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  1. I never finished the ochre quest after 11 years because I couldn't be bothered to search for dreggons, so this is good.
  2. I tested the new sacrier with -%HP, but the percentages are extremely low and non stackable, so at most you raise 1 or 2 punishment levels. On the bright side, if you have nothing in reach on a given turn you can charge some of your spells. Still, I don't get why do they devote so much on making elaborate mechanics to make them deal the same damage cras can deal, but with 10 less range. They should have focused more on the microplacement. By the way, osa's gameplay is feeling a lot more cohesive and fluid, but the general range reduction is a big turn off. Maybe they should revisit map sizes and starting positions so that having less range doesn't make fights more tedious.
  3. If it's any indication, the dofus community in jeuxonline is dead (for people saying that this is just an international phenomenon). They don't even have a thread for the current beta. Dofus will probably continue to exist just like there's still runescape, maplestory or whatever, but it's past its peak.
  4. There isn't a limit of 1 summon, the limit works by having 6 spells that represent 6 slots. You could potentially use all 6 spells to summon 1 albino tofu with each of them. However, there's no guaranteed spot, since each summoning spell has a utility spell as a variant. Choosing from what I find useful, I ended with summoning 1, 2 and 4 only. You still need + summons, by the way. Summons have their own stats (as has always been the case) but they also have the mechanic of the osamodas sharing half of their characteristics with them. For the record, they all have a base of 350 elemental stats and 240 wisdom. I tested sacriers and find them having the same issues as always. The primary concern is that they need to lose HP in a game with erosion. Since they get final damage reduction as the suffering goes up but erosion ignores it, they sort of act as having extra erosion on top. For example, I tested a sac with 4100 HP and to get 10 punishment for testing numbers I was already down to 3600 max HP. I'd change it so that using their many self damaging spells in considered as having -10% erosion (so effectively 0% if not under an external effect).
  5. Beta is up, but characters aren't imported. Your professions get leveled to 200 and the NPC sells leveling scrolls for free (because everybody loves spamming scrolls), plus some gear that you can resell to generate infinite kamas. The spell descriptions aren't fully translated (as in, som spells display the old description that isn't accurate). I tried mono agi osa and feel like there's zero depth to it. Some of the spells seem to be bugged and do nothing, like the third black tofu spell and the tofu transformation. Spells and variants always share the same element, so you're stuck with 3 attacks per element. Anyway, there needs to be a lot of bugfixes and a solution to the equipments problem before doing proper tests.
  6. Extremely long and french changelog: https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1557-discussions-generales/2299200-equilibrage-classes Osamodas: In short, using elemental spells give elemental charges. These range from 0 to 4. At 0 charges you can only summon an "informo", at 1 charge you can summon a black (melanique) summon based on your elemental state, at 2 you can summon an albino, at 3 you can summon a colored and at 4 you and your allies in a zone of 2 get bonuses. There are 6 summoning spells that are the same, each representing a "summon slot" and having a utility spell as a variant. Say, you play with summoning 1, 3 and 4: this means that you can have 3 summons total. Reusing a summoning spell places the corresponding summon where you select (like recasting the coney while it's alive). Summons have 3 spells, but they are unlocked by the level of the summoning spell. Each summon has its own spells that kind of interact with each other (of the same summon, not of other summons). In general, there's a decrease in summon mobility and placement. Sacrier: Suffering is just a reflection of your missing HP%. Having 91-100% is 0 suffering, having 1%-10% is 10 suffering. It gives a bonus to final damage and damage reduction. They did that thing were they keep the old names but change everything else around which makes it hard to form a general idea for each build, but in general sacriers still have crap range. They have a bunch of effects for taking extra damage or reducing damage. A cool mechanic that they have is that now punishment and bloodthirsty madness (can damage enemies now) deal elemental damage based on your highest stat.
  7. Yeah, use the dofus lore loosely to start your story and develop it until it becomes its own thing. Ankama also trashed the Krozmos lore with events starting in the secons Wakfu season and eliatropes/Yugo being retconned into everything.
  8. They're not really nerfing leeching as much as nerfing everyone's xp and drops. Nerfing leeching would be to set a cap to idol, wisdom or pp bonuses. This is changing global xp and drops from a 100%-300% range to a 50%-200% range. Lower max and min, and in a way that a single player can't influence by itself. It's not "I'll rotate my activities to manage my bonuses" like with a previous anti farming measure, but "the server has ruined these zones, so I'll be forced to drop twice as long". Just a simple example: Lots of people do the daily merkator quests, so it's one of the most populated level zones. It will be at 50% all the time, which means dropping toolboxes becomes more annoying (not only lower chance, also stronger mobs). Many of those players need the daily quests to subscribe with kamas and stay even or get a marginal profit.
  9. This is the kind of unpopular design that makes them lose players. The rest of the stuff sound ok/interesting, but I don't get why do they feel the need to "balance" whatever good ideas they have with crappy ones.
  10. It's the theme/story of the next 3 years, that ties in with events of wakfu season 2 and the origin of the eliotropes.
  11. Ah, that's what I asked earlier, but I got the impression that it would be a classic server again. It's a nice concept, but I don't think 3 months would be enough to full appretiate (i.e. actually dropping good high level 200 stuff) it with my playing rythm.
  12. I remember that initially Temporis would be a place to try different game concepts without repercussion on the common servers and with the added fun of rushing. A lot of people were really dissapointed when the first edition was exactly the same as classic servers, but I guess in the end it was popular enough to drop the experimental stuff(?).
  13. Yes, but dofus have also lost their value with so much competition for the 6 slots. In most cases, getting a dofus is not a direct improvement but a trade-off. This has also been a theme for the last 5 years or so, new stuff is slightly better than the old stuff but the actual improvement comes from being able to customize and specialize more. Get that new hat that gives 10 more int and lose the useless AP reduction for valuable MP reduction. Change these 2 parts for these other 2 parts and lose 20 in raw stats but get 20% extra resistances where it matters, etc. The difference is so small, that new average equipment isn't better than old maged equips, and that was also one of my points: optimization means maging, which is twice removed from the gameplay (you play the game to get mats/kamas, then use those mats/kamas to get runes and mage). The thing is, I don't believe anyone at Ankama cares too much. It's too common that widespread backlash or abuse is answered with some general fix that kills the problem by the root and causes collateral damage. Examples: Profession update introduced very powerful healing items and buffed old ones, but recipes were generally too complex. Solution was to nerf the whole system to the ground, healing items go to 210 HP or 570 energy max, recipes are ultra dumbed down. Why not keep the complex recipes AND add simple, weak recipes to the mix? Conditions on all new equipments prove to be too exclusive, people can't access the new stuff at all unless leeched. Solution is remove conditions altogether. Why not gate some of the equipment and leave other free? Why not putting a condition on some of the stats, which are unlocked after the achievement? People can't pass dungeons because they're too long or complex. Solution: Nerf everything except for Krobes to the point where some fights have no real danger (merkator, klime, nileza...) Why not keep an optional hard mode with the previous content? Since their introduction, idols have only been nerfed. Every change they had was about nerfing a synergy. No new idols added, no extra synergies for neglected idols. They also botched their end of year content 3 times (Osamodas dimension, rushed Ohwymi, the third tower in Cania). Who cares right now if those things were released on december or not? "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad" (by Shigeru Miyamoto) must be one of the truest things said about game design.
  14. Hello. I've been thinking about this topic for a while, interested in other people's opinion. Back a few years, I used to run dopples daily to get scrolls, which meant making my characters a bit stronger bit by bit. After they were all scrolled, some time later kolossium came out with spell scrolls, and then some time later the doploon to kolossoken exchange came out, so another period of character growth for my team. It was nice getting more range/less cooldown on utility spells that weren't a priority before, or getting better off element damage for the random time they came handy. Back to the present, I started raising an eni and a sac for fun. I almost fully scrolled them with whatever doploons I had left. What's missing I'll have to buy because breeding is not fun and I refuse to do it. With spell points being gone, these characters only advance by levelling up, by getting a few spikes in power when a useful early spell gets levelled or a more useful variant is unlocked. The gradual progression that I could make parallel to levels is gone. Then there's equipments, of course. I have all crafting professions at 200, but it's not much help because I don't have any magus levelled (the highest is costumagus ~140, courtesy of the recent double xp). But the thing is, I don't like maging, it's frustrating to depend on luck (and a lot of time/runes) for everything to stay in place. This means that in order to progress in this game, my only chance is to buy stuff, and I have no control over what's in sale. I simply can't progress in this game by doing the content I enjoy, and that's a sad realization. This stuck even more because this new characters aren't really that different from my old: Having them "catch up" with their 1000+ quests and 10000+ achivement points difference does nothing other than allow them to have the same title and ornament. There is only one exception, which is Frigost. Doing stuff there gives you access to areas, means of transportation and unlocks buying rare resources (which have fallen off a bit since new equipment has been introduced). They did try to keep post 200 progress with the dungeon achievement condition, but it was implemented poorly. Back then some classes were too outdated, a lot of them lacked specific utilities for PvM (specifically, good positioning spells). With the current state of the game it would be reasonable (maybe that's why they kind of tried with legendary equipments, but too little, too late). Having dofus being unexchangeable was also done without much thought, so the backlash made them yield. Instead of locking the dofus behind quests, they could have done something like only locking part of the bonus. For example, emerald gives vit to everyone, but shield only to those who did the quest. I also want to bring up that alignmnent orders used to give buffs, but it was scrapped. This is a perfect example of quest-related character progression AND customization that I'd like to see. You do quests/achievements and now you are a bit stronger. What do you think? Do you like how things are now, that you can rush a new character to 200 and equip it to be endgame instantly? Does anybody even care about raising characters or everyone just focuses on level 200 content and then filling the blanks? And about the posibility of getting buffs from quest and achievements?
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