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  1. What the shit. That is so sick
  2. I have two of these for sale which I overmaged pre-nerf. I don't have the full stats to hand, but they are both excellent pre-nerf event belt overmages. 40+ int 40+ cha 20wis 8 damages 8% crits 2 range I don't really know what these OP pre nerf items go for, but I'm thinking 2mk each is probably fair? I also have one with only 1 range, but still has the other great stats, including 8% crits. Perhaps 1mk for that one? Let me know if you have any guidance as to what these might sell for and if I'm pricing horribly cheaply
  3. Will probably get told off for posting this without a price! I'm a bit new to this game again after being out for so long, so I made this! After making it I'm thinking I could improve a lot more by taking the kamas and improving across my set. So, I guess the sale depends on if it's worthwhile doing so! If anyone could give a guideline price for what I could get, that would be most appreciated too.
  4. Well that is dissappointing, I would have tried harder
  5. So, haven't played in almost 10 years, decided to sub a month for the lulz and see how things have changed. Well one way Dofus has changed is that my equipment is ludicrously outdated, and my somewhat groundbreaking 12ap 6mp set is commonplace. Maging was always a passion of mine, so I decided to have a play with a cape that I think looks good for a cra? (I could be wrong - old skool pro / new skool noob). It's gone well, I think? But I am half expecting a complete slating for one glaring omission. The next question is which trans rune to chuck on... that's a thing right?
  6. ane ane ane ane obsane come back with a new cra Anetoly?!

  7. Its just that my eyes are so firmly fixated on you <3

  8. I feel like someone is watching us! O.o

  9. I need to set up a tape recorder in my room to find out if I actualy ever really sing in my sleep! I think you tell lies :p

  10. My sleepy singer.


  11. Heya lover! *stalks* missing you <3

  12. Do something with your guild


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      Been a while old friend. Hit us up on mono server Ilyzaelle if you still read this and are keen to check it out again. A lot of the old crew returned during Covid. 
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