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  1. Aidsy Osa int set + cloudy for sale at merch in brak bank. Hmu (Nour) or mitsue/mitsun if you want to maybe negotiate. Thanks.
  2. Currently at brak bank in march for 78mk. Pm Mitsue/Mitsun/Nour in game to get it cheaper. Wont go lower than 70 though. Thanks.
  3. Selling a bunch of stuff, idk check it out.
  4. Rushu> Timeless = Phoenix-Cluster & team

    That sucks. Being hacked/scammed is never fun. Except for Jihad. Fuck that guy gg Timeless (Y).
  5. Post your goals and achievements

    As a Masq, I've been trying to kill the lvl 100 poutch in 3 turns for a long time. ITS AN ACHIEVEMENT FOR ME OKAY??
  6. Pm Qyric in game. Or if Im not online pm Mitsue Thankssss.
  7. Post your "owning" pictures here!

    I think it's owning due to how hard it was to win this; dam osa/feca comp is retarded.
  8. Issues with the new update

    They already said that new themes are in the works. Not just beige, but you'd have the option of choosing any coloured theme you like. So I guess we just have to be patient about that! They also said they're aware of the smaller text issues and are working on it. In the FAQ they said that they'll reintroduce the information tool tip thing for items (the box is already there, it's just empty). Don't know about the rest of your problems, but just figured I'd share what I knew. :)
  9. Osamodas Revamp

    It's funny because even if you literally half that damage, it's still very very decent. The whole "it's not viable" or "that's only for 2 turns" bla bla bla excuses are usually made by Osas who don't want their buffs taken away. I'd like to see any class beat a good Osa 1v1. Heck even in kolos Osas are ridiculous if played right. /rant from a clearly salty soon to be ex-pvper
  10. Post your "owning" pictures here!

    Fun fight. Maybe not "owning", but meh this thread needs some life injected into it.
  11. Willing to spend up to 25mk on the ring with decent stats and inky price depends heavily on stats. Pm Qyric in game or leave a reply on here. Thanks.
  12. 29/2?(idk)/19 respectively. Message me in game; Qyric Or leave a reply on here. Thanks.