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  1. winged-one

    Anyone still playing?

    yeah, zaaps and mili are looking pretty much empty (again)
  2. winged-one


    even 64bit? settings -> 64bit(beta) i assume its 64bit wine...
  3. winged-one


    currently not working for me on linux, though x) (Dofus Client stalls @ 33% load)
  4. winged-one

    Let's discuss character progression in dofus.

    just copy/paste most things from the huge blizzard MMO and we're fine. (and yes, most things would fit here) No clue why Ankama is trying it the other way all these years, without success... Add random rare drops, make dungeons interesting again. The "grind" wasn't to bad, except the competition against bots that they was unable to handle, sadly... Remove level 199-200 XP gap, give us a level 400. Design new content around this, higher stats! PROGRESSION!. It doesn't matter if we one-shot gobbals again don't buff old crap to the top and annoy us to the ground x)
  5. winged-one

    Let's discuss character progression in dofus.

    Removing all the "hated" grind is a very bad concept.
  6. winged-one

    Echo or Mono

  7. winged-one

    Echo or Mono

    https://statofus.com/fr/Ilyzaelle vs https://statofus.com/fr/Echo good luck for your choice.
  8. winged-one

    Dofus not working after update/display issues [close]

    Kill it with fire!!!! seriously, can't say anything just provided with that information...
  9. winged-one

    Transendence Runes

    to bad
  10. winged-one

    Transendence Runes

    can i 100% mage a non existant stat on a exo AP item?
  11. winged-one

    KillerSpirituel​​​​​​​ - Echo

    Don't share accounts.
  12. winged-one

    Darkness Is Upon Us

    +1 range?
  13. winged-one

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Having this: https://www.dofusplanner.com/uA7bK/ on my eni right now and loving it. Very different playstyle. Use offensive spells to heal your allies. Rocks! Loving it ! (yes, no need for heals at all, still very good!) Not even specced full int anymore, +815 int, cha, agi (200%dam). Chance and Agi spell are very good
  14. winged-one

    Infinite Dreams

    Not sure if i am going to like it