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  1. There was a time when imagining seeing this on my account seemed like a distant dream, and now I don't even know if it's even an achievement at all
  2. Jiri

    Wakfu Raiders

    I've not seen this mentioned anywhere in the forum yet; apologies if I'm not looking hard enough http://www.wakfu.com/en/more-wakfu/wakfu-raiders It's in partnership with Gumi - I've been playing Brave Frontier for the past year and a bit, which is another of their games (and is ace) - but they're a massive cash grab outfit. Mind you, who isn't these days. Anyone signed up?
  3. He's saying that all of the items that people currently craft specifically to shatter will end up in the markets for ridiculously low prices instead, because there will be so many of them, and people will competing with each other to sell them. These items will then end up like Still Water - worthless, and nigh on useless. His melodramatic last sentence suggests that we'll end up seeing all sets over level 100 being worth 10 kamas.
  4. Depending which stats you value, it can actually be marginally better. Key word there is marginally, mind you. Assuming TreadBear + Missiz, Gein + Bear gives you much better initiative, as well as better linear res, range, prospecting and basic stats (wis, cha, agi, int, str). Overall spell damage is slightly better, too, and you don't have to worry about maging critical resistance. Gein + Bear only has 45 crits, however, whereas TreadBear + Missiz has 54. The advantage of TreadBear is that it gives you a free choice of hat, and it doesn't take much playing around to find something that mitigates that marginal difference. I just like mucking about with non-cookie-cutter sets. tl ; dr - No, it's not worth it :)
  5. MMT Also, this topic might jog a few memories as well
  6. So this is the earliest password email I could find for Jiri, which puts me in the 9 year bracket at least (although I'm pretty sure I first subbed before then): Here's my accumulated sub time: Accumulated subscription time : 8 year(s) 1 month(s) 0 day(s) Looks like it's still out by at least a year as I've never taken a break - I wonder if there'll be another 'calculation' before the update is released :rolleyes: dat sweg doe
  7. Still not fixed for me, and the 'Zip : empty archive' messages are still there for a couple of the patches. Edit 06/08/14: Downloading from this page on the official website and simply reinstalling (accepting all of the defaults without uninstalling the existing version) appears to have fixed it.
  8. I'm having the same issue. I had a look in the logs, and the only thing I could see was this: I think it's the empty archive that's the problem. The Updater is expecting it to be populated but it isn't, so it thinks Dofus isn't up to date and attempts to download the file again. As the file is still empty on the second attempt, the cycle continues. I'd imagine it will only be resolved once Ankama realise (if they haven't already) and populate it - which I'd guess would be with Tuesday's maintenance. Out of interest, have you tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling the game? It could be that the most recent exe already has these patches built into it, which would stop it needing to download them. I've never had to do that before, though - the updater has always sorted itself out. I'm not getting the same problems you are with the auto-closing/issues with afk. I get the same message on the Updater screen, but I don't click on the link, which seems to stop it, and I make sure the Updater doesn't have focus - I just ignore it, basically!
  9. All of the soul stones that were in my bank have gone. Nothing else has been affected, just the full soul stones. I can't say exactly when they went, as I'm not playing a lot at the moment, but I'm tipping it was after the maintenance on Tuesday. On the plus side, it costs me 756k to open my account now rather than 1501k, but I've lost all my archmonsters. I had a lot of archmonsters. Given the fact that nothing else has gone, and my Shield logs show no other connections than my home IP address, have I missed something in the changelog?
  10. @Coopers - pwnt. Great guy etc. a++ would trade again, but rather than hearing it explained briefly in your own words, it's far better to hear it explained properly by someone who actually works full time for the company and doesn't just pay lip service to doing so/passes on info from someone who does.
  11. Eggsaggerate, surely huehuehuehuehuehuehue
  12. You buy it (using Orichor) from Megistus the Collector at the Outpost (first main map inside Enurado)
  13. This post I made in a similar topic someone else made about what to wear should explain everything. The reason Gladiapants don't work is because their French name (Gladialeçon) doesn't have the word 'slip' in it.
  14. Your Fogger should be carrying all of the items.
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