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  1. Oogie Betty Versus Osamodas

    I summon twice the first two turns - Crackler and Gob round 1, Wyrm and prespic round two. That lets me get situated to start the run around the middle circle fight. I do ghostly when she's out of range and PoC when she's up close. When she gets to close I use my fully leveled release to shove her away. I end with somewhere between 100 and 1000 hp depending on how lazy I get about shoving her. I did take off my turq. Crits don't really work against her.
  2. [official] Post Your Picture Topic!

    Aww Iva, I squint like that too...often. I'm too stubborn to get new glasses :S My boss makes fun of how close to my monitor I set at work. Sigh. Long live angry squinters!
  3. [official] Post Your Picture Topic!

    Iva...that's somehow exactly what I expected you to look like :lol:
  4. Ebony Sable's drawings and comics

    I think your most recent Eliatrope shows a big improvement over the last. I have zero artistic talent naturally and dont practice it at all. So more power to you for working at your hobby ^^ Looks like it's paying off!
  5. AoE weapons are pretty awesome :D
  6. I'm not sure I see how this fight took place in Brak. Pretty clearly the screenshot is from him in an Amakna ws. That being said, it's pretty hard for an osa to beat a sac in close quarters. Assuming Oak really did aggro Ryan, that was a pretty lame move on his part. If he didn't...well gg to Ryan for catching Oak on a map where he can pawn him. As for the rest of the arguement, keep it at least reasonably clean.
  7. I cant wait to get on tonight and level the guild some :D I have a new comp and new interwebs so bring it on guild xp!
  8. Yeah but Punch counts as at least 10 players... :o Well done Nick!
  9. Cleaned it up a little...this is a thread for owning pictures. You know, overcoming impossible odds that sort of thing...not for dragging people through the mud over a perc dispute. If you have a problem, take it up with the individual. If you want to discuss perc ethics in a non-accusatory way, do so in a seperate thread. Please and thank you and what not :lol:
  10. Amon, I hope you will not be upset over this :lol: I know that Odie has been trying to contact the various leaders of our formerly allied guilds online, but hasn't been successful in a lot of cases (because of timezone conflicts, etc). He posted this here both as a recruitment thread and as a way to contact former allies. I cannot speak for Odie, but I can say that I think removing a guild from the allies list was not intended as a slight to that guild or to say that we disrespected them. With the lack of new content and the fail of the prism system, members have been asking for a while to be able to do some more perc hunting. People are bored with the game and group pvp sparks people's passions about playing again (in some cases). The new allies list is a compromise between those who want to maintain alliances and those who would like to group pvp more often.
  11. Deleted some posts. Let's keep this thread on topic (HK's super awesome recruitment) and not veiled insults. Please and thank you and what not :)
  12. Najaw...thats pretty friggin funny :P
  13. Your funniest Dofus moments

    Note: we're in dreggon dungeon in every single one of those lol