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  1. I see you have the same kind of life to me. :D Thanks guys. I might go for that also then.
  2. So my nub Sram is lvl 22 now on Iz but is it really a good idea to stay there? If it remains more or less impossible to log in in the evening hours and potentially weekends, makes me wonder if it isn't a bit wasted.
  3. So I created a character but haven’t subbed yet. Will see whether I’ll enjoy it for long enough. Sram by the name of Tagor
  4. Tagor

    Solo player server launching in October

    You can restrict that by requiring a copy of a mobile phone contract as proof. Would be rather indiscreet but plausible. Then allow only credit card payments that match the name of the phone contract ... It really is more a question of how far they are prepared to go.
  5. Tagor

    General class advice thread!

    Sacrier these days ... Hi folks. Just had a tinker with a few classes after a rather very long absence and many things have changed. One of the classes that perplexed me is the Sacrier. The class now also has low soft caps and there aren't really any spells like the old punishments to raise the stats. So do you still just put all points into Vit or do you choose an element and perhaps put the surplus after 3:1 into Vit? Thanks
  6. I might actually come back for this one but haven't decided yet. Having run (and paid for) my 8-character team for years, I eventually just ran out of steam to still find it appealing. It was too much stress. Not having the option to multi may make the game actually more enjoyable again.
  7. Tagor

    Huppermage changes in 2.34

    I did Crackler Dungeon and Ancestral Treechnid Duo and First with a sidekick earlier this week with my Agi/Int Huppermage, level 132 and 139 respectively at the time. In both cases the sidekick (Rex) didn't really do much to decide the outcome of the fight. So it is a formidable class in solo fights. Will be interesting to see how these changes will play out.
  8. Tagor

    Huppermage changes in 2.34

    One does just fine. You are better off combining it with some other class to make up for the shortfalls. At least below lvl 100 they are very powerful. Mine is Int/agi, which I suppose is a mean combination for draining AP. Cha/str would be the choice for MP drain. Anyway, levelling this class solo is actually quite neat, as it can take on quite mean opponents. Currently churning my way through the dungeon quests and 'stuck' at Larva, as I will need to find time to recruit a second player or sub another character (or did they change it to no longer require two players?).
  9. Tagor

    Huppermage changes in 2.34

    Ya, I just went back there and noticed that also. :lol: Thank you
  10. Tagor

    Huppermage changes in 2.34

    Is it possible that the mission "Devotion to Krosmic Balance" broken is? It doesn't appear to be possible to get acknowledgement for reading the temple book. :O
  11. Tagor

    How to fast level proffessions?

    To level many professions, you should get yourself Miner and Lumberjack to 100. Miner is easy enough, LJ is a bit more tedious. But with these two covered, you can easily get any smithing prof levelled. Shoemaker and Tailor are a bit more of a challenge, as you will need to drop a lot of resources or buy them.
  12. Tagor

    Post your goals and achievements

    Was too tired to make a screenshot but I levelled professions yesterday until I cried ... (in case somebody wonders, as I have all these profs 100 on Shika already, this is on Zato, levelling my newbs.) Wand Carver lvl 91-100 Dagger Smith lvl 60-96 (ran out of Bauxite) Shovel Smith lvl 60-74 (ran out of Cherry) Sword Smith lvl 60-88 (ran out of time and will to live) Tailor lvl 12-26 :D (could not motivate myself to prepare and hunt more piwis) I was hoping for more but the new rune crushing system is such a pain because you can't get any runes out of your crafts anymore and selling to NPC has to be done one at a time. I hope that genius who thought about the change in obtaining runes will come up with a change to levelling magus and selling to NPC. :s Anyway, while I did not manage to get through all the resources that I had gathered for this day, I made some good progress towards world domination.
  13. Tagor

    A Big Cube, a Li'l Cube

    If I remember correctly, you have to beat the Royal Ping, i.e., do the dungeon, to complete the quest.