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  1. Class: CraBuild: Int/AgiKamas/time available: <7mk, I'm poor af :(Current team: 170 enu, 185 craLvl range: 170+PvP or PvM oriented: Exclusively pvm
  2. Just got this email this morning. (google translated from French) Finally. :)
  3. With a Golden Parchment. Such class :) congratulations! EDIT: Also I forgot to mention a few years back you helped my Agi Xelor with advice and actually went with me to go get Moon Hammer (when it was actually decent). I'll always remember.
  4. lmao, I'm an idiot. I guess I'll just leave my post there for anyone else who happened to not read carefully.
  5. After waiting for this long, I'll appreciate any help, really.
  6. Just received this email like the poster above: I kindly take back what I said about Ankama's customer service being ridiculous and stubborn. I hope they get to the root of the problem so that none of us have to deal with this again.
  7. C-Kishin


    I just recently started playing again, but all my gear was stolen a couple weeks ago. I didn't know about the whole Ankama shield business and changing my password since I hadn't played in July/August when it happened. Sigh.
  8. Pretty much this. Also I think it seems like Dofus is dying because awhile ago the player population peaked for a year or two perhaps, then dipped back down to what used to be "normal" levels, giving the appearance of dying out.
  9. I can picture a support staff member opening up a ticket, saying "hmm, nope!" and then closing the ticket. So it's a big "oh well," eh?
  10. First, my "arguing point" is that the way Ankama deals with customers is rather, well, unprofessional. That's all. I just wanted your views on it and your responses to what I had to say. Second, it doesn't matter that it came from a mod and not someone more official. Ankama's policy is Ankama's policy, whether the janitor quotes it or the lead support specialists do. I was just commenting on how they're essentially trying to claim as little responsibility as possible. I had a feeling I would end up seeing something like this regarding French business conduct. Disappointing, but nonethel
  11. Read Themis' post, about two thirds down the page here. In this thread a moderator comments on the intrusion incident, replying to one case of a user getting hacked. The main point I want to highlight is Themis' first point where he says the hacks are not due to the intrusion of July/August. How is it not? The original poster has 8 alts, keeping them all to himself with a secure password. There's no other way he could have gotten his account broken into unless it was by the database. This is just one example as well. Another thing that actually somewhat shocked me in his post is his third p
  12. We all know Ankama hasn't got the greatest customer service reputation out there. Mostly everywhere I seen, whether it's businesses in America, Asia, or Europe, the overall motif is that the customer is always right, even if they are in the wrong. Lately I've been hearing stories about how Ankama is going to lengths to not restore people's stolen items even though it is clear that the reason behind it was nothing other than the intrusion from a few months back. From this it seems Ankama has a rather subtle way of saying that essentially, they don't want to help you. Don't they understand th
  13. Does anyone else feel like the original intruders from July/August might still have access to the Ankama database today? That's what really worries me, getting my account back and changing everything only to discover that all the current security measures are possibly still leakable. Also I don't recall Ankama saying anything about their current database being secure after the intrusion. Please point me to a thread or announcement regarding that if there is one.
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