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  1. The way ankama makes dungeons harder though is to just add effects to every single monster and half of them are the same already, if they had to find effects for monsters in 60 more dungeons I think they'd struggle or they'd all just end up the same (e.g. every single dungeon beyond obsidemon in frigost has atleast one monster that does more damage the lower their HP is as do 3 bosses that I can think of atm and if you just want a buffed up smack down mob there's always ougaa and bworker, not saying they're hard, but that's why mobs need effects) and none of it would be very exciting :( Just s
  2. I think its because it already puts characters in unlockable state, dunno why it wouldn't have already worked for summons
  3. The range doesn't seem to be rapeable, atleast in any practical sense :( Found out in a run that went bad that you can still solo the boss with cra if you have an hour to spare and atleast 11ap by standing behind the box of 6 squares at the top, around the middle square, stepping out to push her back and raping 1-2 mp off boss each turn, then retreat arrowing it, then atoning/puniing it when possible to erode her. Not an elegant solution but if you're looking for anything that works regardless of time spent suffering, it will work despite that being exactly what the range change was targetting
  4. I did it the day after the patch, I definitely wouldn't say they've made it any easier for groups but as long as you have 3 chars alive to fight the boss she isn't too bad. She adds like 20% erosion and does 700ish damage but if you cycle the agro among chars you can stay fairly safe. Just stay out of diagonal/linear whenever hitting. Easiest way I've found is to have a high damage agi char first in order (so far done this with a panda, iop, sac, eca as said agi char so any will do) stand linear to karkanik at the start, and a tankish char (over 3500 hp, ideally with a way to move freezz away
  5. Probably, but if you got him killed I guess it wouldn't matter cuz you'd have a turn to kill the thing that summoned him anyway, before he could even move, will try in a soul if I can manage to catch one :P
  6. Woo :D 1 down, 4 to go. Ignore the time it took to finish it, we played overly cautious cuz we messed up really close to the end on previous run :( It's fairly easy if you have a large-ish amount of mp rapes to keep the enemy team at bay, just kill the spawned creature every single turn (it helps you kill the mob), and keep atleast 5 squares from all summons. Also keep the boss atleast 5 squares away from all summons or he doesn't get vulned when they die, though if hes already vulned they can explode him for some pretty nice damage The tinker bear has a non LoS ranged spell he uses thr
  7. Will definitely be at tough mudder :< and the chance of mid dungeon sleeps just made us wanna finish faster anyway :P gl with everything and we'll definitely find some other games to play too!
  8. Had a few DP's that I wanted to use before the enu pp nerf. After 174 8 Loots @ 4400 pp, finally had another drop :D 19 crits :)
  9. The 100 stat -200 vit trophies only equal the 60 stat trophies at best unless you're a sacrier D: Only uses I can see are stacking potential with the 60 stat trophies, or going full vit and allowing these trophies to pick up the slack while using various diff element sets without resetting D: They should give the Dofi a set bonus to distinguish them from trophies too :) Would also be thematic with the gotta collect em all thing, insteada 60% chance you roll a dofus worse than a trophy :(
  10. Latest 2 mages: Cape came about a month ago, ring new today Can't remember how many tries for the cape but the ring was 173 :(
  11. Super subtle with the bramble I suppose :o
  12. Morello plays dofus/wakfu :o http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=29855011#29855011
  13. Prob with it giving a set bonus for the other dofi is then there's one you wouldn't be able to equip. If it did have an effect for each element perhaps theyd just change it with manage item like livis or something.
  14. I wish you could save a zaapi to alignment potion to :(
  15. That'd also be nice, they may as well atleast use the full dofus screen for it :S It fits, again ugly job and the top corner's X would be covered by options menu but there's still room at bottom to be used if they get rid of the close part (Still got X, Esc, Enter). They don't even need to change font size, so it wouldn't become unreadable or anything on smaller screens. 8 slots for losers, 9 slots for winners cuz only winners could have a chest out, and only 1 max anyway.
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