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  1. Ah I see. I basically skimmed most of the posts in order to get a general idea of how popular 1.29 was from a community viewpoint considering how dead 2.0 servers are. Kinda wish they could have just added the names of the servers.... It will be a while before I actually get started. I'm kinda lost about how I want to play and how often I can play (My other hobby,as much as I like it,is rather taxing). However,I am kinda surprised that you chose to remake Under the Edge on 1.29 rather than Blank itself.
  2. Is it just me or are the server names just gone. I have no clue as to which server I am going to start on. I wanna pick Henual due to the higher english presence there over Eratz but I have not the foggiest which is which. Ankama says that it works better using the beta launcher, but it won't install for me so meh. Looks a little something like this to me.
  3. @QTPie- The grind is slightly better now with the reduced experience needed to level up but to be honest the game isn't doing so well. 1.29 servers are doing fine but the 2.0 servers..... After all the server fusions the community just died. Too many poor choices on Ankamas behalf and too many people growing out of it. Pvp is too much of a focusing point nowadays and it's sickening to see. I pop on to see how things are progressing but I will always be a zaap sitter. Not really much else to do for a solo player.
  4. Long time no see QT. I'm surprised to hear you never reached 200. I managed to reach 200 finally. Even though it was entirely on accident.
  5. Wow. Didn't think people thought that highly of 1.29. Thought I was the only one to be honest :s Good to see you still playing though Youby.
  6. For solo accounters on Echo Treasure Hunting is really the only sure fire method of gaining experience and kamas outside of grueling repeatable quests and grinding mobs for piss poor experience. Before the Mono account servers (Which I can't access anyway) Treasure Hunting was the only nice thing Ankama has ever done for solo accounters since 2.0 was released. Low level gear doesn't give piss for wisdom. Medium Level gear doesn't give piss for wisdom unless you sacrifice stats that would otherwise help you kill mobs faster. High level gear gives ok Wisdom but at that point it's not really much of a big deal. Ever since the server merge profession resources aren't worth squat and no one needs a craftsman that badly so money making is a hassle. I just want to get every character and profession to 200 so I can quit this sack of shit game and move to a game where the devs actually play their own game and understand our problems.
  7. Bloody ridiculous that treasure hunts are being nerfed simply because of the easing of the aggression system and because some people just wait it out until they get an aggressive hunt. Why must you always punish us when it's a small bunch of people who wanna just sit there for 10 minutes (x the number of non aggressive hunts you get) when they are the ones who miss out? Now treasure hunting will take forever to accumulate sands and experience. And as for Bonta and Brakma hunts being difficult.... they are by far the easiest of the hunts. The hardest hunts are Astrub,Neutral Pandala and Frigost - Permafrost Port. By saying that Bonta and Brakma hunts are difficult just goes to show that the devs don't know what they are talking about. I hope the amount of experience and roses per hunt gets drastically increased to make up for this stupid as hell nerf.
  8. Well that will teach me for not doing the quest when it first came out and everyone else was doing it. Like the title says, I need a little help killing the Icy Crackler for the quest Light On Shadow. As I am a solo accounter the quest is a tad difficult for me to tackle with just a sidekick. You can find me in game on Stryke/Levi-Kazama or leave me a message here. Edit: Managed to get it done so I am requesting the topic be locked.
  9. And there goes another Rushu vet. Take care and have fun in real life Youby. Such a shame you were MIA for most of the time I was in Blank. Guess Echo (And to a lesser extent Dofus) really doesn't have a future anymore.
  10. Honestly, as long as dungeons don't require you being a multi clienter to complete I'm game for a little nerf. Just as long as you don't make it like flicking a monster on the forehead and it keeling over easy.
  11. I actually have a question. If the dofus character pages show a name not being taken,but trying to make a character with a specific name fails. Is it the character pages that are broken, does someone already own the name,but haven't logged in recently or is it still slightly bugged and freed names still aren't being considered freed?
  12. Half the items in the game are underpowered. Powercreep man,can't stop it. But gotta relive those glory days man. Nostalgia fuzzies for everyone.
  13. It's still weird as hell. Before the supposed fix my Xelor didn't have the [RUS] in it's name, but after the 'fix' it does, despite the fact unless Character Pages are still broken no one except my xelor has that name, on any server.
  14. As much as I'd love to erase my past nicknaming mistake. Bad idea is bad and totally prone to abuse. Ankama is good at that.
  15. It's rather amusing to see how bad these scammers are. Not to be that guy and all, but anyone who falls for these scams deserves it. Nothing like a little adversity to serve as a life lesson. One of the many problems with this stupid server merge.
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