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  1. winged-one

    Al howin 2018 quest guide

    thank you!
  2. winged-one

    Al howin 2018 quest guide

    Anyone got a link with a guide trough those quests?
  3. winged-one


    I made an AP "Ambuckler" three weeks ago (~20try) and a AP "Seven Years of Bad Luck" (~112try) last week. Im not under the impression that anything got worse. (not even while regular maging, maged 3 parts Rhineetle, full Atcham and a Belt of the Unspeakable recently...)
  4. winged-one

    Overmage a negative stat to 0 == exotic mage?

    if its a bug its not about the item but the combination of stats
  5. Hello, i like to ask two questions: Is an overmage of a negative stat ( bubotron item -1 range to +/-0 range) the same like an exotic mage? If so, is it possible to have more than one exotic range or is it capped like its for AP and MP ? Thanks!
  6. winged-one

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    i am under the impression you like the german naming x)
  7. winged-one

    Random Screenshots

    Efficient Paddok usage
  8. winged-one

    Help on Lavasmith Dofus Questchain ?

    Thanks again, this was very easy with your help Now i'm stuck at my very last quest fight, Krobe en bourg ( http://www.dofuspourlesnoobs.com/cimetiere-marin.html#quete6 ) Looks like i am unable to finish this with my four. I am lacking either controll or damage. Using sidekicks makes that Krobe-orb gain more Vit so its not a solution, unfortunately... (ankama, hasn't it been enough to make this fight in size of a group?...) Anyone at the same step that want to join me on this or maybe you again, Sicilian-Dragon ?
  9. Hey folks, i am looking for people who need to do the quest "beyond the cost", aka "AU-DELÀ DE LA CÔTE" from the Lavasmith Dofus questchain. http://www.dofuspourlesnoobs.com/au-dela-de-la-cote.html You need to fight 8 submerged ones by 3 waves. I need 4 slots. Anyone at the same step, wanting to do this together?
  10. winged-one

    How long does Dofus have left?

    Watch this: https://statofus.com/fr/ They are still developing their game. Right now it seems they are trying to jump on the E-Sports bandwagon. (i doubt dofus will ever succeed on this, please proof me wrong!) If stats from my link are right, its just the international community that is struggeling in population. Right now all servers seem to notice a loss at their playerbase. But than again, i don't know the source of these numbers. Surprisingly, dofus touch seems to be very successful. Taking a look at their current quest design (Brotherhood of the forgotten) i have to say i don't like their quest design. By far to many fights in this quests that have to be done solo (very hard) or with other NPCs (stupid AI - flower fight). If there is a fight achievable in a group its incredibly hard! (Beyound the coast, WTF?) I would really love seeing rare drops again that are taking advantage of prospecting. Thats the thrill this game needs and is keeping the dungeons populated.
  11. winged-one

    Trade rhinos

    Trading cross-gender Gen1 as well? (my females for your males)
  12. winged-one

    The official newbie question thread!

    Are you sure that you don't have any sorting filters active? Otherwise, do you share accounts?
  13. winged-one

    Acquring Piwi Pets

    - Red: [-3; -13] - Blue: [9, -28] - Green: [11, -11] - Yellow: [4, -22] - Rose: [5, -17] - Violet; [10 -20] one / account. You need to have some quests done, too. https://www.millenium.org/guide/309906.html
  14. winged-one

    Best idol meta

    not sure if its your link or dogusgo itself but the link doesn't work here