAYBE a sac can go from 5500 down to 1000 max... but I don't think duel is the problem at that point...
  13. Xak

    Shika Picture Pwnage Thread!

    [/url] This was hard. Eith can attest. No piwin cheating, or other pet bonus. no special stat reset. Normal gear... many but not all crits.
  14. Xak

    B> AP maged Kringlove

    You should be a little more specific. "perfect stats" means different things to different people. Is it for an eni and needs the heals? or for a non-eni and just needs the damage stats?

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