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  1. FalishaDark

    Suggestion on team for Catseye fight

    so would mp raping sadida and cra with feca, osa and panda work well? the gobballs help alot in it XD
  2. Hi! I was told to come here from a friend but I have no idea how Cateyes done and I am learning little by little on how to do this dungeon. The team I have is: 1. Sadida 200 Str/int/cha 2. Panda 200 str/int/cha 3. Feca 200 int/cha/agi 4. Cra 200 Omni 5. Ecaflip 199 int/cha/agi (formerly eni 6. Osa 200 Int/agi 7. Ouginak 187 Wis/cha/agi (Currently just a leech atm.) I seen this done mostly in trios like with enu/iop/eni/cra/elio/rogue and I know a few people who play these classes, but I want to try with my team with 4 or 5 loot. Is it even possible to get through this with a team of 4 of my chars or am I needing to change my whole strategy around?
  3. Farisha D<, John here :)

  4. Hey babe !! Its me i-got-time :D, see you around online sometime sweetheart.


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