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Everything posted by kworx

  1. Even moar blender pl0x :D

  2. huggles and kisses! :o

  3. 9:32a (@Robbeh) (16:01:32) (@Twork) my plant sprouted! 9:32a (@Robbeh) So you uh.. 9:32a (@Robbeh) planted your seed, huh? 9:32a (nym) Inside me :P 9:32a (@Twork) yars 9:32a (@Twork) all over D:
  4. *peaks* o.o harro

  5. Which one? :P Thank yew! ADN I KNOW! :P Missml! DO NOT get a piercing. Unless you want a toungetrap! :) Also I like those jeans!
  6. AMG New hair (again) :o Me hat! :lol: Spongeboooob
  7. My computer fans noise! ^^ and Crystal Method - Phd
  8. O.o yea true time zones are a bitch :/ :< but i can't rearrange my sleep schedule like it was before! if you remember those long nights on vent :/
  9. I ARE HERE! xD lawl where are you in IRC? :<
  10. what the! :o Trixxy Lol XD nice :P I was gonna dye it green btw, but they didn't have the dye! <3 Btw, I am stuck between those 2 :-I
  11. YOU SEXY BEAST! rotfl, Linux users are teh sexeh! :P I should be posting some new pictures soon-ish :(
  12. D: OH SHI-!!!!!!111111111oneoneoneeleven D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: DUDE WTH?! D:
  13. NOOB! :> HAI <3 I missed you! :>

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