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  1. with that ring i would need a +20 turq indeed, and that is hard as hell on my server.. but thanks for the advice! (: well.. i heard just one element gets nerfed by the new weapon skill, and vampiric word is sexy as hell.. so i think its better cha/int than int/agi, but with cha/agi eniripsa wouldnt the healing suck hard? ppl tell me eniripsa's healing doesnt matter much in pvp but some say it does, im kinda confused with this version.. still learning xD
  2. can someone give me feedback about this set i made? http://www.dofusbook...bowincle-3.html i wasnt around since 1.29 and im fooling aroud with new equipments... i consider this my end-game cha/int set
  3. that with mush Ombrero and orchid/emerald so the +dmg max is 70 and % 100, but i guess he overmaged 3 in head band (: thats why "low" str/cha , 4 range.. around 38x wisdom (screwed i guess), 3.2k hp, max 44 crit with turq.. so 39 would be easy with a low turq... but this must be a hax mage.. in this set i could only get 170 int and 320 agi.. so thats it? ((:
  4. while you'r in full moo, wont you prefer gelano for 10 ap base?
  5. water maged toy would be interesting x)
  6. neither %air/fire/water (:
  7. go ahead, start flaming '-' (spirita, brasilian server )
  8. this is pure haxxines o;
  9. =o.. who said hes int enutrof?
  10. well post here you guys best hit and lvl :D
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