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    If I ask you for cash, will your answer be the same as it is to this question?

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  1. No error messages, just been really slow as of recent for example I open a few links then perhaps another one and everything freezes until that webpage has loaded. As well as this the sound sometimes stops working until I reset it, and other times it hasn't turned off after 30+mins blank turned of screen yet the buttons still lit up. That sort of stuff keeps happening, I've ran several virus checkers and other programs yet the problems havn't got better. Thanks for all help so far, would like to keep the version legit though!
  2. Ok so I have a problem with my laptop, it's been acting slow recently and keeps crashing etc. Now I have a windows 7 copy/CD that I've used on my PC along with key. So my question is basically can I use this CD to reinstall windows on this laptop still or would I need to purchase a new key? Any guidance on what I need to do or links to helpful topics would be appreciated. Thanks ~Dan
  3. Man. I feel like I'm invisible here now. It's weird and I'd like to say it feels great but it doesn't.

    What's up man? Hit me up a private message sometime would be good to hear what's going on in the world of the King!

  4. Tbh I just followed the build from a guide I'm still learning so yet to get to the stage where I build according to what my opponents build, and yeah they were pretty bad although our teams mf was first time she was playing as her and our naut wasn't much better. Both teams seemed to lack any coordination as well, our amumu would just run in there when we were far behind then we'd all have to scramble in and clear up the mess. Was pretty fun game though with the massive amounts of stacks I had on my q.
  5. Just had this game with him, think this counts as carrying a team? :P
  6. Loving Nasus atm seem to be carrying a lot of games with him, but wondering if he is seen much at all in the meta ?
  7. Starting to love Malphite seem to be able to carry most games fairly well, really fun champ to play as well
  8. Just started playing, currently a lvl 17 noob. IGN is Balrogking in case anyone wants to play a bit, be warned though I'm pretty bad.
  9. It always is impossible to quit completely...
  10. All okay here too tbh. Enjoyed your first year? Plan to go back for more? I'm off to Russia again this weekend.

  11. Man, if you had to rate how epic I am on a scale of 1-10 how far over 1,000,000 would it be?

    Unrelated note: Life okay?

  12. Keep finding out people I know use internet explorer, and even worse state 'its really good and quick!' ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!?
  13. Man you're hot we should totally hook up. Call me.

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