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    From childhood's hour,<br />I have not been as others were,<br />I have not seen as others saw,<br />I could not awaken my heart to joy at the same tone,<br />So all that I loved, I loved alone.

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  1. raververave:O still actively stalking the forums:)

  2. Miss your sexy ass ;-;

  3. I suppose my jeans are skinnier than average. Point? Fashion? I just think they look good, and obviously my fangirls agree :P

  4. ok gotta ask bro- do you wear skinny jeans and if so what is the point to them?

  5. True haha. What are the guilds to propagate against nowadays? xD

    I never usually get involved in matters outside mine.

    Hope you're good xD

  6. hey bro, err i think it maybe time to update your sig, ^^ no more horizon

  7. Lol indeed I did. :D

  8. haha, thanks dear, glad you liked it xD

  9. Hey, I'm from Rosal. Wanted to say excellent excellent job with the Hitler Banned vid. It makes me giggle and smile every time :D!

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