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  1. maybe offtopic but here are the best agi iop rat maps? i vaguely remebmer there being a couple good maps in brak, but I cant remember
  2. literally my first jelly mob of retro, and a single at that, lol
  3. It looks like theyre releasing 5 servers at the start to balance the load and then eventually merging them all together, so I dont think it will really matter in the long run
  4. https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/1047765-celebrating-our-15th-anniversary "This server will open at the end of September! "
  5. ohhh shittt, any further timescale released about this?
  6. I haven't played since early 2010 I guess, but a couple of real friends are trying to coax me back into it, what server are you playing on?

  7. Hey man, I am playing Dofus again for a while so I thought I'd check out Impsvillage a bit and stuff. How are you doing, still playing Dofus? Back from a long time break perhaps?

  8. 20th june, thats pretty cute bro <3

  9. LoL competative? make me laugh more please! HoN is that way --> :D
  10. u always stalk :/ i miss fiona too where is his black ass

  11. I miss Fionna too

  12. Waaaaaaaaait when have I stalked you? :(

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