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  1. ElMatematico

    Darkness Is Upon Us

    I like that cape that gives 10% spell damage and 5% resitances each time you get hit in exchange for -10% melee resistance. But I'm sure cras will like it even more.
  2. ElMatematico

    Darkness Is Upon Us

    It's like a mini cyclic power that fires a poison on the 5th charge and you have some control over it via ranged and close combat attacks. I guess a common strategy would be to get 4 charges by turn 3, meaning extra 28% damage coupled with cloudy (or is it 29,6%? I never remember if final damage from different sources is additive or multiplicative). It seems like they tried to give a bit to both close combat and ranged classes, but I don't feel like it's too interesting. About the other stuff, I wish they stop giving all the good buffs on odd turns, it makes turn 1 too important and also negates the impact of the debuff. Who cares losing 1 AP and 1 MP if you had -10% damage anyway? Even makes it harder for enemies to reduce your AP and MP in preparation for the odd turn.
  3. ElMatematico

    Infinite Dreams

    By [Korri] - Yesterday - 10:09:47 - in General Discussion "So that the dream may dream itself, so that its thirst may be quenched when the fountain has ceased to flow, I created the Well of Infinite Dreams. A well where the material world and dream world intermingle, where dreamers face their own hopes and fears… An inexhaustible source of stories, fables, and legends that will be sung or whispered until the end of time." Draconiros What are the Infinite Dreams? They are an infinite dungeon of increasing difficulty, where the sequence of rooms and composition of monster groups are random. New rewards appear there and only the most valiant adventurers can hope to obtain the most prized rewards. The idea behind the infinite dungeon in DOFUS was inspired by roguelike games (Wikipedia link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roguelike). In order to avoid creating a game within the game, this dungeon relies on existing and future content, combining it in unusual ways with the aim of offering a constantly new experience. Characters of level 50 and above can confront terrible enemies that have taken form in the Infinite Dreams. We feel that below this level, there is not enough variety in available enemies to offer an interesting game experience. In addition, we want players adventuring into the Infinite Dreams to have already faced different combat mechanics. In this way, not only will they be more able to triumph over their opponents, they will also increase their chances of advancing further. A Never-Ending Story The combats in the Infinite Dreams happen in another dimension, in a part of the Krosmoz that scholars commonly refer to as the Astral Plane. This strange place made of intangible dreams, luminous ideas, and dark thoughts is ruled by dragons. One of them, the mysterious Draconiros,watches over Twelvians' sleep. The Astral Plane is very popular among mages and prophets because it is haunted by visions. Sometimes, some of them come true… When Draconiros saw early signs warning of a devastated world in which mortals no longer dream, he took them very seriously. Dreams must be fed, or they weaken, their colors fade, their details blur, and their symbols lose their meaning. How can such a disaster be prevented? By creating a constantly renewed wellspring of dreams and challenges – the Well of Infinite Dreams. Advancing in the Infinite Dreams Accessing the Well of Infinite Dreams Any level-50 or higher character can access the Infinite Dreams from anywhere at any time, provided they are not in combat. Each character has their own dungeon and can invite other characters to it. However, they can only enter another character's dungeon if invited to do so. Up to four characters can join forces to attempt to adventure as far as possible in the Well of Infinite Dreams. In the Infinite Dreams, you do not need to always advance with the same group members; only the owner is irreplaceable. That means the owner can decide to continue a dungeon underway with different characters or fewer characters. For example, a former character can be replaced for several combats then later rejoin the group. The Infinite Dreams are subject to specific rules: Monster loot is replaced by dream points and dream reflections. Exploration, monster, and dungeon achievements cannot be completed. Certain quest objectives cannot be validated. Geography and Layout The layout of rooms and the monsters in them is set randomly from a list based on the maps and monsters present in the rest of the game. Groups of monsters are composed of four monsters, including at least one dungeon keeper. In some cases, a second dungeon keeper may be part of the group, considerably increasing the difficulty of the combat and therefore the associated winnings. The groups of monsters are assigned a combat modifier based on the dungeon keeper present. There is only one modifier, regardless of the number of dungeon keepers. There are three combat modifiers specific to each dungeon keeper, and one is chosen randomly when the monster group is formed. Each modifier has more or less of an influence on combat difficulty and the resulting winnings. The characters advance from room to room, alternating combat and exploration. In combat rooms, characters fight monsters. In exploration rooms, the characters can obtain rewards and bonuses to facilitate their advance in the dungeon and can choose the next combat room from among those offered. The difficulty increases in each combat room as the monsters to fight are systematically one level higher than those in the previous room. For this occasion, each monster can evolve to levels above their habitual levels. This means that you could encounter Piwis and Gobballs of level 200 and above. Managing Dream Points As they advance, the owner accumulates dream points to spend in their dungeon. The quantity of points earned from each fight depends on the difficulty of the fight, level, idol score used, and challenges completed. These points are used to buy bonuses to facilitate progress in the Infinite Dreams. In the event of a defeat, some of these points are lost and if the owner no longer has enough, they have no choice but to reinitialize their dungeon and lose their remaining dream points. The owner can, however, buy insurance with dream points; this lets them re-do a particularly difficult combat over and over indefinitely without risking losing dream points on every defeat. Characters can leave their dungeon at any time and come back later. They can also decide to reinitialize their dungeons or be forced to do so in the event of a definitive defeat. The erosion system is not the same in the Infinite Dreams. Unlike in classic combat, here eroded life is kept between combats and divided fairly among all the characters in the group at the end of the fight. Characters therefore have every interest in suffering the least amount of damage possible during combat to limit the handicap of diminished maximum vitality. However, in some cases, characters have an opportunity to spend dream points to cancel all accumulated erosion. Accessing Information Infinite Dreams information such as the monsters present in the rooms, combat modifiers, available rewards in the event of victory, etc. is all available through an interface designed especially for the occasion. The owner of the dungeon uses this interface to spend dream points, and characters use the interface to exchange their accumulated dream reflections for rewards. Dream reflections are obtained in the same way as dream points, but unlike points, they do not depend on the group and are not linked to the current dungeon. Dream reflections are a resource that can be traded, destroyed or sold like any other resource in the game. Here are a few examples of the bonuses available in exchange for dream points: Replace a negative combat modifier with a positive one. Replace the offered monsters with other random monsters. Obtain a characteristic bonus valid for the entire dungeon. Act Before Dreaming The progress and rewards offered in the Infinite Dreams are closely linked to what characters have accomplished outside. The monsters to fight are determined randomly, but the owner of the dungeon can only launch a fight if they have already defeated the dungeon keeper in the keeper's original dungeon. Characters who have defeated only a small quantity of dungeon keepers risk being rapidly blocked in the Infinite Dreams. If that happens, there's no need to worry. All you need to do is pause the dungeon, go defeat those keepers, and then go back and pick up your progress again. Note that restriction only concerns the owner when launching fights; accompanying characters don't have any restrictions to join the owner, whether or not they have defeated the dungeon keeper in question before. Buying and trading bonuses and the offered rewards also depend on accomplishment criteria. For bonuses bought with dream points, the content done by the owner is taken into account. For example, the owner must have successfully completed the Nimaltopia quests to buy Mishell's Blessing. For rewards obtained in exchange for dream reflections, the characters' individual histories are taken into account. If an offered reward requires one to have completed all the achievements linked to Moon Island, Jean-Jean can buy it because he knows all the island's secrets and defeated all its monsters, but his friend XXX-Narutoto-XXX who has never set foot outside of Astrub will see the reward but won't be able to buy it. The Ebony Dofus Quest Traditionally, the Primordial Dofus quests have relied on certain specific game mechanics: a treasure hunt for the Crimson Dofus, capturing archmonsters for the Ochre Dofus, using idols for the Turquoise Dofus. The Ebony Dofus quest will not be an exception. It will rely in part on the Infinite Dreams. The dream keepers and dungeon keepers had better behave! Obtaining the Ebony Dofus will be divided into a series of 10 quests starting at level 120 and ending at level 200. It won't require lengthy prerequisites. In addition to the introduction leading to the Sorceress from the Swamps, you will need to have validated part of the Brotherhood of the Forgotten quests, and have access to certain zones to advance (Frigost 3, Kingdom of Freezammer, Veriun Dead towers). Skills in a few harvesting professions will also be needed. We aren't going to reveal the quest story here as we'd rather let you discover it in the game. As you can guess, one of the main characters will be Grougalorasalar the Ashen. Why would a black dragon willing entrust you with guarding his Dofus? Perhaps he's secretly yearning for a larger treasure… And if that treasure was in your possession, who knows what could happen then? As for the power of the Ebony Dofus, speculation is rampant. In a few weeks, its effects will be revealed. Patience. Your long wait will soon be over! From Dream to Reality Advancing in the Infinite Dreams gives you access to new rewards that can be kept in the outside world. A handful of rewards is offered in each exploration room, and only one of each can be exchanged per character and per room. Careful, though, only characters who won the last fight can hope to earn rewards. However, if the same reward is offered later, another copy can be exchanged, regardless of whether the character has already obtained it in an earlier room. The depth determines which rewards the characters can access; this is why they will be offered more and more powerful rewards as they advance. The rewards include new smithmagic runes: runes of transcendence and runes of corruption. To use one of these runes, the equipment must not have already exceed its maximum stats when the rune is applied. Even though these runes are subject to the smithmagic restrictions, they have a different weight and a 100% chance of succeeding. However, applying such a rune prevents any future smithmagic on the item. Transcendence runes apply a bonus similar to that from smithmagic. However, this won't be the case for some bonuses that are deemed too significant (for example AP and MP). Corruption runes apply both a bonus and a penalty. The most prestigious rewards are undoubtedly legendary items. These new pieces of equipment are created with a resource that can only be acquired in the Infinite Dreams in exchange for dream reflections. Only adventurers who have advanced sufficiently in the Dofus quest can obtain this resource, and only craftsmen who have followed the same path are able to turn it into equipment. Legendary items are pieces of level-200 equipment that fill the same slots as current equipment. They are characterized as follows: Higher effect values. Fewer effect lines. One or more negative effect lines. A triggered effect (a system similar to the Dofus system). The introduction of legendary items allows for greater diversity in how you play and optimize your character. The aim is to offer new alternatives. With the introduction of legendary items, we offer new equipment alternatives. This will enrich the game by allowing greater diversity in how characters are played and optimized. The Six Dofus The ability to create legendary items and obtain the resources necessary to make them will therefore be among the rewards obtained by characters that do the impossible – reunite the Primordial Dofus.Becoming a legend to make legendary items seems only natural. To have the reunification experience, you not only need to have the six dragon eggs, you also must have completed the various series of quests, including the quest associated with the Elemental Dofus. Other conditions could become necessary as the quests advance. The adventure is for level-200characters, with a minimum prerequisite of 190. If your hero is not yet top level, now's the time to really push! Might as well say it straight up: Reuniting the six Dofus will not provide any additional power bonusover and above the effects of each Dofus. That would harm the game balance and make the Primordial Dofus crucial to character optimization, to the detriment of other equipment possibilities. Our goal is not to make those who complete the Dofus quest successfully invincible; instead, it is rather to set them apart from other adventurers and give them opportunities that they can then share if they desire. The idea is to make them into exceptional beings. The reunification story will have its own bundle of revelations. Some of the characters you have known will appear in a different light… You will need to make a decision and then assume full responsibility for it in the future. Because, as you can guess, the end of the Dofus quest does not mean the end of the game – quite the opposite! It will be the start of a new chapter that will lead you to unforeseen paths. If you must know, having access to power that makes you equal to a god can have serious consequences… Will you live up to the expectations that the Powers of the Krosmoz have of you? See you in Descendre – sorry, in December – to find out!
  4. ElMatematico

    Ideal team for pvm end content

    PvM is accesible to almost any composition right now. If by ideal you mean for farming, then something like cra x3 + enu.
  5. ElMatematico

    How long does Dofus have left?

    I think the devs missed an opportunity to implement a proper dungeon difficulty setting in the 2.42 update (general monster nerf). Keep the old mechanics and stats for the hardcore dungeon setting, then the nerfed stuff is used out of dungeons and in the normal setting. Quests and achievements require just the normal setting. Could have given some bonus drop/xp or cosmetic rewards for the hardcore dungeon if they felt it was too niche. It's not like they needed to create extra content for that, and they're not under any obligation to release future dungeons with a hardcore variant either. About the composition debate, while I think it's irrelevant post 2.42, I think the developers didn't always play fair. A lot of strategies were deemed "abusive" and nerfed as they came to light (popularized in youtube videos), but some mainstream cookie cutter stuff (elio/iop or panda/rogue) was left the same. All that in a time when class change was still new and controversial because of the ease to change class for achievements.
  6. ElMatematico

    How long does Dofus have left?

    Dofus got sidetracked for almost 2 years because ToT got an existential crisis and sent a portion of the dofus team to create dofus3/dofuscube/waven/wakfuheroes. They created mechanics and animations for like 3 or 4 dofus-like games, and all they got out of it was some NPC designs (that look out of place in dofus, in my opinion). It's not just the wasted resources, but it alienated a portion of the community when they kept bait and switching dofus development for this other projects. A whole year of "We will add spell variations in dofALSO LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT DOFUSCUBE". They dubbed 2017 the year of communication, but most communication wasn't about dofus. And then they promised a 2018 roadmap that they were in the process of ignoring until they recently killed most of the sideprojects. By now we were supposed to have the ebony dofus, a proper dungeon matchmaking and some proffesion revamp (unless that was covered by fusing markets and doubling harvest xp). My impression is that for a while the devs thought that they could skip on making content and make players create their own content. This is what gave us AvA, idols and community challenges. AvA is exclusive by nature, so a lot of people don't benefit at all from it. Idols were abused to farm with little added difficulty and since their introduction, they've only been nerfed instead of expanded upon. Community challenges were used to scam people for a few days and then forgotten. I think in the future they should look into making community content cooperative instead of competitive. Like, getting bonuses just by being in a guild with many (active) players and such. I'ts not all bad, though. I think the recent pet revamp was mostly positive. The xp values and some of the bonuses are not balanced, but they managed to make a unified system that removed a lot of outdated stuff (pet certificates, pet ghosts, feeding times, pet dungeon) while also adding value to other content and properly integrating pets into the game instead of being treated as boutique items.
  7. ElMatematico

    Redesign of Pets

    They need to fine tune some numbers. A couple of pets are way too good, and feeding resources is too inefficient to be seen as an alternative. 5 years worth of level 200 drops or 40k kolossokens that you get in a week? It's as if I were selling the drops to NPCs for all they're worth.
  8. ElMatematico

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1557-discussions-generales/2281332-version-2-48-beta?poid=12300149 Earthquake doesn't reveal invisible enemies anymore. I feel like this needs some justification. Edit: Justification below.
  9. ElMatematico

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    But it charges like synchro, once per turn. So every 3 turns you get the equivalent of a masq's reinforcement.
  10. ElMatematico

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    It's still a bad spell unless they make it charge faster. Having a strong attack every 5 turns is meh.
  11. ElMatematico

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1557-discussions-generales/2281332-version-2-48-beta?page=1#entry12298848 Pets: Rushu's Shushu gives 2 summons instead of 50 at level 100. Tanouki: It gives 50 MP loss resistance and 1 AP at level 100. Cra: Flèche Assaillante : The power bonus is corrected (it was 150 instead of 100). Eca: Trickery: The element is changed correctly if the target dies. Heads or Tails: In a critical hit, the damage is correctly reduced next turn. Sadi: A specific target can only be hit 3 times via the infected state, no matter what spell was used. This limit is reset at the beginning of each turn (not character turn, but game turn). Xelor: Knell: The spell is correctly modified by the character's stats. Also the farle ingalsse set no longer gives physical reduction (that stat disappears) and a level 160 flower is moved so it can be harvested.
  12. ElMatematico

    Redesign of Pets

    I feel like they should hace devised some cap on these pets considering that some are still level 1 and almost all are level 60 or less. I wonder how much impact these 100 critical resistance pets would have on a fight with critus idol.
  13. ElMatematico

    Ebony Dofus speculation

    8% melee damage if you start next to an enemy. 8% ranged damage if you don't.
  14. ElMatematico

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    The new shield formula (that is not in beta yet) is 30*character level*%shield/100. So, a level 200 character with a 10% shield gives 30*200*10/100=600 shield points. To remember it easiliy, is as if every level 200 character had 6000 HP with the current mechanic (or 30*level in general). This is clearly a buff to most characters, but it's a nerf to specialized tanks with over 6000 HP. In situations like this, I wish ankama placed more complex formulas. For example, using max{HP,30*level} would mean that you get at least as much shield points as the proposed value, but you can go even higher using your own HP. A 4500 HP lv 200 masq gets 1200/1440 SP plastron, but a 7000 HP sac gets 1400/1680 SP.
  15. ElMatematico

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    It's funny that they think giving more mp to the suicidal damage sharing mask is a buff. By the way, is that the whole changelog? No bugfixes, PvM balancing or whatever?