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  1. Denniz

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    i've no clue what Heads or Tails does. It says it increases damage? But i've no idea how? or does it increase enemy damage?
  2. Denniz

    Any dofustese guide?

    Wish this cape give +300 element random. Now with cloudy it's way better for Cha/Agi characters.
  3. Denniz

    Any dofustese guide?

    Dam that cape is unrealo. is it possible to do it alone? like the turq/crimson quest etc.
  4. Denniz

    Osamodas Revamp

    i stop playing this game untill this aids gets a vaccin.
  5. Iphone SE is really small lol. But dam this looks like fun! Dofus without multi-accounting. i think this game will be big!
  6. Denniz

    Osamodas Revamp

    I cant handle 2 &(*(*& classes... Sadi and osa is to much. Xel is also (*&*&( but they atleast require some skill.
  7. Denniz

    Osamodas Revamp

    Osa nerf.
  8. Denniz

    Osamodas Revamp

    Seen some osa's at beta. What an aids class. Every 2 turns 700 selfheal? and a fatass tofu that pushes enemie 16 range away.
  9. I gave up after CB lol.
  10. Denniz

    2.36 beta changelog

    i wish you could make the "main" bar wider. so all spells/items would fit in.
  11. Denniz

    Pokemon Go

    To bad this game is made by a terrible company. Cant fix it? Delete it. pfff Game had so much potential.
  12. Denniz

    Timeless - goult scam

    what a sedkent