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Everything posted by boomyshoe

  1. play dis serv w me fkr
  2. Dunno if many people are left who may remember me, but my hometown sux and I have nothing to do til I go back to college so I thought Heroic Server may be an interesting pastime. Any of my old acquaintances interested in joining me? yo ma dokiz
  3. helo r u stil dofuz?


  4. Dear lord, where did you get that Hobo?
  5. Except out dated guides?
  6. Hahaha wooooow. I have never met another person who knew about this band/song :o
  7. I'm quite offended. No really.
  8. plai solr or heroik wif mi

  9. You forgot to post the funny part I think
  10. yoh EFG u mus play heroic servur n join mi guld :)

  11. u alrdi tel mi that _-

  12. Isn't it resource heavy though?
  13. Tell me about it.

  14. dod luk at mi ;awcat

  15. 10/10 I've always loved your sig. It rocks.
  16. no srs who iz et

  17. b>lich .........:'(

  18. Who is that girl you are hugging?

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