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  1. Man you're hot we should totally hook up. Call me.

  2. Geez, didn't need to quit to not to tell me the name of that film. Anyways catch ya later brosephine.
  3. trololol de lol de lmao roflcoptor###hash#!11

  4. Can't remember if I've ever posted my mug around here, anyways I'm furthest on the right.
  5. Doubt you'll ever see this, but hey man happen to remember me :D?

  6. depends if you are a fan of a small population (lots and lots of yummy stars ^^) , not so much of a PvP scene but thats getting better all the time , and getting gear can be slow unless you can run frig XD

    but i love it here ^^

  7. Yeah I'm not too bad thanks, started uni last year which has been sweeet :) And playing on Zato very nice, I'm contemplating changing servers soon, would you recommend Zato?

  8. lol yea i do play, started again on zato about a year back xD

    i am pretty good, how ares you :D

  9. Nooooo way do you still play! It's been a while, how's it going :D?

  10. BPM! saw your name flash up for the fisrt time in AGES! wondering how you are and if you remember little old me :P (summonersupreme back in the day ;) )

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