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  1. Rozynski

    Name spells you miss!

    i kinda miss my old iop mutilation spell it worked soooo well with my Terps Hammer (so much self heal and overall damage) "2x! 850 damage and 200 heal) at level 124
  2. Rozynski

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    it sucks? hmmm i think it would work imo forgot about the 1 turn cd for swaping
  3. Rozynski

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    enu masq eca - interesting team combo and good job on your wins i always wanted to test a "sac iop iop" combo - ( sac coops first than 2 iops finishes the enemie "using spell duel so he wont run away" ) so you win fast or you lose fast sucks that you cant use duel on first turn anymore.
  4. i really though rushu A might get to top 3 i was surprised rushu D got this far (good job)
  5. in rushu d .. why did the feca let the cra die? he should haved use truce and i love the start of the game with the panda, kinda risky imo
  6. Rozynski

    Post your Guts

    take a look at my iop character page and maybe make that set for your cra (its very good in kolo)
  7. Rozynski

    Random Screenshots

    how about you give me some money if you are so bored
  8. Rozynski

    Post your Guts

    i was refearing to kolo not pvp (sry for that) in kolo yeah you can have 5 mp
  9. Rozynski

    Post your Guts

    swap cawwot dofus for ap trophy and use the thunderbuff hammer (the 5 mp will be fine) if you pvp
  10. Rozynski

    Who are these guys?

    chance eni < (with high vamp dam) or multi-element < (with everything crap) eni?
  11. Rozynski

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    well ... i dont see sadidas pvp, so maybe he just forgot how to behave agents one its like when i pvp agents a rogue... i was clueless (even with my 7th level wings) and lost gj tho
  12. Rozynski

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    108th try i wonder how much it can be worth (30 mk?)
  13. Rozynski

    Ask a Mage

    is it possible that an item cant be exo maged because its was made a long time ago? lets say the item was made before a maging patch <because of that (the new maging mechanics didnt apply to the cape) just wondering, because i know how programming/scripting works... and shit like this might happen because i have this problem mp maging my mopy king cape (after 100 trys) making me waist more than 20 mk or maybe because i have succeded on ap maging my mopy ring 2 days ago (108th try), the game knows and wont allow me to mp mage the cape
  14. Rozynski

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    use ap runes to drop stats? woah... what i did to level magus it get yourself a item that has 50 agi and 50 int than buy a ton lots of 3 agi/int runes than overmage 1 stat, lets say agi (while getting the 50 int to 10) than swap (overmage int till you get agi to 10) + gj on the ring you lucky bastard !