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  1. Logged on to find out all of my items are gone. Doesnt seem like I'll be getting back into Dofus after all. :(
  2. Yeah I've missed blank mostly myself, I heard blank was no more from my buddy Blue-Bigmonster, saddened me to hear that, I might download the game again to see what is new, and who is all still around.
  3. Aaron you still alive man? :o What have you been up to? and I'm doing well, been busy here and there.
  4. I play some League with my time these days , hmu if you play that.
  5. I'm still in Illinois when you coming to visit me. :D
  6. I been gone for about a year now, what is new? I heard Blank died and Malt is the new Dvd for merch? Do I download this game again or what? Chances are slim to none, but wanted to pass by and say hi. :)
  7. Rushu fkd for goultar this year,best of luck mens.
  8. This has been a long due topic and I'll try to make it short. Member Since : 2006-04-23 I've never been a firm believer on "quitting" Dofus. I mean, let's be honest, for those of us who have been playing as long as I have we eventually come back a few months from now or years or we keep in touch with the friends we've made throughout the years. I think it's about my time where I "quit", and I wouldn't bother posting if I knew I would come back months from now (I was never a big IV poster, mostly just browse) I would not of bothered posting this. There is no real reason behind me quitting
  9. No, actually my friend Bringer gave that hat to me for free. Also I'm in Rushu. Gj selling it though, 2m is a bargain.
  10. Really tough Eni Azyx I managed to defeat with a stroke of luck, need more Enis like these in Rushu..
  11. Welcome back I also been playing an Ecaflip since 2006. My in-game name is -Ecko-, don't be afraid to say hi.
  12. Ecko's new colors and mimisymbic combo.
  13. To start the month of September I bring you 4v5 perceptor, and something to look at during the maintenance for the duplication glitch.
  14. :) Good luck. :)
  15. This is good, this is what this game needs. I also think it does need advertising, if Ankama invested a little bit on advertisements this game would feel as fresh and new as it was back in 2005-2010 and encouraging more players to play, subscribe and grow the community. I'm sure Ankama would make doubly the money they put into advertisements if not more.
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      <3 miss you! how are you doing? I returned to Dofus and started Eudai again on Echo server ^^
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      Been a while old friend. Hit us up on mono server Ilyzaelle if you still read this and are keen to check it out again. A lot of the old crew returned during Covid. 
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