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  1. winged-one

    Dofus not working after update/display issues

    Kill it with fire!!!! seriously, can't say anything just provided with that information...
  2. winged-one

    Transendence Runes

    to bad
  3. winged-one

    Transendence Runes

    can i 100% mage a non existant stat on a exo AP item?
  4. winged-one

    KillerSpirituel​​​​​​​ - Echo

    Don't share accounts.
  5. winged-one

    Darkness Is Upon Us

    +1 range?
  6. winged-one

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Having this: https://www.dofusplanner.com/uA7bK/ on my eni right now and loving it. Very different playstyle. Use offensive spells to heal your allies. Rocks! Loving it ! (yes, no need for heals at all, still very good!) Not even specced full int anymore, +815 int, cha, agi (200%dam). Chance and Agi spell are very good
  7. winged-one

    Infinite Dreams

    Not sure if i am going to like it
  8. winged-one

    Merchant [1,0] Kikn

    low quality stuff
  9. winged-one

    Post your goals and achievements

    Its a lot running around x)
  10. winged-one

    Al howin 2018 quest guide

    thank you!
  11. winged-one

    Al howin 2018 quest guide

    Anyone got a link with a guide trough those quests?
  12. winged-one


    I made an AP "Ambuckler" three weeks ago (~20try) and a AP "Seven Years of Bad Luck" (~112try) last week. Im not under the impression that anything got worse. (not even while regular maging, maged 3 parts Rhineetle, full Atcham and a Belt of the Unspeakable recently...)
  13. winged-one

    Overmage a negative stat to 0 == exotic mage?

    if its a bug its not about the item but the combination of stats
  14. Hello, i like to ask two questions: Is an overmage of a negative stat ( bubotron item -1 range to +/-0 range) the same like an exotic mage? If so, is it possible to have more than one exotic range or is it capped like its for AP and MP ? Thanks!
  15. winged-one

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    i am under the impression you like the german naming x)