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  1. Kyffles

    Dofus Advent Calendar

    It just says that the code has already been used for me. :/
  2. Kyffles

    Your Dofus Nickname

  3. Kyffles

    Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    The bwak egg nerf will RUIN dofus.
  4. Kyffles

    Sort of Goodbye

    Congratulations! <3
  5. Kyffles

    Monster Aggro Changes

    So then they did the opposite?????
  6. Kyffles

    Looking for a friends

    i'd say message me, but i hate everyone /w Sigarda if you want me to say mean things to you
  7. Needs perf resists. 10-20mk depending on how pretty it is.
  8. Kyffles

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: huppermage Build: agi/cha?? Idk, willing to try other things. Kamas/time available: 100mk, plenty of time. I have ochre, crimson and turq, planning to work on abyssal. Current team: panda, eni, cra Level: 200 PvM please. I need her to be my damage dealer. :3
  9. Kyffles

    Starting over

    Welcome back, old noob. (:
  10. Kyffles

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    https://www.dofusplanner.com/cZW5U/ That is what I am planning on using as soon as my cra hits 199, mostly because it is 90% stuff I had lying around. I was also too lazy to get that belt, so my cra will be wearing the tengu snow foux belt for an even cheaper option.
  11. Kyffles

    Mono-Account Servers

    Since Ankama are pulling new servers out of their ass every 5 minutes, I renamed the section Mono-Account Servers. All posts related to monoaccount servers are to go there, with the name of the server you are on in the thread title. Once things have settled down, we will split the servers and rename the sections as necessary.
  12. Kyffles

    accessing mono acc servers?

    Everyone is having trouble.
  13. Kyffles

    Ilyzaelle Server

    It appears Ankama set their servers on fire. I'll make the forums for the other single-account servers tomorrow, for now stick your non-Ilyzaelle threads in the other servers section.