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  1. So has anyone else had a problem on the retro servers where if they are performing an action/running/changing a map they 'freeze' for a substantial period of time and get a ping in the 6-7 digits whenever someone else changes map at the same time? I don't have any lag issues any other time,and it seems to only happen when someone is on the same map and changes to a new map/arrives on the same map as me.
  2. I'd be keen to join if you've got room for a level 58 profession obsessed nubiop.
  3. More meaning mining and lumberjack. It was pretty bad when I left.
  4. Good job guys. So tell me, how is the bot situation on Algathe right now? I keep wanting to take a break from WoW and get back into Retro but it's really hard to imagine myself doing anything other than wanting to profession whore until I get fed up with it again.
  5. Welcome back Syd. Wondered where you had vanished too. Seems Retro has the bonus of bringing old timers out of the woodwork.
  6. Well that will teach you for sharing accounts. As for setting him as scammer in the forums,you could probably just make note of it in the scammer registry because it's not like there's a set restriction on what servers the sub forum applies to.
  7. I know what you mean about Ankama not doing piss about the bots. I added all the ones I found to my enemy list so I could keep track of when they get removed. And they are all still online and on my enemy list. Tot acknowledged how well Retro is doing. You would think that given how popular it is right now they would make a little effort into keeping the people playing it happy. But no, instead they add more tidbits to the retro store and say "We will make QOL changes in the future" instead of attempting to work on issues right now. I'm stuck at 30 miner because of those bots.
  8. Unless you try logging in at Midnight NZ time. Then you get whacked with a 3 hour queue. I only found out recently cause we had a power cut and tried logging on at that time. At least it allowed me to plow through some books.
  9. Honestly the worst queue I have encountered thus far was 368. People say I'm blessed,but I think it's just because of my time zone.
  10. Running two accounts defeats the purpose of not multi clienting.
  11. Algathe. 4/4 teaming up still counts as multi clienting. I only play the one char. No I don't need xp leeching, I hate leechers. There are just so few english speakers in /r and /b. It's no Rushu,but it's classic nonetheless.
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