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  1. Dofus 2.43

    Is what google translated
  2. Server Fusion

    RushuXL New RushuXL
  3. Kralove opening

    Somewhat making an attempt now if anyone wants to help Need 8 coral beach, 10 dark jungle, 11 grassy plains, 9 tree. No need for set class or gender now but you do get a shield!
  4. Kralove opening

    I'm down. I can bring 7, Got a couple friends who can probably bring 8 each soon. Doesn't look like there's anyone currently trying though..
  5. Dofus 2.39 Changelog

    Hmm interesting. Thanks!
  6. Dofus 2.39 Changelog

    Can't even get to the login screen so... Stuck on 56% in the client
  7. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    I'm not really understanding this much. Is there much of a market for this type of game? Why is it called dofus 3? It feels confusing if it's a separate game from dofus 2. Ankama seems to have lots of grans ideas but i really do question them on why i lot of the time.
  8. Got lost in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest and meanwhile your Iop died of hunger in the middle of the Kaliptus Forest? Good news: with the new 4 x 1 Week Subscription Pack, you don't have to let your game time slip by! Now available in the shop. Between your hikes up Kilimanjaro, the kitesurfing in Miami, and your treks through the forests of Brittany, we understand that it's difficult to find the time to head to the World of Twelve and rack up experience! And the worst part of all is that while you're out working on your tan, the days tick by, and your subscription time drains away... But that was then! Now, with the all-new 4 X 1 Week Subscription Pack, you can manage your game time the way you see fit, and not lose a single moment! Available as tokens, this new subscription model offers you 4 X 1 week that you can organize however you want, without losing a single day! Sold for 4,300 Ogrines or €6.50 in the shop, it's more flexible than the monthly plan and less expensive than getting the 7-day pack 4 times: just what our busier players need. During your vacations, DOFUS is adapting to your schedule. Enjoy! Offer good until Sunday, August 7th, at 23h59 (Paris Time). NOTICE: This flexible pack gives you 4 tokens, and each token grants you 1 subscription week. You can activate each token whenever you want by going to your gift interface.
  9. New part added just before the QA http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/devblog/tickets/528112-changes-experience-curve-200-levels
  10. Dofus 2.34 beta changelog

    The game servers have been updated today, 04/20/2016. Here is a list of the modifications to the Community Challenges system: The Stunned, Dismayed, and Disconcerted Tynrils can no longer be selected for Community Challenges. Incarnam monsters can no longer be selected for Community Challenges. The Dramak and Puppet Master monsters can no longer be selected for Community Challenges. The Malamoeba monster can no longer be selected for Community Challenges. It is no longer possible to associate a minimum size of a group of monsters requirement with the Gorgoyle monster. The Challenge and Idol incompatibilities for the Kolosso are correctly taken into account for the Professor Xa. The Challenge and Idol incompatibilities for the Tengu Snowfoux are correctly taken into account for the Foster Fuji Snowfoux. The Challenge and Idol incompatibilities for the Black Rat and the White Rat are correctly taken into account for the Sphincter Cell. The Hamrack monster can no longer be selected for Community Challenges. The following Divine Dimensions monsters can no longer be selected for Community Challenges: Precious, Drhellvina, Hairsh, Elsumo, Dethornit, Skemage, Segmantid, Siks-T, Wastrel, Itsh, Sucatrose, Queen of Fate. It is no longer possible to associate a minimum size of a group of monsters requirement with dungeon Bosses. It is no longer possible to require a number of different classes that is higher than the maximum number of characters allowed. It is no longer possible to associate a maximum number of turns requirement with the following monsters: the Krobe family, Vortex, and Catseye. The maximum group level requirement is now correctly taken into account when evaluating whether or not a Community Challenge has been successfully completed. Following these modifications, the Community Challenges that are deemed invalid have been automatically set to private (and thus cannot be seen in the Community Challenges list). There's also another community challenge patch happening right now too. Did they test these at all?
  11. Dofus 2.34 beta changelog

    Forbidden is now Chance.
  12. Eniripsa Reworking Devblog

    Wait, so no one else is wondering why they change forbidden word to Chance, then changed vampyric word to dazzling word? Was there a problem in just leaving the names as it is, even so it makes the transition a tiny bit better?
  13. Dofus Lab : 1st Project

    http://forum.dofus.com/en/1118-dofus-lab/321661-prototype-mini-map-directional-preview 2nd project.
  14. During the 2.27 update, the Smithmagic rune generation system was significantly modified. When the old stocks of runes began to disappear gradually, certain imbalances became more and more evident, and we decided to make several improvements to this system in version 2.31. Increased universal generation and upgrading of low- and medium-level itemsWe've increased the number of runes generated when items are broken, with low-level runes benefitting from a much greater increase. We wanted to make sure that all items produced more runes than they do currently. One of the main goals behind the rune generation system added in version 2.27 was to introduce a destruction vector for medium- and high-level items. We didn’t want rune production to be chiefly derived from low-level items that were crafted exclusively for the purpose of being broken to generate runes. However, these low-level items allow us to more easily shift the rune production system towards what is in demand when some runes become too scarce. Low- and medium-level items can be produced more easily and in larger quantities, but in return they have a limited number of effects. We think it is reasonable and more interesting if there is a point to breaking all items (whatever their level), and that it is worth giving players the means of redirecting rune production via items that are easier to produce and break. When there is a scarcity of resources in DOFUS, their prices increase and players have the option to adjust their activities in order to more specifically generate these missing resources (by focussing on a dungeon or a specific activity, for example). But since build 2.27, it has become too difficult to adjust production of specific runes when certain runes become too scarce. With build 2.31, we wanted to find a fair compromise between the option of shifting production of specific runes and the necessity of basing rune generation on every single in-game item (and not only on mass-produced low-level items). Nevertheless, the system will continue to work the way it does currently: low-level items that are produced and broken in too great a quantity (in comparison to other items) will gradually incur a penalty, which decreases the benefits of generating runes by mass-breaking them (all the while increasing the bonus gained from destroying other items). The graph below shows the coefficient applied to rune generation (y-axis) according to the item level (x-axis): The red curve represents the new rune generation formula (2.31) and the blue curve represents the old formula (2.27). Removal of Pa and Ra runes generated by breaking itemsBroken items will no longer generate Pa and Ra runes in 2.31. This change is necessary in order to prevent Pa and Ra runes from being generated in too great a quantity in the 2.31 patch, as overall rune generation has been greatly increased. In most cases, Pa and Ra runes and related basic runes are already produced in great enough quantities. Pa and Ra runes can, of course, be crafted from basic runes. Rune recyclingSmithmagic runes can be recycled from now on by using recyclers. This option is expected to give additional value to stockpiles of runes that have been accumulating gradually, while at the same time increasing the scope of the recycling system. In some cases, it may well be more profitable to craft an item, break it and recycle its runes than to craft an item in order to recycle it directly. Rune recycling wasn’t necessarily designed to be a profitable enterprise; above all, it exists as an opportunity for players to convert runes stockpiles that they don't want to use into another universal resource. Q & A Why not allow runes to be converted into other runes?Conversion of runes into other runes (transforming Strength runes into Critical runes, for example) is a possibility we already considered, and we acknowledge that it would have some benefits. For example, it would guarantee constant availability of every rune, and price relationships between runes would become fixed (primarily determined by the conversion rates between runes). But this isn’t the way we want things to work in DOFUS. The game features a dynamic economy and the prices of items are governed by supply and demand. We felt a rune conversion system would be too rigid because the price of runes would no longer depend directly on their demand, which can change over time based on the introduction of new items in game or simply the importance that players attribute to the different effect attributes of these items. When an effect is particularly sought after by players (elemental resistance in %, for example), it felt natural to us that the price of runes with such effects would be higher and that the price of less popular runes would be lower. The most valued items of the moment are generally more expensive because the demand for them exceeds the supply. We believe that a similar principle ought to apply to the majority of the items in game, and especially to runes. Conversion of runes to other runes is not an option we would definitively rule out, but we prefer to put forward other systems that are more in line with our vision of the economic system in DOFUS. Why don’t you change the generation formulas more often?The rune generation system is entirely governed by the players, so their actions have a significant impact on this system. When a shortage (or surplus) occurs, we felt it was reasonable to wait for a certain amount of time in order to observe how the community would react and if these reactions would achieve a satisfactory balance. We couldn’t allow ourselves to react too quickly to imbalances in rune availability, since the economic system of the game was designed to let players regulate some of these imbalances themselves. Before build 2.31, the tools allowing players to react to shortages (shifting production) or overproduction (transforming runes via recycling) weren’t efficient enough or even available, which is why we are strengthening or introducing these tools in build 2.31. We will continue to observe how the community reacts to developments in the price of runes.