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  1. ElMatematico

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    The new shield formula (that is not in beta yet) is 30*character level*%shield/100. So, a level 200 character with a 10% shield gives 30*200*10/100=600 shield points. To remember it easiliy, is as if every level 200 character had 6000 HP with the current mechanic (or 30*level in general). This is clearly a buff to most characters, but it's a nerf to specialized tanks with over 6000 HP. In situations like this, I wish ankama placed more complex formulas. For example, using max{HP,30*level} would mean that you get at least as much shield points as the proposed value, but you can go even higher using your own HP. A 4500 HP lv 200 masq gets 1200/1440 SP plastron, but a 7000 HP sac gets 1400/1680 SP.
  2. ElMatematico

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    It's funny that they think giving more mp to the suicidal damage sharing mask is a buff. By the way, is that the whole changelog? No bugfixes, PvM balancing or whatever?
  3. ElMatematico

    Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    Ok, not cancelled, but put on hold "temporarily" with all devs being sent back to dofus and wakfu. And it will continue to exist in spirit or whatever. https://dofus-donjons.com/2018/06/20/dofus-donjons-le-point/ Google translate:
  4. ElMatematico

    Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    Dofus Dungeon has been cancelled.
  5. ElMatematico

    2.47 Livestream

    The 3 set bonus is the full bonus, and there is no extra bonus for wearing 4 pieces. It's not a bug.
  6. ElMatematico


    I'm sure that it makes a lot of difference for the people involved in development, but as an outsider my reaction is "this is exactly the same game they axed earlier this week, with a different name". Now please bring back slage.
  7. ElMatematico

    2.47 Livestream

    Cool, a ring that gives 100 chance and water resistance. I think it's the first time there's a chance equip with water resistance since Otomai. I see a ton of useful mounts and not an obviously best choice like it used to be, so I guess that's good balancing. On the other hand, i's sad that changing mounts is still so annoying. At least let me have one of each type at the same time. In any case, it seems like 11/6 will finally become obsolete, even for non optimal characters.
  8. ElMatematico

    Breeding Revamp

    Dopples are more fun and less time consuming than breeding.
  9. ElMatematico

    Breeding Revamp

    Then achievements as a whole are at fault. Right now, it's like if they made achievements for treasure hunts and when all related items become worthless, they "fix" it by making 'treasure maps' that are crafted by handymen using dungeon resources and are required to hunt. Plus some low-ish cap on hunts per day to artificially boost prices. It solves nothing and penalizes both casual hunters and people who do it just for achivements.
  10. ElMatematico

    Breeding Revamp

    They should totally remove the 1000 mates achievement. It forces completionist people to generate thousands of mounts that they wouldn't otherwise.
  11. ElMatematico

    Breeding Revamp

    I'll keep pretending breeding and breeding achievements aren't actually part of the game. Why do they have those achievements while trying to desincentivise easy and widespread breeding? It already seemed like fake difficulty, even more so with those planned changes.
  12. ElMatematico

    Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    The small end of fight interface should have a big button for closing it, instead of a tiny x. Something like
  13. ElMatematico

    Back again

    Scrolling is a lot cheaper and doesn't have to be done before using characteristic points in one go. You also don't need wisdom that much since there are many new ways to get fast xp that are unaffected by it (achievements, quests, kolo, treasure hunts) and a soon-to-be-nerfed-but-still-there alternative in idols.
  14. Also, next update will allow you to reset in the preparation phase of combats. The f2p expansion should have come a long time ago. It was even worse because all Astrub questlines sent you to do p2p content, some really early (the worst being the class temple quest and the sand and gobball dungeon quests). Only now they realized that Astrub should have a proper closure with some select storylines sending players further (Around the world, the dofus quest chain, etc.)
  15. ElMatematico

    2.46 Idols and new Leech gimmick

    Idols were a mistake. Their fate now is to be dummied out until they exist just for the sake of achievements, because there's no way to get rid of those ever.