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  1. Unless you try logging in at Midnight NZ time. Then you get whacked with a 3 hour queue. I only found out recently cause we had a power cut and tried logging on at that time. At least it allowed me to plow through some books.
  2. Honestly the worst queue I have encountered thus far was 368. People say I'm blessed,but I think it's just because of my time zone.
  3. Running two accounts defeats the purpose of not multi clienting.
  4. Algathe. 4/4 teaming up still counts as multi clienting. I only play the one char. No I don't need xp leeching, I hate leechers. There are just so few english speakers in /r and /b. It's no Rushu,but it's classic nonetheless.
  5. The problems I have with this version of 1.29 is the fact that almost everyone is multi clienting,finding a group to do shit with as an english speaker is nearly impossible,people who camp mines just running back and forth between one or two rooms and the fact that people now understand the importance of Miner and Lumberjack. Everything else is fine. And at least people aren't actively aggressing you for gathering resources. At least not yet.
  6. Well,you don't really have to. But it's grueling unless you got friends.
  7. I honestly say Retro. I have yet to be bothered by a queue and the community on Echo is dead. So only go to 2.0 if you want to run your own team,otherwise you will struggle like mad.
  8. I also don't see why you would care if there was. Why can't anyone just simply be content with a retro dofus experience and leave it at that? It took people forever to get to 100 back in the old days,and now everyone is bumrushing it.
  9. It's easy if you know what to do and have multiple characters. Don't see the point in rushing it though. Live Retro,Love Retro and Savor it.
  10. Rebuilding Stryke and profession whoring till I drop. Also,joining a guild that's as homely as Erotica was back in the good ol'days. Maybe even making Erotica myself.
  11. Ah I see. I basically skimmed most of the posts in order to get a general idea of how popular 1.29 was from a community viewpoint considering how dead 2.0 servers are. Kinda wish they could have just added the names of the servers.... It will be a while before I actually get started. I'm kinda lost about how I want to play and how often I can play (My other hobby,as much as I like it,is rather taxing). However,I am kinda surprised that you chose to remake Under the Edge on 1.29 rather than Blank itself.
  12. Is it just me or are the server names just gone. I have no clue as to which server I am going to start on. I wanna pick Henual due to the higher english presence there over Eratz but I have not the foggiest which is which. Ankama says that it works better using the beta launcher, but it won't install for me so meh. Looks a little something like this to me.
  13. @QTPie- The grind is slightly better now with the reduced experience needed to level up but to be honest the game isn't doing so well. 1.29 servers are doing fine but the 2.0 servers..... After all the server fusions the community just died. Too many poor choices on Ankamas behalf and too many people growing out of it. Pvp is too much of a focusing point nowadays and it's sickening to see. I pop on to see how things are progressing but I will always be a zaap sitter. Not really much else to do for a solo player.
  14. Long time no see QT. I'm surprised to hear you never reached 200. I managed to reach 200 finally. Even though it was entirely on accident.
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