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  1. So i got tired of being on ily and dealing with those wait times to get on so i'll be transferring my enu to Nevark already have a group of english speaking people planning to take over that server so feel free to message me in game. Zemro
  2. I'd believe that if it wasn't for the fact that i got disconnected from the server while in queue :,(
  3. So are we all going to try and force ourselfs into Ilyzaelle or try the server that isn't full?
  4. i went to sleep early just to hop on the new server before i went to work and its still on maintenance :(
  5. Just an update for you guys. Zato's population has gone up a bit more since my last post :p
  6. My ign is dejection or repforte on zato koch
  7. Well if you want to join active fun people let me know and i can get you a guild invite :D Better be prepared to give me teh vulbis Sacrive
  8. Obviously they don't count. you can take them off our hands if you'd like though :D
  9. There are actually more players than bots and now we've been doing xp hunts to assist new players so in your face lol
  10. You'll all see zato will make a comeback. And the people of zato won't transfer so once zato is up and running again you'll all come crawling back... hopefully.... please come back

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