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  1. It's pretty easy to hybrid at endgame, so why not do both? Nomarow Set would be perfect for you and even includes heals for HoT.
  2. Well that's super annoying. Thanks for the answer, now I just have to remember to change maps!
  3. Do diminishing returns on drops apply to fights in the arena? This wasn't a feature when I was around, so I'm a little confused as to how it works. Is it based on number of fights or time spent on a map?
  4. http://dofustools.everhate.com/index.php?page=carte - I'm not sure how long it's been since it was updated or how accurate it may currently be.
  5. Sure, here's a remake of the set I currently have my feca in: http://dofusbook.net/perso/eiao/Feca-1.html So around 800 int, 400 str, along with % damage from Kolosso and plenty of fire damage. You can always switch around the trophies if there are others ones you like or replace the mount for more damage (5mp just helps for getting closer to backlash things). It's definitely a fun build, but if you find that you want to focus more on mp stealing with glyphs and attacking everything from range, then going int/cha with Otomai and pieces of CB Set is also a later option! There are so many choices as a feca.
  6. I can't speak for int/cha, but int/str is a pretty easy build to work with and definitely allows for more versatility over pure int alone. My feca is currently wearing Otomai and Kolosso sets, since they overlap for an easy 10ap and come with the added bonus of making her look like this.. bear-thing: . Prior to this, you can wear full Soft Oak at 145 and swap in pieces of Obsidemon Set until you reach 19x. I'm sure there are also tons of other options, especially with the new vulkania set coming out. Going this route gives you the fun of glyphs and range of natural/leek pie, but also allows for decent damage with backlash when things get too close (the sword isn't too bad either). As for the role of fecas, I don't know how long it's been since you've played, but having one for fraction alone has made them an important part of any team. Level it if you can and spam it like crazy.
  7. There's now a video showing the module in action:
  8. I don't usually post turqs when I drop them, but this one is my favorite. Barely had enough prospecting to get it! (+15)
  9. Yes, this is what happens. Moving into the final room with Henaul switches everyone to the 2,-1 map. The previous rooms are all located in the same place as before. Thanks for the answers! It appears I'm just super far behind on all these monster events.
  10. I came across this thread from about a year ago that shows a Dark Vlad Dopple in the [2,1] secret room. I've went through the steps to get to the last room with Henual, but I don't see a dopple or any way to progress from this point. Also, it looks as though the map is different from the one posted on the previous thread. So I'm just wondering if they removed the DV dopple from the secret room or am I just missing out on an additional step?
  11. It's best to log another character that you don't plan to take into the actual dungeon and have it run around opening doors for your group. The information on the wiki is pretty straightforward, it just takes a while to get the hang of it. I ran Minotot the other day, found Mumminotor in the room below the first, and couldn't find Deminoball after going through the entire maze and checking every single room. It took killing around 3-5 mobs in the first couple of rooms before he would appear. So if you're having trouble finding them, I highly suggest just staying towards the entrance and trying to spawn them before getting to those tricky last rooms.
  12. The image looks like it was posted on this page back in January. Here's the information translated by Google, so it may not be entirely correct: Modules "Another great feature that you will not lie, is quite forgotten now, which is already planned for some time. The modular system should allow developers to create their own "module" which then integrate into the client interface Dofus. This new system could provide access to a large number of improvements, such as a module assistance for maging, a Notification Center, a management module mounts ... In short, the potential of modules to facilitate the lives of Dofusiens are huge! Some images, for example, are available here. This system is currently under development and could happen on Dofus sometime in the year 2013." Apparently they've been in development on other servers for a long time (original announcement in French), but are scheduled to appear soon. If you're still interested, here's a youtube channel of some other interesting modules that are currently being tested. I would love to have some of those multi-accounting mods.
  13. Ye come play with us. It will be lots of fun..... (:

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