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winged-one last won the day on April 3 2013

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  1. winged-one

    You can now check the amount of hours you played

    yeah, sure (i can imagine i got that that too when i substract mili- & zaap AFK-time from my /played )
  2. winged-one

    You can now check the amount of hours you played

    just 2 years total out of 10 years sub
  3. winged-one

    kralove openining

    I think this got simplified.
  4. winged-one

    2.47 Livestream

    Ok, beta is online. Armored DT are the same, no additional Vit. And there is really just one public paddock in Brakmar with 10 spaces. Wow, that is a huge change for breeders profit. (the ones not having access to guild paddocks)
  5. winged-one

    2.47 Livestream

    300 Vit all DTs? What about armored DTs? About the 1/day DTs... This reminds me of camping pandala for bulbig 10mk each soul !
  6. winged-one

    Breeding Mounts Changelog

    How many time until this is going life?
  7. winged-one

    Hey everyone !

    Welcome =)
  8. winged-one

    Breeding Revamp

    Oh? Didn't knew that, okay. Same for houses?
  9. winged-one

    Breeding Revamp

    tbh, i think the "instanced" amound of paddocks (including the "newer" ones @ koalak area added long time ago) is by far greather than the remaining playerbase... Just go and look arround how many paddocks are abadoned yet.
  10. winged-one

    Breeding Revamp

    i don't even get why they still bind paddocks to guilds. (and refuse to change it)
  11. winged-one

    Breeding Revamp

    Sry for getting back to this that late... You both are right, it didnt took me lot efford nor i am playing much these days. I can imagine that breeding was very hard for the beginning. For me it was just buying a matching couple of "pure repro" mounts (different mixes) and after some cycles (without exchanging into scrolls) it kind of exploded. Now its just one day for 40 mounts energy, stamina, love @ public without further invest. (max ~25 days to get them all ready + gestigation time (+ very annoying mating time ^^) I leveled all mounts from archievements, for that reason my chars are all only Omega ~60. I would be by far to lazy to level them the proper way, so my income is limited to mount cycles and remaining achievement XP to contribute... I think i can understad that it must have been pain in the a** to breed until a matching pair of pure 10th gen mounts. So, with this very limited point of my view i can say MY EFFORDS compared to MY GAINS were unbalanced, so they are for others stepping into this from my staircase. I just wanted to show that seriously i didn't want to make you pro breeders upset. (you may flame other pro breeders selling breedable 10th gen pure repro couples, but thats a different story)
  12. winged-one

    Breeding Revamp

    I think this way of "income" is to far out of balance and i want this game to stay alive, i like this game. Sure, i currently profit from it, like i used to profit from bots (filling percs) or various other loopholes within all the years... Things needed to be balanced. When everybody stops playing this game because its balance is sucky, its not going to be fun for the remaining playerbase...
  13. winged-one

    Breeding Revamp

    I know. I just wanted to clarify for those who are not into breeding that it is possible to get more than 1000 mounts / mating period with just 4 accounts @ public paddock. That are 1000 Pscrolls @ AVG 30Mk (underpricing method all sold within 5 days) without any investment for breeding items but just 10 minutes of time / day. Thats > one year of sub ! Now imagine beeing a pro breeder. Its out of balance, they're right and need to change it. come on breeders, flame me :D
  14. winged-one

    Breeding Revamp

    250 mount limitation :D i am not even remotely a pro breeder nor do i use several characters on an account, just one. honestly, this system needs a change. (yeah, i profit a lot from it but its going out of balance) just for interest: can this go behind 999 ?
  15. winged-one

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    well, ok - i am rather casual now, looks like the game has changed more than i thought ;)
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