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  1. Either leave a post here or PM me in-game! IGN:Shurley
  2. Post your goals and achievements

    Made my goal of reaching level 100! I know it's not as impressive as everyone else's but it's my first level 100. :P
  3. [G] Oblivion Recruiting!

    I met one of your guild members, I wouldn't say friendly lol
  4. Random Screenshots

    I wish I could get into Wakfu as much as I did with dofus but Wakfu is just bleh for me.
  5. Post your Guts

    I think you all are spoiled by high level guts. Here is a level 84 Masq. Much thanks to the people in my guild for the help with the set (almost finished, missing two piecies)! Edit: Just realized I am still wearing gobboots ^^
  6. Post your goals and achievements

    My goal is just to reach level 100 O.O
  7. Can't Login?

    The site isn't even loading. lol Stuff is messed up and gone to hell. lol
  8. Can't Login?

    Well time to play some League of Legends while I wait. I just recovered my old accounts I want to see what was on them. XD
  9. Can't Login?

    Ahh alright, thanks for letting me know.
  10. Can't Login?

    Anyone having problems accessing the server to log in?
  11. Now Playing, Share your musical tastes!

    Amusing, look at the names ^^ but the second video's audio quality is kinda poopy.
  12. Masqueraider Tips?

    How much AP could I possibly get at level 63. XD Edit: @Persona and yep yep that was me. :P
  13. Masqueraider Tips?

    Do you think Treechnid set would be alright?
  14. Masqueraider Tips?

    Lmao Yeah after 26 stuff just dies. lol I am level 38 now. :)
  15. Masqueraider Tips?

    My god.. it's so hard to flippin' level with these guys.. Where should I level?.. I am level 17..