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  1. Maharanee

    Who needs friends

    Sun! D: I made it onto Ilyzaelle. Seems to really suck during the French daytime to join, but I wonder if the patch Ankama is deploying today will help? /w Era if anyone wants to be my friend. :>
  2. Maharanee

    Spell Variants

    I hope we get more info on spell variants before mid-November, because so far these just seem pretty and shiny. Nothing wrong with that, but I'm hoping we can get some genuine variance that alters gameplay, esp. compared to different level brackets... ...Man, I sound crotchety. But a lack of info just bothers me! :P I get it, they think releasing these videos on social media is enticing... Zzz...
  3. Maharanee

    Solo player server launching in October

    Love this so much. Reflects a lot of woes I've seen (that are hit or miss) on a lot of devblogs lately. As a veteran solo accounter, I'm so for this. Just hope it works out as a concept. I wonder if we'd get free transfers after this merge from earlier in the year? High hopes, I guess, but I'd really love that and would relocate in a heartbeat...
  4. Maharanee

    Henlo you stinky impsvillage

    Is Hotdog recruiting??? How to join????? (Half-serious tho.)
  5. Maharanee

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    I'm comin' back to the game and considering an alt SERIOUSLY! My main is a 151 agi sram (with a teensy bit str hybridization). What would complement this well? An enu? How about those new Ouginaks, are they worthwhile? Entirely open to ideas.
  6. Maharanee

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Can anyone recommend an uberleet set for a 15X Agi Sram? I have a +12 Turq, 101 Wis/Vit/Str/Agi, and I'm still figuring out what's the best gear for me (recently returned after 4 years). :-/ I'm considering using these dags (esp. because of the +RA), so ideally I'll be able to net the +149 Str necessary to equip them, but also maintain good wis/vit/agi stats as well. I have an eme/plum turkey. Basically, please tell me what I should be equipping in essentially any slot, please. D: Gear decisions aren't my strong suit. Would really appreciate any guidance on trophies, since they're sort of a "lolwat" for me. :> -hugs and kisses- Class: Sram Build: Agi (101 scrolled; invested till 300, now have been putting all points in wis -- is this a good idea?) Kamas/time available: I'd like to look at a "best case scenario"/ideal set. I've no idea. Current team: Just me. :> Don't really group play much. Lots of soloing. Lvl range: 148-160 Extra comments: Nah. PvP or PvM oriented: PvM.
  7. Hay gurl. -Brandon

    1. Solstice


      Hey there, it's been quite some time!

  8. Maharanee

    This is either very cool or very lame

    I'm really happy that you're getting so much praise for this, because, really, it's an awesome accomplishment. :) Congrats, again!
  9. Maharanee

    Be afraid... its coming :/ The CC nerf

    Really love these changes. I really think that CC is one of the most annoying features in the game, if only for the fact that it's superior to the spells we achieve from 1-100; after 99% of our spells are allocated, they should continue to be used in preference to CC, ideally... That's just my opinion as far as play style goes. There's actual tactic involved in spells, and that tactic is become more and more apparent with each new update. Rogues and Masqs, imo, were an awesome way to revert back to the idea of tactic, since their spell arsenals are overall quite cumbersome and require a bit of know-how. /rambleramble I think it's an awesome thing, and, as I've been for the past six years, I'm behind Ankama 100%. Sure, they may have questionable tactics themselves, and truly lack insight a lot of the time in regards to how to mediate their goals with those of their userbase, but hey. There are shittier game corporations out there. Many of 'em. :lol: Mods are funny. I'm glad I mod a real forum, where I wouldn't get away with showing off my e-peen by editing others' posts. :P
  10. I thought that we were getting the whole Dofus OST in today's gift, but... Looks like it's just one song. :P One that I don't even recognize, to be honest...
  11. Maharanee

    Class change via ogrines.

    I'm all for the implementation of this feature, but primarily because Jon kicks ass at debating and convincing. :P I doubt I'd ever use this feature, but all the same... You've got to admit, his points are pretty damn infallible! :D (And also, WTF is with the puritanical mindset of leveling a character "the old-fashioned way"? If you're trying to pull some bullshit about how there's a right way and a wrong way of how to play - moreover, how to level and play your characters, class-by-class - then you've got to reassess your values. Also, given the huge ass percentile of multi-accounters around here -- myself included -- you can't go about this by saying that a class that has unfair natural-born penalties should deal with them... I just don't understand the logic behind that, if there is indeed any to speak of.) /minirant
  12. Was Day 5 skipped, or is it just me?
  13. Maharanee

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    I want to make a Str Panda and Cha Masq duo from the ground-up... Was wondering if anyone had any pointers/tips/opinions, etc.?
  14. Maharanee

    Back again!

    Heya everyone! :D I'm back on Dofus... This time, starting anew on Zato! Feel free to add me/PM me/invite my nubness to your uberleet guilds! IGNs: Curple (31 Rogue), Vurple (20 Eni), and Furple (Nub Eca). Let the games begin! ;D