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  1. Yet Another New Guy

    It's been a bit since I played... but from what I remember Fecas were practically useless in terms of offensive abilities. They are full on support/tanks. Their glyphs are nice (and can do *okay* damage if built that way), and provide you with lots of tools to keep people locked up or otherwise focused on you. Your job then is to face-tank the whatevers until your team blasts it down (preferably from afar... ranged classes really seemed to shine in Wakfu). Personally I ran an Eni/Feca/Cra team (via heroes). Locking with Feca, healing up/dmging with Eni, and blasting with Cra; There wasn't much to stand in the way with level appropriate mobs. TL/DR: - Tank up, take those hits, smash those -MP, -AP, -DMG utilities, and let your team do the Damage work.
  2. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    What I Have Acct1: 200 Sram Int/Str/Agi (in order of most to least points in element) Acct2: Options: 18x Masq, 17x Eni, 18x Enu, 18x Rogue, 16x Sadi, 14x Sac, ~ some other nooblets in the 150ish range What I Want Number of New Accts: 0 Goal: Fun PvM farming (F3 is about as high as I *care* to go, but a Dimension or two wouldn't hurt :) ), using one/both of them in the casual Kolo / PvP setting would be nice as well. Leaning Toward: I haven't tried one except in very low levels, but I'm thinking about finally trying an Elio. Was thinking of either completely raising a new one, which wouldn't take too much time. Or trying a new one out long enough to get the hang of it and then class changing my Masq. She's sadly not quite as useful as she used to be it seems. Any suggestions on this combo would be much appreciated!
  3. I'm attempting to build a new character, a Sram specifically. I've only got my Int gear from my Feca and I think I've push Intel Sram to about it's limit, haha. Would anyone happen to have a Str/Int or Str/Agi set (level 199) they could loan me to test on Poutch or Dopples by chance? :) I've found that requesting similar assistance in-game gets the term "scammer" thrown around at you quite often. Yeesh. Either way - any assistance is much appreciated. :)
  4. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Hey all... building up a Sram and not quite sure which way to go with him. All help is appreciated. :) Class: Sram Build: Looking at Str/Int, but Tri-brid is acceptable Kamas/time available: No exo's or crazy Dofi Current team: Solo. Will eventually pair with Agi Rogue once I figure out the tactics. Lvl range: 199 Extra comments: New-ish to Sram, but I've played around on the Beta server. Loving the "sneaky kill kill" behind str/int. 11/5 is needed 11/6 is preferred if possible. Also any tips/hints and tricks would be much appreciated! :) PvP or PvM oriented: Predominately PvE and a little PvP
  5. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Bump-a-lump? Still super open to suggestions. :D
  6. Gear advice needed

    All good man! Got all kinds of stickies to help people out. Just makes it easier to search if someone is looking for the same thing you requested already. :)
  7. Gear advice needed

    What Gear Should I Use? :rolleyes:
  8. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Heya all! I'm in a Dofus mode again. I've found I go through moods where I play steady for a month or two, then drop for a bit. I bounce back and forth. I've decided that instead of playing for true efficiency it's more important to play for fun now-a-days. That being said.... What I Have Acct1: Int Feca - Level 199.6 (Hey.. the .6 totally counts, right? =P ) Acct2: I have several 150+ chars (Panda, Masq, Cra, Sadi, Eni, Enu, Iop, Sac). I play a second occasionally when I actually want to do some EXP'ing or Dungeon'ing. What I Want Number of New Accts: 0 Goal: I'm shooting for a fun build that's mainly PvM, but can be fun PvP character. I'm *not* looking to be a PvP powerhouse by any means. I don't have the patience for that, haha! Leaning Toward: I'm looking at either changing the feca build, or doing some class with a similar build. I'm looking at Str/Int, as that would give me MP/AP, and some decent range/damage options. If I go the Str/Int route, Srams are looking particularly interesting. I've never played a Sram past level 40 or so... so a sudden jump to 199 or something would be drastic, but probably extremely fun! Extra Comments: I am okay with some class changes. At this point, I have a decent job and am more willing to spent 40-50 bucks than spend a month or two of my time leveling and gearing a char to where I'd like it. I'd prefer fun more so than grindy, grind, grind. So these are viable options. I'm open to any suggestions! :D Side note, when duo-ing, I'm very prone to duo with my 180+ Masq or Eni. So if it meshes well with them, even better! Looking forward to suggestions ladies & gents. Thanks in advance. - Trentus Edit: Also, started looking around at sets. I know this isn't the "set" forum, but for reference this is kind of what I'm looking at for either Str/Int Feca or Sram: Click
  9. Long Break & New Start

    Hiya again Imps, It's been a while. I'm not sure why I decided to relapse and pick the game back up again, but I have. And so much has changed! Just as a little background, I started quitting back when Rogue's and Masq's came around. Decided to stick around long enough to try those out. Everything after? Hit and miss. I've played a couple days here, a couple days there - but nothing consistent in... at least 3 years. I'm not looking to get back into it hardcore, but I do have some more free time now, and I wanted to see what all it offered. I've re-subbed and played around a bit. I've practically always main'ed a Intel Feca. I'm not sure why, but they always stuck with me - even back in the days of lvl 70+ Feca's being able to solo Moon! (Long and tedious but rewarding by the way, haha). I'm coming at the game as if it's new again - looking to start fresh or at least semi-fresh. I'm not brave enough to do like some others, sell all my things, bank all the cash and start from square one. I've found that the Feca's new spells are... not exactly how I preferred my play. They're still fun sure - but I feel like it's time I branch out. I've played most other classes past 100 at least, and quite a few to 150. Those may have changes as well though. So my question to you all is this: With the addition of the new class change feature, I feel like I can give this Feca a fresh start - maybe try a new class. I mean heck, worst case scenario is I change him back! But I'm not sure what would be a good choice now-a-days? I'm a primarily solo player. If I get the whim, I'll sub one or two other accounts, but that isn't often. Any and all suggestions/information/guidance will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance, lovely Imps-people, Trentus
  10. Long Break & New Start

    They definitely look interesting. I may make a baby one and level it up to mid 40's-50's to see if I like the play style before I commit a lvl 199 class change to it. Are they suitable as a solo/duo? I plan on pairing whatever the main class is with an Eni or some support class that I have semi-leveled.
  11. Long Break & New Start

    Awesome - thanks for the recommendations! This could be interesting.. as I've never really played a Rogue or an Eli. Iop and Panda I'm *mostly* familiar with. I've looked up some videos... looks like Elio's are kind of a big bag of tricks. A few heals, massive pain, and some map manipulation. They look a bit confusing to master however - are they as complex as they look?
  12. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Hiya all, Thanks in advance for any help / answers. :) What I Have Acct1: Int Feca (199) Acct2: I have multiple characters that I could play - but I used to try the whole "8 man everything" so now I have an overwhelming amount of things to pick from... and it's "option paralysis". Most are 150+ and decently geared, so I can work with them. Or change their class *shrugs* What I Want Number of New Accts: 0-1 Goal: I'm rejoining the game after a LONG hiatus. The game has changed quite a bit, and I'm not 100% sure I know what to try anymore. I'm wanting to only do 2, to have something to farm / level with. I'm also fine changing the build / class of my Feca as well. They've become a little.. weird to play - so I'm willing to give it up I suppose. Leaning Toward: I'm not sure here. Masqs have always seemed fun to me - so I could play one again I believe. But I have no clue if they're fine solo, or have good synergy with something. I'm in need of advice here. I've never truly played around with Rogues, Xelors, Elios, Foggers, or Srams. I'm willing to try if someone thinks they may be fun / synergize well. Again - thanks! Trentus
  13. Long Break & New Start

    I'll definitely try 2 to get me started, thanks! :) I know Eni+basically anything used to be a decent combo. Are there particular duo crews that seem to synergize better now-a-days? I'm open to ideas. I have some accounts I could use, or I could switch classes with my Feca (199 currently). I'm not necessarily looking for the biggest, baddest, and strongest - but just something that synergizes well, does decently in fights, and is fun to play :D
  14. Long Break & New Start

    Thanks, guys, for the information. I could try Str or Cha. I know I've used backlash before and seemed to like it. The range / direction is a bit odd now it seems - but I could make it work. Elio's... I've never even touched. I haven't a clue how to play one or how to build them - but that could be a good thing. Brand new, fresh start. I have to agree on the Masq's - I came back for a month or two at one point and built one up to 180ish. Loved it for sure. Sacriers are another interesting choice. I've played one to about.. 114 or so? But nothing much past that. It'd be interesting to see how well they play at high levels. So - is the solo player game now as bleak as Shingun states? I know I used to be able to do solo quite well, but sadly I'm not much of a PvP'er. If PvP is the vast majority that the game has to offer solo-player I may *have* to sub another account to play with. What's the minimum number of accounts people can really get away with now-a-days? I know the dungeon system has changed quite a bit to scale with you, so it doesn't look like dungeon runners *need* 8 anymore. Thankfully! :D
  15. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    What I Have Acct1: Lvl 199 Intel Feca What I Want Number of New Accts: 0 Goal: Just coming back into the game. Wanting some single character fun and maybe dinging lvl 200 with it. Leaning Toward: Changing my Char's class to some new char, since this is now an option. I'm looking for opinions on characters that are fun to play. I've played Feca, Eni, and Masq mainly, with a small sprinkle for Enu. Extra Comments: I'm trying to find a way to re-invigorate this game for me. It's addictive, even after a long hiatus. I'm hoping to ding to 200, and then maybe my Dofus addiction will be sated. Haha. Any suggestions are appreciated. :)
  16. The "What gear should I use" thread

    I'll just leave this here. :)
  17. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    What I Have Acct1: Lvl 199 Int/Wis Feca (I have multiple accounts, with some chars already leveled: Enu, Eni, Masq, Eca, Iop, Panda, Fogger, Osa... etc, but I'm more interested about the opinions here) What I Want Number of New Accts: Just 1 Goal: I want a character that will sync up well with my Feca - however I'm looking for some insight into the next update as well. I haven't played much of the Beta, so I'm hoping those who have could provide me some insight into what might "pair" well with a Feca. I'd like to be able to XP in decent places - I want to go ahead and ding 200 on the Feca. Leaning Toward: I'm looking at something with knock back that may be able to work with the glyphs: possibly a Masq or a Sram. Extra Comments: I'll take any and all suggestions for pairing. I'll be powerleveling whatever character is decided upon to at least 150 before I start using it for actual fights. Normal / Semi Expensive gear shouldn't be a problem. Exo's and the like however - bleh. Thanks in advance for any suggestions :)
  18. 160 Group PvP/Kollosium Setup For Osa~

    2AP, 1MP Gelano? Overlooked that eh? - Also this build depends almost entirely on summons for damage. Remove the extra AP on the gelano, put on a MP DT and Jackanapes to get you a legit 11/5 set up - Still have extra slots and all for trophies.
  19. 160 Group PvP/Kollosium Setup For Osa~

    Dofusbook seems to be down (at least for me at the moment). I don't know how well the set will actually play out because I'd need to look at the stats, however here's the gist: Set: SO Set - 8 AP/5MP AP/MP Gelano - 9 AP/6MP Xyothine Wand - Decent hits from a distance Armoured DT Dofi / Trophies: Ochre - 10AP/6MP Jackanapes - 11 AP/5MP Ice Dofus Crimson Dofus Major Fire Wrecker Fire Wrecker Turq Dofus This should be an 11/5 set up that will give you decent vit (2.5k just from SO - 101 from scrolling, and 150~ from Wand (can change DT to get more since it's not quite 3k), decent +%dmg, sadly though - not sure about the summons. I don't remember any of those pieces having +summons. Damage from Ghostly should be decent though at range, and nice from Punch up close. Disclaimer: This is just the first thing that came to mind and I don't have DB access at the moment to verify if it is at all decent - don't throw things if its blah! Edit: Finally worked: http://www.dofusbook.net/perso/FecaForLife/Osa-1.html - meets some, but not all of the criteria. (Summons/Linear Res is kinda meh)
  20. Starting New...Again

    Don't let people fool you. Intel can have decent damage as well. Yes it takes a bit longer to get there and the numbers don't quite match up to that of a Str or Cha Feca. But I maintain that Intel Fecas are still much better for PvM. (PvP It's Str or Cha no contest). Any of the builds can have decent AP/MP Glyphs - however you are only going to be doing any sort of AoE damage with Burning or Aggressive. On Spells: -Your Shields are your lifeline. At lower levels they can (and often times do) block any and ALL incoming damage. Which is extremely nice. - Reinforced Protection - Honestly I wouldn't bother unless you are just using a Stat-Weapon. I only use it on my Leeching Chars who use Stat Weapons to give them a boost. And 15 SP for a 5% difference in shields doesn't seem efficient to me. I just use Feca's Shield if I need big resists. - Glyph of Blindness and Paralyzing Glyph are a must. However I would hold off on leveling Blindness until you're around the 150's - until then (unless you're full wis) you won't see enough of its affects to make it useful. - Burning Glyph and Aggressive Glyph - Obvious choices for an intelligence build. The cooldown period on Lvl 6 is nice. You can MP something and lay down 2 Burning glyphs before they get to leave it :D - Teleportation is an absolute life saver. Last ditch effort to get away OR get closer to allies, or rush into battle... it does it all. - Immunity, Truce, and Spell Rebound - a lot of people say these are 'staple' spells for a Feca. That isn't the way I see them. To me they are the "last ditch effort to save this character" spells. They are EXTREMELY nice... but in my experience very situational. I would level them all in a heartbeat but there are other spells that require attention. - Backlash - I would say every Feca needs this leveled regardless simple to have either a nice hard-hitting spell as Str or a still decently hitting close range spell as Cha/Int. It is extremely useful if you find something that is Fire resistant. - Natural Attack - Not going to lie - this spell isn't that great. It hits okay and can be nice if you have 1/2 on all your spells. As an Intel Feca you'll be needing it - otherwise don't bother. - Blindness - Another one of those spells than can be extremely useful, but unless you are running Cha/Str Feca you probably won't have the amount of points to put into as you would like. This hits about the same as Natural Attack - but sadly is only 1 cast per char per turn. Lvl 6 this and it SHINES though. - Glyph of Repulsion - Very nice spell, but very situational. I normally only cast it when/if I'm surrounded and the mobs are too dumb to move. It's only 2 AP for a nice 400ish damage to 4 different mobs. Definitely leave at lvl 1 until you get to a much higher level OR you have extra spell points - Fraction - Another nice spell - lets you share damage with all allies, up to 5 if you are in the center. Can effectively cut the damage and all team members take. Depends on how often you need it how high you should level it - personally I leave it at 5. To Recap: Base Intel Spells Needed: - Aggressive Glyph - Natural Attack - All Armors - Glyph of Blindness - Paralyzing Glyph - Backlash (for some versatility) - Burning Glyph - Teleportation - Fraction Base Spells For Str / Cha: - Glyph of Blindness - Paralyzing Glyph - All Armors - Blindness (Str) / Bubble (Cha) - Backlash (Str) / Cloudy Attack (Cha) - Feca Shield - Teleportation - Fraction x - Natural Attack (this is ONLY if you want to add some versatility) otherwise leave it. Edit: Don't forget Weapon Skill! Again - this is all just my opinion and what I've gathered from the experience of playing a Feca. If you want to hit me up in game (says you're on Rushu :ph34r: ) then feel free! - Trentus
  21. Osa Vs Fogger In My Team

    Hello all, The Set Up: I'm stopping by just to get some opinions and see if I can get some different perspectives on my current set up. I run a 4-man team at the moment: 199 Feca (Int) 15x Cra (Currently Int -> Would like Agi/Cha in the 160's with Mopy and Str/Agi during the 190's with Fuji) 12x Leech Masq (Will be some form of Str hybrid, either Str/Agi or Str/Cha) 12x Leech Fogger The Situation: So, I currently run the above chars. I absolutely love my Feca, and have re-grown my attachment to Cras. The Masq seems useful even as a leech - with full wis pumped it can cast shields for a few hundred HP, deal out decent damage even with no stats (can get around 750-800 dmg with a nice buff and a near-by wall ;]) And then there's the Fogger...The Fogger is interesting to play and I can use the turrets as meat shields at times. Tacturret is extremely situational and ends up screwing me up more often than not. The only real benefit I've gotten from the Fogger is the Evolution 150% power boost, and fairly nice heals from the LifeSaver when it is close by. (Please if someone can instruct me on how to make the Fogger more team-worthy in PvM please tell me). The Question: Get on with it, right? Yeah yeah. =P I was considering dropping the Fogger and replacing it with an Osa. I've seen Osa's heal, do damage, and summon armies. I know I won't be able to heal as much as with the Fogger's LifeSaver + Special Spell but at the same time, the Osa's heals are more flexible. Damage wise - it seems by summons alone an Osa would have more damage output than my Fogger currently does. Also, in terms of buffs - Osa seems to be the obvious winner. What am I losing? Map manipulation - but this is made up for in part by the Masq's knockbacks and the Cra's pushing spells. So - may I get some Osa Vs Fogger opinions on which would make more sense in my current set up? (Trying to see something new here that maybe I overlooked. Should I keep going with the Fogger and explore more, higher level, opportunities or is it more of the same?) Side Note: These characters will be used 99.9% of the time for PvM, I only sometimes get a wild hair to go PvP - lose or win 3 matches and then quit until a few weeks later. So you can disregard the PvP aspects of any possible 3-man team set up. As always - Thank you in advance, Trentus
  22. Osa Vs Fogger In My Team

    No replies yet :( Update: I made an Osa and leveled it to around 50 last night - so I'll try and get it to 100 over the weekend to determine which seems more useful. However they are on the same account - so one of them (unless I tie their level) will always have x2 xp! Woot :) Echo echo echo....
  23. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Cra Build: Cha OR Agi (or a hybrid) Kamas/time available: Can't afford exo's or expensive Dofi but most gear should be fine. Current team: 199 Int Feca, 1xx Leech Str Masq, 1xx Leech Fogger (element undecided) Lvl range: Currently level 154 - working towards Mopy Set Extra comments: Trying to find a build/set that will work well with the team I have - thinking 2 int chars, or 2 str (possibly 3 with fog) would be overkill. (Also taking suggestions on Fogger :] ) PvP or PvM: Strictly PvM for now - thinking PvP in the 190's. Thanks in advance for any advice and help! - Trent
  24. Tips to do challenges

    A thing to note about 2 for the price of 1: If using Traps or Glyphs the mob must die on its own turn. The player cannot push it into a trap and kill it or it will fail the challenge. Unpredictable: Indirect damage: glyphs and traps and such will ignore this challenge as well as it does not die on a character's turn but the mob's. Statue: You *can* move on this one, as long as you return to your original spot. Friendlies (or enemies) can also push you around the map as well. (Some people I've met actually think you have to stay in the exact same spot and not use a single MP the entire fight.) Survivor: All about the set up. Sometimes it's unavoidable. If leeching *always* start with leeching chars the farthest from actual mobs as possible. Impertienence: Check to see if the next closest mob is close enough to run to before killing the one next to you, if not tank it for a round and let them come closer. I've messed myself up plenty by not checking first. Those are the ones I've seen people have trouble with outside the norm (untouchable, etc). To some that'll be common knowledge, may help others. Either way - good thread. :) - Trent
  25. Hello all, Long time no see! I've gotten a bit of a break lately and have decided that I would like to try and get back into Dofus. The only problem is - I have no clue what roles Fecas can truly play now-a-days. When I left the "norm" was still to do a straight intelligence Feca, shield up and glyph like hell. I see that with the new spell additions, and the removal of weapon/class bonuses there are more viable builds. I've never deviated from my cookie-cutter intel build really, but I would like to try. So I would like to ask for suggestions on builds, characteristics, spells, gear - anything and everything. I don't expect people to go and throw sets together and do all the work for me - but rather to lead me in a helpful direction! Maybe give me some ideas on your experiences with alternate build Fecas? I would love to hear them. :) Note: I'm also curious about PvP since the addition of Kolo (yeah, it's been a while... x_x ) - so I'm wondering how these alternate builds hold up there as well. Any info is much appreciated, Trent