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  1. You have to get in the game and see for yourself, which is a pain because summons' turns last for 15 seconds and there are 36 spells to check. For my part, I only know the tofu spells by now. Black tofu: A normal 2 range attack with 2 casts per target, a spell that teleports symetrically at 1 range and does damage once per turn, and a rune that you place and at the end of the turn the tofu gets teleported there. White tofu: A 2 range attack that hits hard the first time but a bit weaker the second time, 2 casts per target; a 2 AoE 0 range spell that gives 1 PM by e
  2. All the classes have been updated now. Most classes are kind of the same at level 200, except for the extra spells. In general they seem to have increased crit damage on a lot of spells (even on classes that have never been associated with crits). Paradoxically, ecas got a bunch of spells with bad crits and a mechanic that gives them crits pasively. Most disappointing for me is my zobal, who is left exactly the same except for having stronger crits. Int sadis got a mixed bag: nerfed EQ, nerfed para poison damage and duration but now they get a non linear boosted range int spell tha
  3. I never finished the ochre quest after 11 years because I couldn't be bothered to search for dreggons, so this is good.
  4. I tested the new sacrier with -%HP, but the percentages are extremely low and non stackable, so at most you raise 1 or 2 punishment levels. On the bright side, if you have nothing in reach on a given turn you can charge some of your spells. Still, I don't get why do they devote so much on making elaborate mechanics to make them deal the same damage cras can deal, but with 10 less range. They should have focused more on the microplacement. By the way, osa's gameplay is feeling a lot more cohesive and fluid, but the general range reduction is a big turn off. Maybe they should re
  5. If it's any indication, the dofus community in jeuxonline is dead (for people saying that this is just an international phenomenon). They don't even have a thread for the current beta. Dofus will probably continue to exist just like there's still runescape, maplestory or whatever, but it's past its peak.
  6. There isn't a limit of 1 summon, the limit works by having 6 spells that represent 6 slots. You could potentially use all 6 spells to summon 1 albino tofu with each of them. However, there's no guaranteed spot, since each summoning spell has a utility spell as a variant. Choosing from what I find useful, I ended with summoning 1, 2 and 4 only. You still need + summons, by the way. Summons have their own stats (as has always been the case) but they also have the mechanic of the osamodas sharing half of their characteristics with them. For the record, they all have a base of 350 elem
  7. Beta is up, but characters aren't imported. Your professions get leveled to 200 and the NPC sells leveling scrolls for free (because everybody loves spamming scrolls), plus some gear that you can resell to generate infinite kamas. The spell descriptions aren't fully translated (as in, som spells display the old description that isn't accurate). I tried mono agi osa and feel like there's zero depth to it. Some of the spells seem to be bugged and do nothing, like the third black tofu spell and the tofu transformation. Spells and variants always share the same element, so you're stuck
  8. Extremely long and french changelog: https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1557-discussions-generales/2299200-equilibrage-classes Osamodas: In short, using elemental spells give elemental charges. These range from 0 to 4. At 0 charges you can only summon an "informo", at 1 charge you can summon a black (melanique) summon based on your elemental state, at 2 you can summon an albino, at 3 you can summon a colored and at 4 you and your allies in a zone of 2 get bonuses. There are 6 summoning spells that are the same, each representing a "summon slot" and having a utility spell as a varian
  9. Yeah, use the dofus lore loosely to start your story and develop it until it becomes its own thing. Ankama also trashed the Krozmos lore with events starting in the secons Wakfu season and eliatropes/Yugo being retconned into everything.
  10. They're not really nerfing leeching as much as nerfing everyone's xp and drops. Nerfing leeching would be to set a cap to idol, wisdom or pp bonuses. This is changing global xp and drops from a 100%-300% range to a 50%-200% range. Lower max and min, and in a way that a single player can't influence by itself. It's not "I'll rotate my activities to manage my bonuses" like with a previous anti farming measure, but "the server has ruined these zones, so I'll be forced to drop twice as long". Just a simple example: Lots of people do the daily merkator quests, so it's one of the most po
  11. This is the kind of unpopular design that makes them lose players. The rest of the stuff sound ok/interesting, but I don't get why do they feel the need to "balance" whatever good ideas they have with crappy ones.
  12. It's the theme/story of the next 3 years, that ties in with events of wakfu season 2 and the origin of the eliotropes.
  13. Ah, that's what I asked earlier, but I got the impression that it would be a classic server again. It's a nice concept, but I don't think 3 months would be enough to full appretiate (i.e. actually dropping good high level 200 stuff) it with my playing rythm.
  14. I remember that initially Temporis would be a place to try different game concepts without repercussion on the common servers and with the added fun of rushing. A lot of people were really dissapointed when the first edition was exactly the same as classic servers, but I guess in the end it was popular enough to drop the experimental stuff(?).
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